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Unable to defeat the Giant using guns, tanks, or battleships, Kent suggest to the General that they can destroy the Giant by using a nuclear missile on the USS Nautilus. In an alternate ending, Kent was told by the General Rogard that he was "under arrest... 'and all that that implies'" as a crack at his signature phrase. Wishing to survive, Kent tells the General that they can duck and cover, but the General furiously tells him there is no way to survive the blast and tells him that they are all going to die for their country. Mansley takes notes on the destruction before his irritated bowels force him to use the farmers outhouse. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol (1991), Toy Story 5: A New Toy Friend on the Block. Cables, fencing, and jagged fragments of metal litter the ground around the pulverized walls of the station, as workers and trucks swarm through the site, carefully retrieving the scattered pieces of rubble. Throughout the film, he generally wears a grey suit with either a normal coat or dark grey trench coat and a dark grey fedora with a crimson tie and white collared shirt.

Suspicious of the pair, Mansley looks back toward Rockwell. Other actors sugggested to play this role include

Kent cornering Hogarth, demanding him answers about the giant.

Unknown to Mansley, however, the rest of his automobile was taken by the hungry giant, the moment he left the vehicle to share his encounter with Marv, and the two are perplexed to find that his car has disappeared, leaving only a few parts and the bb-gun behind. Kent getting dismissed by an infuriated Rogard for wasting his time and using government money on nothing. Christopher McDonald Kent Mansley explaining to the authorities about the Iron Giant. Mansley is dismissed from his government position, and he leaves, defeated, with the rest of the troops before Annie leaves and Dean tells the Giant that the coast is clear. Governmental Work, keeping everything in order, Attempts to escape Rockwell from the missile only to be stopped by the Giant and gets arrested by the.

Threatening to remove him from his mother's care, Hogarth eventually breaks down and confesses to Mansley that the Giant is at McCoppin Scrapyard.

While there, Mansley proceeds to discuss the information from the night before with the mayor and his associates. myCast is the place for you! Ready to move onto another story? Movie: The Iron Giant. Other names Comments Add a Comment.


Mansley: Yes sir.

Newest Stories. Kent Mansley is a federal government agent and the hidden main antagonist of The Iron Giant and a (formerly) new antagonist of Megas XLR.
General Rogard: [to the troops] Hold him men, make sure he stays there.

To destroy the Iron Giant at all costs (failed). While at the Hughes home and interrogating Hogarth about the location of the Giant, Mansley also wears a pair of yellow suit pants with a green blazer and red tie instead of his grey suit and crimson tie. Join thousands of other users in fan casting your favorite stories. Dean is undeterred which slightly concerns Mansley, and he becomes impatient when Dean stalls with a story in front of the door leading into the shed holding the Giant. Hogarth originally acts oblivious to his question and still refuses to answer them, but is dumbfounded when Mansley reveals the photos from his camera.

As time passes, Mansley's techniques become more vicious in desperation to find the giant. Hearing the news, Mansley helps himself to the mayor's car, as his own has disappeared, and leaves immediately for the incident. Lewis Black was suggested to play General Rogard in Iron Giant by milanthaitlach5940354933.

Kent spotting the Iron Giant in Rockwell in the distance. His mother, Annie Hughes, kindly lets him borrow their phone, with which he calls General Rogard. Forcing the giant to flee, Dean tries to explain to Mansley that the Giant only acts defensively and Hogarth is in his hands. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Villains who aren't revealed to be bad at first, The Iron Giant wrecking things Meanwhile, Annie tells them not to fire the missile, as her son is still alive, and Dean explains to General Rogard that the Giant is friendly and is only retaliating as a result of the military’s actions. According to Mansley a foreign object had been detected entering Earth's atmosphere off the coast of Rockwell, originally assumed to be a downed satellite or meteor. Take 30 seconds to create a completely free profile, which will allow you to: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Potato Head in Toy Story 5: A New Toy Friend on the Block. 0 comments on Lewis Black as General Rogard in Iron Giant. Enemies The next morning, however, Kent awakes in horror to see Hogarth out of his bed, and a dummy inside of his bed as it is revealed that Hogarth snuck out and warned Dean and the Giant.

Mansley is dismissed from his government position, and he leaves, defeated, with the rest of the troops before Annie leaves and Dean tells the Giant that the coast is clear. As a result of Earl Stutz' testimony and his own personal experience, Mansley believes that the crashed object is something very different than previously thought by the US Government. Marv is able to afford Mansley a crushed bb-gun handle recovered from the incident, however, with the markings “Hog- Hug-” from a dumpster on the site. Unable to leave the house to caution Dean, Kent plans to watch Hogarth until morning, and the two watch each other until around three in the morning. Freeze • Mr. Fizz • Princess Morbucks • The Rowdyruff Boys • Mr. Boss • Cree Lincoln • Chad Dickson • Queen Tyr'ahnee • Hella, Ramona and Angelica • Winifred Chanticleer • New Cadet • Drake Darkstar • Archduke Zag • Counselor Dish • Catapoids • Sinestro • Rona Vipra • Georgia • Helga • Emilia • Martian Centurion • Captain Long • The Fudd • Martian Commander X-2 • Quacker • Crazy Robot, Arrogant, cruel, cowardly, idiotic, paranoid, ruthless, well-mannered, short-tempered, devious, manipulative, Slender, fair skin, auburn hair, blue eyes. Danny DeVito, Scream Queens recast Story with 3 roles. To his surprise, he sees the Giant standing in the city and double takes, resulting him crashing his vehicle. Soon afterword, the Iron Giant is blown out of the sky, and an excited Kent and General Rogard head off to check if the Giant is alive.

After the army arrives at McCoppin Scrapyard, Kent demands Dean to show him where the Giant is. Mansley is dismissed from his government position, and he leaves, defeated, with the rest of the troops before Annie leaves and Dean tells the Giant that the coast is clear. milanthaitlach5940354933 made this fan casting suggestion on November 4, 2018.

Home Source. Becoming more devious, Mansley tells Hogarth that he can't protect the Giant and anymore than his mother.

Earlier revealed to Dean, Earl Stutz called the government about the “invader from Mars” he experienced in his boat weeks earlier, as well as multiple strange occurrences around the town, prompting the government's action. Dean McCoppin, Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures Series, Ash's Adventures of The Jungle Book/Transcript, The Irelanders Returns to Madagascar/Transcript, At Monstropolis/Helping Mike and Sulley find Boo's door, Noah's Adventures Of Thomas and Friends Sodor's legand Of the Lost Treasure, Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures allies, Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa's Adventures allies, Sonic, Red, Kion and Steven Universe's Adventures allies, Harry, Ron and Hermione's Adventures allies, George, Harold and Mr. Krupp's adventures allies, The Disney Junior Gang's Adventures Allies, Charlie Brown and Snoopy's Adventures allies, The Rescue Bot Recruits' Adventures allies, Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates adventures allies, Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers Adventures Allies, The Cyberverse Adventure Crew's Adventures Allies, Marlin, Dory and Nemo's Adventures Allies, Fly, Chuck, and Stella's Adventures Allies, Penn, Sashi and Boone's Adventures Allies, The Spring City Adventure Crew's Adventures Allies, 0 comments on General Rogard. General Rogard VOICE John Mahoney. Government Agent (fired) Kent Mansley In the original script, Mansley was troubled by the pealing "Bureau of Unexplained Phenomena" emblem on his car and had to fix it manually, illustrating the neglect and insignificance of his position in the eyes of the government.

He Iron Giant has 11 roles, including Mansley also finds then bent shut off switch from the powerstation that the giant had presented to Hogarth in gratitude, before his bowels force him to use a pair of bushes. Accepted

Tommy Lee Jones, Infuriated, General Rogard harshly chastises Mansley outside the shed for wasting both his own time and the government's money for a worthless trip to Rockwell.
Has this person been officially cast for this role? Like a good soldier.

Animated television: Mandark • Snowball • Delightful Children From Down The Lane • Red Guy • Mojo Jojo • HIM • Fuzzy Lumpkins • The Gangreen Gang • Father • Terrence • King Sandy • Joker • Lex Luthor • Alexander Luthor Jr. • Deathstroke • Blackfire • Mr. Other actors sugggested to play this role include J.K. Simmons , Benjamin Bratt , and Kevin Spacey . Voice

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