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We won!” I heard Jared and Kristina shouting gleefully behind me. “Are you sure it’s a gold coin, Larry?” Mom asked, crossing the drive, standing right behind me. In fact, I really like dogs. Or worrying about me. To my surprise, the front door swung in a little. The night before, I had practiced my book report standing in front of the mirror. I leaned over and checked my feet. I guessed that meant I didn’t look too tanned. Maybe it says the owner’s name.”. I turned and saw Howie Hurwin grinning at me. If she sees me poking around that trash Dumpster, she’ll want to know why. “It didn’t work at all. A ninety-four was really excellent for me. Lily was wearing a bright red-and-blue ski sweater pulled down over pale blue leggings. black hair? Lily was standing beside the couch, one hand twirling the gold pirate coin at her throat. that I played better than I’d ever played in my life. Looks like I’m wearing a bandanna, I thought miserably. Hair Remover. Why didn’t he do anything about it? Mom had gone back to her telephone conversation. Come on. That bottle was too old.”, “Look at us,” Lily added. “Now do you believe that the INSTA-TAN lotion makes hair grow?”. The tagline says "and growing" only once. And the whole school was staring at it, staring at me. I did a pretty stupid thing yesterday. Until Larry notices the hair. She gave me a ninety-four, which is really good. the truth, I thought bitterly. “Check it out, Larry. And then we chased each other to the next yard, where the snow was fresh—and started another heavy-duty snowball fight. Manny’s shrill scream cut off my words. It was covered by a patch of thick, black hair. Some kids started to giggle and point at my gloves. “Maybe they had to move suddenly,” Lily said finally. It was drowning out our voices. There’s so much running back and forth. But we all poured it on ourselves. But the two of us can figure out what to do, I decided. It hadn’t gone far, I remembered. A few years ago, Dr. Murkin found a way to change dogs into children. So we also have drums. I wanted to start again. Then he turned and headed the other way, balancing the stack of textbooks in both hands. But I was so crazed about my hairy knees, so totally. The bell rang. I tried phoning her at lunchtime. I guess they all were human for a while. Even through my shirt, I could feel the prickly hair all over them. “If Howie sounds like an orchestra, and we sound like three guitars and a kiddie keyboard, we’re in major trouble,” Lily warned. I scribbled a note to my parents, telling them I left something at Lily’s and would be back soon. My legs suddenly felt as if they weighed a thousand pounds. Then I bent down and plugged it into my amp. Lily begins to laugh and tease Larry. What about the Battle of the Bands?” Kristina demanded. The whole story. After school, Larry and his friends want to practice, but they can't find Manny. She had a long green sweater pulled down over her jeans. The air felt warm, almost like spring. But it was too late. It. “Stop thinking about it. I’m pretty sure I didn’t use every last drop, I thought, struggling to remember. “Look!” My voice burst out, hoarse and terrified. I had felt really sick to my stomach. I glanced up at my mother. I listened hard. We’ve got to go.”, He tightened his grip and pulled harder. Looking it over, he realizes the dog is wearing Lily's gold coin around its, and, stranger still, it has the same eyes as Lily, one green and one blue. “Different? When, play, the three of us just stand around—like. She looked as if, Finally, I felt the needle slide out. We can all get great tans. Kristina was wiping snow off her glasses with one of her gloves. I wished I could tell Lily the truth. They flew through my mind as I ran. Jared, Kristina, and I kept casting tense glances at each other as they played. There are so many dogs roaming around in this town. So we’d have tans. Lily nodded grimly. I had to find it and take it to Dr. Murkin. Mr. Vonn was lifting a suitcase into it. Manny crushed a big, wet snowball over Jared’s Raiders cap. Into the woods. We chased each other around the snow-covered evergreen shrubs in Lily’s front yard. You were right, Larry. The next day, Larry asks his friends about the Insta-Tan, and they all complain about how it didn't work, not mentioning any hair. She glanced at me curiously as I slid back into my seat. His scraggly, brown tail wagged once, then drooped. No real enthusiasm. Change into your shorts! Lily and I roam around together all the time. That’s all. Then we crossed the street and made our way up her driveway. “They’ve got me.”. I’m the only one who is growing the ugly hair. What happens next would be a spoiler to reveal, but let's just say it only gets worse. Edging up on tiptoes, she tried to peer in. Manny’s house came into view as we turned the corner. I tucked the hairbrush into my backpack and headed to class. I just hate having everyone stare at me. I love old junk. “I mean, really ugly patches of black hair?”. She finally managed to tug her braid free. We played without taking a break for nearly two hours. Then she added, “It’s a shame we don’t have a real drummer.”, I agreed.

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