how did the rhine river get its name

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Although the allies could probably have prevented the re-occupation, Britain and France were not inclined to do so, a feature of their policy of appeasement to Hitler. Near Koblenz in the canton of Aargau, the Aare joins the Rhine. The southern part was different. The Rhine has been a classic example of the alternating roles of great rivers as arteries of political and cultural unification and as political and cultural boundary lines. [29] This has caused increased flooding and sedimentation, ending peat formation in the delta. Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 First Edition with your subscription. Lake Untersee is part of the border between Switzerland and Germany, with Germany on the north bank and Switzerland on the south, except both sides are Swiss in Stein am Rhein, where the High Rhine flows out of the lake. The cut-off Old Rhine at first formed a swamp landscape. The Upper Rhine has undergone significant human change since the 19th century. Loess (wind-blown topsoil dust) arose from the south and North Sea plain settling on the slopes of the Alps, Urals and the Rhine Valley, rendering the valleys facing the prevailing winds especially fertile.

The exception is the old city centre of Constance, on the Swiss side of the river. The High Rhine is characterized by numerous dams. Depending on the water level, this flow of the Rhine water is clearly visible along the entire length of the lake. Asked by Wiki User. Legally, the Central Bridge is the boundary between High and Upper Rhine. Much of the discharge was routed to the Rhine and its downstream extension. A small fraction of the flow is diverted off the island of Mainau into Lake Überlingen.

Until the early 1980s, industry was a major source of water pollution. The main tributary from Alsace is the Ill, which joins the Rhine at Strasbourg, and various shorter rivers, such as the Dreisam and the Kinzig, drain from the Black Forest. Spanish is with French in adopting the Germanic vocalism Rin-, while Italian, Occitan and Portuguese retain the Latin Ren-. Its name comes from the Celtic word "renos", which means 'raging flow'. Until 1932 the generally accepted length of the Rhine was 1,230 kilometres (764 miles).

According to geologists, the characteristic narrow valley form was created by erosion by the river while the surrounding landscape was lifted (see water gap). Its catchment area, including the delta area, exceeds 85,000 square miles (220,000 square km). This view is typified by Res Gestae Divi Augusti, a long public inscription of Augustus, in which he boasts of his exploits; including, sending an expeditionary fleet north of the Rheinmouth, to Old Saxony and Jutland, which he claimed no Roman had ever done before. The Ruhr currently provides the region with drinking water. However, at Wijk bij Duurstede, the Nederrijn changes its name and becomes the Lek. 2002: 56, sudden massive expansion of the Black Sea, Learn how and when to remove this template message, formidable natural obstacle to the invasion of Germany, by the Western Allies, Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine, "Der Rhein ist kürzer als gedacht – Jahrhundert-Irrtum", "Rhine River 90 km shorter than everyone thinks", "Where did the Rhine go? The upper Rhine and upper Danube are easily crossed. [21] Johann Tulla had the goal of shortening and straightening the Upper Rhine.

At Andernach, where the ancient Roman frontier left the Rhine, the basaltic Seven Hills rise steeply to the east of the river, where, as the English poet Lord Byron put it, “the castle crag of Dachenfels frowns o’er the wide and winding Rhine.”.

In addition, were a double legion, XIV and XVI, at Moguntiacum (Mainz). This page was last changed on 10 October 2020, at 11:16. The natural Rhine originally branched into at least two arms and formed small islands by precipitating sediments. The Confederation of the Rhine was established by Napoleon, as a French client state, in 1806 and lasted until 1814, during which time it served as a significant source of resources and military manpower for the First French Empire. the Anterior Rhine lies entirely within Switzerland, while at least one tributary to Posterior Rhine, the Alpine Rhine flows within Switzerland till, the first parts of the High Rhine, from Lake Constance to, the Upper Rhine is the border between France (to the west) and Switzerland (to the east) for a short distance, from Basel to. The Albula draws its water mainly from the Landwasser with the Dischmabach as the largest source stream, but almost as much from the Gelgia, which comes down from the Julier Pass. Since the Rhine contributes most of the water, the shorter term Rhine Delta is commonly used. Three more flows carry significant amounts of water: the Nieuwe Merwede ("New Merwede"), which branches off from the southern branch where it changes from Boven to Beneden Merwede; the Oude Maas ("Old Meuse"), which branches off from the southern branch where it changes from Beneden Merwede into Noord, and Dordtse Kil, which branches off from Oude Maas., Rhine River - Children's Encyclopedia (Ages 8-11), Rhine River - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up), Lake Constance. Unlike the Alpine Rhine and Upper Rhine, it flows to the west. Many local fields have an official name containing this element. The Seerhein is only four km long. It was isolated in Berlin and named after the river Rhine. The Dornbirner Ach had to be diverted, too, and it now flows parallel to the canalized Rhine into the lake.
It connects the Obersee with the 30 cm lower Untersee. On other stretches, both sides are Swiss; in fact most of the canton of Schaffhausen is on the north bank.

The canal was nicknamed "the Rhine" in reference to the river Rhine in Germany, and the newly settled area north of the canal as "Over the Rhine". There remained some dry land in the southern North Sea, known as Doggerland, connecting mainland Europe to Britain. Answer. Today, the Upper Rhine area hosts many important manufacturing and service industries, particularly in the centers Basel, Strasbourg and Mannheim-Ludwigshafen. The Rhine became an important symbol in German nationalism during the formation of the German state in the 19th century (see Rhine romanticism). The compression and orogeny continue today, as shown by the ongoing raising of the mountains a small amount each year and the active volcanoes. But then, at the so-called Rheinbrech, the Rhine water abruptly falls into the depths because of the greater density of cold water. The largest and southern main branch begins as Waal and continues as Boven Merwede ("Upper Merwede"), Beneden Merwede ("Lower Merwede"), Noord ("the North"), Nieuwe Maas ("New Meuse"), Het Scheur ("the Rip") and Nieuwe Waterweg ("New Waterway"). Seattle: University of Washington Press. Earlier work under Frederick the Great surrounded efforts to ease shipping and construct dams to serve coal transportation. Please select which sections you would like to print: Corrections? Vineyards mantle the slopes as far as Koblenz, where the Moselle River joins the Rhine at the site the Romans called Confluentes. Maurus Servius Honoratus, Commentary on the Aeneid of Vergil (8.727) (Rhenus) fluvius Galliae, qui Germanos a Gallia dividit "(The Rhine is a) river of Gaul, which divides the Germanic people from Gaul.".

These state projects were part of the advanced and technical progress efforts going on in the country alongside the industrial revolution. At present, the branches Waal and Nederrijn-Lek discharge to the North Sea through the former Meuse estuary, near Rotterdam. The river now flows north as Upper Rhine through the Upper Rhine Plain, which is about 300 km long and up to 40 km wide. Seven Days to the River Rhine was a Warsaw Pact war plan for an invasion of Western Europe during the Cold War. During this time, the lower Rhine flowed roughly west through the Netherlands and extended to the southwest, through the English Channel and finally, to the Atlantic Ocean. The Rhine has been navigable between Basel and Rheinfelden since 1934. Several microplates were caught in the squeeze and rotated or were pushed laterally, generating the individual features of Mediterranean geography: Iberia pushed up the Pyrenees; Italy, the Alps, and Anatolia, moving west, the mountains of Greece and the islands.
750-1050)-language text, Articles containing Middle Dutch (ca. One source is Lai da Tuma (2,345 m (7,694 ft))[14] with the Rein da Tuma, which is usually indicated as source of the Rhine, flowing through it. It is the border between Switzerland and Liechtenstein and also the border between Germany and France. It includes the Austrian towns of Gaißau, Höchst and Fußach. The latter flows west into a sluice at Katwijk, where its waters can be discharged into the North Sea. Not long before Tulla went to work on widening and straightening the river heavy floods had brought significant loss of life.

Because the levees are some distance from the river, at high tide the Lower Rhine has more room for widening than the Upper Rhine. Author of.

It is also the border between the Netherlands and Germany. The dominant economic sectors in the Middle Rhine area are viniculture and tourism.

Through stream capture, the Rhine extended its watershed southward. Seattle: University of Washington Press. On the right bank, the fortress of Ehrenbreitstein dominates the Rhine where the Lahn tributary enters. Like in the Obersee, the flow the Rhine can be traced in the Untersee. The Rhine then had the Sieg as a tributary, but not yet the Moselle. Major tributaries in this section are the Lahn and the Moselle. As northwest Europe slowly began to warm up from 22,000 years ago onward, frozen subsoil and expanded alpine glaciers began to thaw and fall-winter snow covers melted in spring.

It is mentioned by, most notably the straighening of the Upper Rhine planned by, The geomorphological ridge line does not necessarily coincide with the, sum of Vorderrhein and Hinterrhein discharges according to, Average over the period 1961–1990: 1,297 m, Cioc, Mark. This caused the Rhine's course to be diverted through the English Channel. [note 9] In the mouth region, it is therefore necessary to permanently remove gravel by dredging. The Old English river name was variously inflected as masculine or feminine; and its Old Icelandic adoption was inflected as feminine.[5]. Rhine flows into the North Sea seen from space. The Anterior Rhine arises from numerous source streams in the upper Surselva and flows in an easterly direction. Its water has a darker color than the Rhine; the latter's lighter suspended load comes from higher up the mountains. 54, Cioc, Mark. Strasbourg is the seat of the European Parliament, and so one of the three European capitals is located on the Upper Rhine. It contributes 70 m3/s (2,500 cu ft/s) to the Rhine. This section is nearly 86 km long, and descends from a height of 599 m to 396 m. It flows through a wide glacial Alpine valley known as the Rhine Valley (German: Rheintal). The Latin name for the river is Rhenus. Its importance as a waterway in the Holy Roman Empire is supported by the many castles and fortifications built along it. From the Eocene onwards, the ongoing Alpine orogeny caused a N–S rift system to develop in this zone. The diphthong in modern German Rhein (also adopted in Romansh Rein, Rain) is a Central German development of the early modern period, the Alemannic name Rī(n) retaining the older vocalism,[note 4] as does Ripuarian Rhing, while Palatine has diphthongized Rhei, Rhoi. Since the time when the Rhine valley became incorporated into the Roman Empire, the river has been one of Europe’s leading transport routes. Seattle: University of Washington Press. The Vorderrhein emerges from Lake Toma at 7,690 feet (2,344 metres), near the Oberalp Pass in the Central Alps, and then flows eastward past Disentis to be joined by the Hinterrhein from the south at Reichenau above Chur. The southern half of the Upper Rhine forms the border between France (Alsace) and Germany (Baden-Württemberg).

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