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A Saturday morning cartoon show, Garfield and Friends, aired for seven seasons from 1988 to 1994; this adaption also starred Music as the voice of Garfield. On PlayStation 2 were Garfield and Garfield 2 (known in the US as Garfield, a Tale of Two Kitties). The strip is currently distributed by Universal Press Syndicate, while rights for the strip remain with Paws. In 1981, less than three years after its nationwide launch, the strip appeared in 850 newspapers and accumulated over $15 million in merchandise. On June 19, 2020, the website was shut down during the strip's 42nd anniversary, following Viacom's acquisition of Paws, Inc. in August 2019. Three direct-to-video films were released, Garfield Gets Real on August 9, 2007, Garfield's Fun Fest on August 5, 2008, and Garfield's Pet Force on June 16, 2009. Learn more. Understood? Joseph Papp, producer of A Chorus Line, discussed making a Garfield stage musical, but due to some complications, it never got off ground. It is located in Muncie, Indiana, and has a staff of nearly 50 artists and licensing administrators.   United States   |   English (US)   |   $ (USD), remembering account, browser, and regional preferences, remembering privacy and security settings, personalized search, content, and recommendations, helping sellers understand their audience, showing relevant, targeted ads on and off Etsy. They sometimes are waited on by the Italian Armando, who is refined and sophisticated and shows a great loathing towards Jon, presumably for his immature and uncouth behavior at the prestigious eatery. Common themes in the strip include Garfield's laziness, obsessive eating, love of coffee and lasagna, disdain of Mondays, and diets. [54] A ROM image of the game was however released with Jim Davis' blessing.[54].

In the April 1, (April Fools' Day) 1997 strip drawn by the artists of Blondie as part of the comic strip switcheroo,[66] Garfield, still with thought balloons, can be understood by Jon.

Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use.

Paws, Inc.[93] was founded in 1981 by Jim Davis to support the Garfield comic strip and its licensing. By 2002, Garfield became the world's most syndicated strip, appearing in 2,570 newspapers with 263 million readers worldwide;[1] by 2004, Garfield appeared in nearly 2,600 newspapers and sold from $750 million to $1 billion worth of merchandise in 111 countries. Garfield: Big Fat Hairy Deal is a 1987 video game for the Atari ST, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC and the Amiga based on the comic strip. The full color daily strips and recolored Sunday strips are copyrighted to Paws as they are considered a different product.

In August 2019, Davis sold Paws, Inc. to Viacom, who has placed Garfield under the Nickelodeon banner. [37], Garfield: The Movie was released in theaters on June 11, 2004.

[65] However, in the feature film Garfield Gets Real and its sequels, Garfield and the other animals save for Odie are able to talk to, and be understood by, Jon and the other humans. [27] Another approach, known as "Silent Garfield",[28] involved removing Garfield's thought balloons from the strips. We carried out the concept to its logical conclusion and got a lot of responses from readers. Dr. Liz Wilson is Garfield and Odie's sarcastic veterinarian and a long time crush of Jon Arbuckle. And what do people fear most? [81] When he does get a date, it usually goes awry; Jon's dates have slashed his tires, been tranquilized, and called the police when he stuck carrots in his ears. However, the original black and white daily strips and original color Sunday strips remain copyrighted to United Feature Syndicate.

[2] Now the world's most syndicated comic strip,[20] Garfield has spawned a "profusion"[19] of merchandise including clothing, toys, games, books, Caribbean cruises, credit cards, dolls,[21] DVDs of the movies or the TV series,[22] and related media. Garfield walks outside to get it, but speculates about what will happen if he wanders off – and decides to find out. In addition to the various merchandise and commercial tie-ins, the strip has spawned several animated television specials, two animated television series, two theatrical feature-length live-action/CGI animated films, and three fully CGI animated direct-to-video films. Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. The next panel shows a classroom of spiders in which a teacher asks the students why spiders celebrate "National Stupid Day", implying that the spider was squished. Reception was largely positive: at its peak, the site received as many as 300,000 hits per day. "[74] Jon occasionally visits his parents, brother and grandmother at their farm. Please update to the latest version of Firefox. Learn how and when to remove this template message, List of characters in the Garfield franchise, "Garfield Named World's Most Syndicated Comic Strip", "Viacom Acquires Comic-Strip Cat Garfield", "NEWLY DISCOVERED – DAVIS' PRE-GARFIELD GARFIELD", "Newly Discovered – Davis' Pre-Garfield Garfield", "Garfield comic strip makes Guinness Book of World Records", "Article: Garfield's ready to share the lasagna. Booking.whocares: SCOTUS Issues a Headline-Making Trademark Decision… But Does It Really Matter? Consider that Jon, according to Garfield canon, cannot hear his cat's thoughts. He is known for saying "breathing is exercise". [94] Davis quickly apologized for the poorly timed comic strip, saying that it had been written a year in advance and that both his brother and son were veterans. He quickly realizes his mistake (Odie, being not too bright, also gets lost). Garfield, the star, was based on the cats Davis grew up around; he took his name and personality from Davis' grandfather, James A. Garfield Davis, who was—in Davis' words—"a large, cantankerous man.

Though he will eat nearly anything (with the exception of raisins and spinach), Garfield is particularly fond of lasagna; he also enjoys eating Jon's houseplants and other pets (mainly birds and fish). —Garfield At Large: his First Book (1980)[61], Garfield is an orange, fuzzy tabby cat born in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant (later revealed in the television special Garfield: His 9 Lives to be Mama Leoni's Italian Restaurant) who immediately ate all the pasta and lasagna in sight, thus developing his love and obsession for lasagna and pizza.[62][63]. – The Dallas Morning News (via Knight-Ridder/Tribune NewsService)", "Ball State University, Garfield Partner on New Website", "Garfield Hangs Ten on the World Wide Wave", "Continuing in the 'making fun of Garfield tradition' I give you Realistic Garfield", "Is the Main Character Missing? ADD THIS BLOG to your feeds or enter your e-mail in the box below and hit GO to subscribe by e-mail. [52] In August 2019, Viacom acquired the rights to Garfield, leaving the status of the movie uncertain.

Other Christmas themed strips include Jon's attempts at decorating the tree and house, or the attempt to buy the tree. Traditionally, the two notions of plagiarism and copyright infringement have been associated with one another. [69][70], Jon loves (or occasionally hates) Garfield and all cats. Konami also released a Garfield Handheld electronic game titled Lasagnator in 1991, which met with mild success.

Irma's Diner is another occasional setting. A full-length stage musical, titled "Garfield Live", was planned to kick off its US tour in September 2010, but got moved to January 18, 2011, where it premiered in Muncie, Indiana. A second location opened in Toronto in 2019.[59][60]. However, in the feature film Garfield Gets Real and its sequels, Garfield is better behaved, friendlier towards Jon and Odie, less self-centered, and more sympathetic. Jim Davis will continue to make comics, and a new Garfield animated series is in production for ViacomCBS subsidiary Nickelodeon. In agreement with Paws, Boom! Originally created with the intentions to "come up with a good, marketable character",[2] Garfield has spawned merchandise earning $750 million to $1 billion annually. The Arbuckle website creator writes: "'Garfield' changes from being a comic about a sassy, corpulent feline, and becomes a compelling picture of a lonely, pathetic, delusional man who talks to his pets.

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