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Later when Garth finally joins them (and I'm imagining that Garth lives a long and happy life and maybe just dies of a heart attack at old age), by that time Lupin and Benny have carved out their own territory in Purgatory where it's peaceful and inhabited by other friendly and trustworthy monsters and everyone in Purgatory knows to stay away from them, because Benny is kick ass and Lupin is a freaking wizard and Garth is more than a cuddly ball of dorkiness, but is also a hunter who knows his shizz.

I am not a reaper. Looking towards Castiel and Uriel they looked disappointed but left none the less knowing they had been defeated. Harry questioned, slowly letting the news sink in. Death raised an eyebrow but did not press the subject. The corners of the stranger's mouth twitched, though the smile was fought off and the man's face remained impassive. It's been a while since I've actually wrote something out of leisure, so this was like a warm up for me. Check Always open links for URL: Roblox Protocol and click Open URL: Roblox Protocol in the dialog box above to join games faster in the future! ", "You need to give up Anna to Uriel and I." ", "So Voldemort—if I finish him—he'll go to Hell?". Death raised an eyebrow. "Is that so?" "Urgh, bloody hell—" The words had escaped his lips before he could help it, and was returned with a slight chuckle behind him. Yes, Harry, I assure you, it will be Tom's life that I will reap, not yours. I have seen all, I can assure you.". "Know your name?" In Heaven, he'd finally have peace. Heaven can wait. Potter?". "Are you sure?" Skip to content. "Death?" He said looking towards me seriously making me place my hand over my heart saying, "It would be condemning her…", He took a step towards me meeting my eyes saying, "Decide if it's worth it.".

", "Funny, you're one of the few that seem content with dying." ", "Very well," Death said, before he too stood up and waved Harry to approach him. No more buzzing tabloids about the "Boy-Who-Lived," or worrying about ex-Death Eaters to watch his neck over and possibly catch if he ever became an Auror. "No thank you, it's fine." heaven can wait clothing.

"Winchesters…" Ruby said with a sigh next to me crossing her arms and looking out the window. Then it was nothing my silence as I lifted my head seeing Anna was gone as well as the demons. "And let me inform you that I am the only Death. However, reapers do exist. I love to read anything from a good Mitch Albom novel to any autobiographical representation. The idea's probably been done before, but the idea's been nagging me and I really wanted to write it. ", "Then let me go back," Harry said, eyes lingering solely on Death's cup of soda, his tone absolute and definite. "In a sense, perhaps you could summarize my job in that way—it's all in the human perspective.

"I am willing to bring you back to your world to finish what has been started. Your review has been posted. "Fate is another entity—separate from my own, but I suppose our jobs do overlap. Harry demanded once again. "Normally when a person dies, I do not hesitate in bringing them in.

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