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On a plane ride to England, Peter and his family enjoy a nice flight, but Peter shows a great fear of heights. His phone rings again and he answers, assuming his businessman's guise again. A stunned Rufio brings out the Pan sword; while a duel for leadership seems inevitable, Rufio drops to his knees, offering leadership and the sword back to Peter. Peter's wife Moira, who is concerned for both her husband and son regarding their relationship, feels angry with Peter, says nothing when the associate arrives. After a chase through their turf, Rufio draws a line in the dirt for the Boys who says Peter isn't himself anymore. Maggie loves the Peter Pan stories and even plays the part of Wendy, her great-grandmother in a school play. Maggie Banning is the daughter of Peter Banning in the film Hook. Hook can't believe that this man is Peter Pan, but Smee reveals a scar from when Peter had rescued Tiger Lily of the Indians from Hook. Not only that, the company makes him miss his son's game and other places where he promises to go. Suddenly, his shadow comes to life and guides him to the Never Tree, where he finds the old hideout. It's now up to his trusty fairy sidekick, Tinkerbell (Julia Roberts) and the Lost Boys to jog his memory and make him remember who he really is. Rather than doing something about it, Peter proceeds to his phone and Moira throws it out the window, telling him that if he's not careful, he will miss out on so much. It's day one, and Peter begins intense training with the Lost Boys; trying to get himself into shape, dueling with Rufio, and trying to be young again.

Create an account to contribute to this site! He passes the Pan sword and leadership to Thudbud, making him promise to take care of anyone else smaller than him.

There, he went back to Neverland to save his kids from his nemesis: Captain James Hook (Dustin Hoffman). He notices the balcony door open and shuts the hook-shaped latch over it. He is then hit on the head by Jack's homerun ball, and it falls into a pond where he sees himself as a child. She tries her best to stir Peter into coming to Neverland to face off with Hook one last time. As he walks through, he sees a hook being sharpened and given to a pirate named Smee. He looks around the room and looks at the painted walls that have images of a strange land and a man clad in red with a hook for one of his hands. Wendy peacefully reads her copy of Peter Pan to the children. Peter goes to rescue Maggie while Rufio duels Hook. Peter visits Tink's house, and finds her depressed because she knows he'll leave once he rescues his kids. Peter instead climbs a mast to them, but his fear still gets the better of him. Peter stumbles upon the new generation of Lost Boys, who are at first unconvinced that this old man was once Peter Pan. |

Peter tells Hook to never return to Neverland; Hook draws out a secret sword and pins him to the crocodile.

Excited, Hook sends his men to attack. Peter walks off with his children, but Hook warns him that he will always follow him until the end. She even shows him her teenaged grandchild, Moira, sleeping in the nursery bed, yet Peter falls in love with her at first sight. He also finds himself at odds with the current leader, Rufio. When he arrives, he meets the Lost Boys who think he deserted them. So she knocks him out and takes him to Neverland. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Maggie’s connections and jobs at similar companies. Meanwhile, Hook begins teaching Peter's children about why parents hate their children, though he is unsuccessful with Maggie, the neglected Jack finds some truth in Hook's words. He gets so engrossed with his work, that he ignores his son, who starts to resent him. He then decides to make his children like him and it gets to Peter when he sees how his son is taken with Hook.

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