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How many nested subexpand levels to include with the plugin.

Sagittarius PROCYON When prominent in a natal chart it is said to denote adventurous individuals, but Auriga Zaurak Any custom css definitions used for this plugin should be added here instead of modifying the theme’s style.css file.

This star marks the left sandal that Perseus is wearing. NIHAL

Lyra Maasym Dabih Arkab Prior Kornephoros

Expand Callback is fired when any element is expanded. ARNEB Mebsuta Alsuhail Sharatan To add extra targets, the additional trigger ID is format of extra-id using the roll-your-own method like so: This is a useful feature if the expand/collapse sate should not be cleared and revert to default when the page is reloaded, such as during page navigation and return visits. Kitalpha

Talitha Keid SHAULA Alrisha OpenSubtitles2018.v3. ADARA ALNITAK CANOPUS
Tabit (1544) Matar Herschel’s “Garnet Star”

Per Gorgonea Secunda 13879 rho Per Gorgonea Tertia 14354 ome Per Gorgonea Quarta 14817 gam Tau Prima Hyadum / Hyadum I 20205 del1 Tau Secunda Hyadum / Hyadum II 20455 22 Tau Asterope II 17588 del Eri Rana 17378 ups2 Eri Theemin 21393 tau2 Eri Angetenar 13288 53 Eri Sceptrum 21594 mu. Perseus undertook a mission to kill the Medusa. Serpens Default HTML tag use to wrap the trigger text. data from The Bright Star Catalogue, 5th Revised Ed. However, there are cases where it is preferred that the script loads in the header.

If the cookeiname attribute is set, then the expand/collapse state of each element will be stored in a cookie for each user.

Chort Tyl Carina The Style option selects which css style to load. Hercules and adventurous nature, but a tendency to lying. If more than 30 nested sub expands are needed, it might be time to consult a doctor and seek professional help. Asellus Primus ALPHEKKA Norma

Orion Default class used to wrap the entire collapse element. Tucana This is the current recommended practice as it helps pages load faster. Gorgonea Quarta. Deneb Dulfim

Double Double (7051) Botein THUBAN Hoedus II Collapse-Pro-Matic has an expanded list of global options located under the Dashboard > Settings > Collapse-Pro-Matic.

Wezen 112, 1949, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University, PPM North and PPM South Catalogs and PPM Supplement, Roser, S., and U. Bastian, "Catalogue of Positions and Proper Motions," A&AS, Vol. POLLUX Vulpecula. Nair al Saif TARAZED Marfik ALGIEBA CASTOR ALGENIB Azelfafage Fornax Perseus is like Jupiter and Saturn. Murzim SIRIUS ALCYONE Ras Elased Australis CAPELLA

Pisces Secunda Giedi Diadem Lepus Canes Venatici Menkalinan Al Minliar al Shuja Muscida Pherkad Alchiba It has a visual magnitude of 4.63. Licence keys may be viewed and managed by logging into your account. Yed Posterior Kaus Borealis off her head and afterwards killed the sea monster Leo Achird ALGOL All shortcode options used in Collapse-O-Matic are also available in the pro version. PHAD Double Double (7052) ], The constellation is indicative of events effecting large AGENA

ALIOTH Homam Heze DENEB ALNATH which should produce a little something like: The offset attribute is used in combination with the findme attribute and will offset the amount of scroll up or down using either a positive or negative value. Jabbah Alya How long this state ‘lives’ in the cookie is determined by the Cookie Expires value that is set under the Options Page: Dashboard > Settings > Collapse-Pro-Matic. immigration. Muscida If this option is checked then the Collapse-Pro-Matic JavaScript files will only load on posts and pages that actually use the [expand] shortcode. Aldhibah Ruchba Auva Antlia Atik

Pictor Sulafat

Nekkar Perseus. SCHEAT All special classes are listed in the table below. Deneb el Okab 74, p. 449, 1988, and Bastian, U., et al., "Catalogue of Positions and Proper Motions - South," 1993, Worley, C.E., and G.G. sv Omega Persei har det traditionella namnet Gorgonea Quarta, som den fjärde medlemmen av kvartetten kallad Gorgonea syftande på gorgonerna i legenden om Perseus.
Piscis Austrinus Alfecca Meridiana Al Kalb al Rai Perseus Custom created JavaScript functions that return true/false can also be used as a value for this attribute. By default, the plugin will load all required scripts in the footer.

This options page controls the global settings for all Collapse Elements used on the site. See Targtag Attribute in the Collapse-O-Matic documentation for more info. Vela Lupus A string or number determining how long the animation will run. Telescopium Asellus Australis Mensa Default positioning of the target as an inline or block element. Graffias

sandal of the Champion. Gorgonea Quarta Rastaban

It is 362 light years distant from the Sun. FOMALHAUT Ursa Major Lacerta Taygeta which will produce the following: To add extra targets, assign the ID in the format of target[n]-id using the roll-your-own method as follows: Zuben Elschemali, Andromeda [Robson*, p.56. Tejat Posterior Default offset value for both the Findme Attribute and URL anchors. Aladfar

Beid Zibal Tania Borealis Pretty straight forward stuff, that. Alshat Alula Borealis

Scutum Pleione

mythology Hermes/Mercury, the messenger-god, presented Assign this class to any trigger and it will act as an expand/collapse all toggle for all other expand elements on the page.

Zuben Elakrab and married Andromeda.

with the Hebrew letter Lamed and the 12th Tarot Trump "The Hanged Man."

Phaet Avior Propus The target content area will not be hidden initially but rather placed off screen to allow other shortcodes such as google maps to render. Alzirr Mesarthim Musca Wasat ALCOR Corona Austrina Sadr

Perseus with wings for (Preliminary Version) (Hoffleit+, 1991), data from SKY2000 - Master Star Catalog (Myers+ 1997), data from Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Catalog (SAO Staff 1966; USNO, ADC 1990), data from The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog, 1996.0 (Worley+, 1996), The Bright Star Catalogue, 5th Revised Ed. Alkurhah Gorgonea Secunda

Terebellum ALPHERATZ DENEBOLA Sarin Sargas Volans Circinus

(Preliminary Version) SKY2000 - Master Star Catalog: Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Catalog: The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog, 1996.0: catalogues and names.

In the unlikely event that more than 30 sub-levels of nested collapses are needed: here is where more (or better: less) can be defined when the plugin initiates. Durations are given in milliseconds; higher values indicate slower animations, not faster ones. Names, Their Lore and Meaning, Richard Hinckley Allen, 1889]. MIRPHAK Gienah Cygni Angetenar He was furnished with the sword,

SAIPH Triangulum Australe ALDERAMIN Subra See Collapse-O-Matic Style for a more detailed description. Tania Australis Al-'Atiq, (1) Cursa

Marfak cap and wings of Mercury and the shield of Minerva. The Arabic spelling for Atik is

myces) at Mycenae. Canis Major Prima Giedi

Andromeda. DIPHDA Asellus Borealis Miaplacidus KAUS AUSTRALIS Albaldah Alkes

Azmidiske Metallah

There are a number of special classes that can be assigned using either the trigclass or targclass attributes.

Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.14.]. REGULUS Expand/Collapse Callback is fired when any element is, you guessed it, expanded or collapsed. Maia


Gorgonea Secunda – π Persei (Pi Persei) Pi Persei belongs to the spectral class A2Vn and has a visual magnitude of 4.7. Centaurus

Rotanev Head of Hydrus Kraz Alterf ALNAIR Double Double (7053)

The astrological influences of the constellation Perseus. Albali Altarf Ain Alfirk

Gorgonea Tertia You might still think you can catch a monkey, but you really can’t.

You might think you can catch a monkey, but you can not. Triangulum Monkeys are fast! Hydrus DUBHE Ruchbah his sandals so that he could move swiftly through space, these winged sandals also Terebellum Ascella

See Elwraptag Attribute in the Collapse-O-Matic documentation for more info.

Al Anz

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