how many ferrari 250 gto are left

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Three new cars were produced to this specification in 1964, and four earlier 250 GTOs were retrofitted with the 1964 modifications by the factory.". The Drogo bodywork still exist on a 250 GTE/GTO replica car. Car 4 "3445GT" originally was bodied as a GTO series I, re-bodied by Drogo, and then back again to its original series I body. There Are 33 Ferrari 250 GTOs Left In The World. Edit: Pics It's obviously rare, but there are rarer and/or more interesting-looking cars out there. I know the owner of #3 on the list, chassis #3413GT. Minor modifications to the engine, gearbox, chassis, and interior were also incorporated into this new design. Easiest to quote from the Wiki: "In 1964, Ferrari tasked Mauro Forghieri and Mike Parkes with redesigning the 250 GTO's bodywork. 4757 was running at the Laguna Seca historics this year, it was amazing to watch it run! I was there taking care of this beast, something that Whitten bought on a whim after some loose change fell out of his pocket. Four years before taking ownership, his car crashed at Nuremberg and was badly damaged. I agree, it seems like something they produced 33 of wouldn't be as desirable as a one-off, I recommend destroying yours, and mine, and increase the values of the remaining 31. I know car 3 is the look everyone knows, but car 4 is in several video games as well.. I got to see and hear one of these at Lime Rock Park at this years historics festival. That picture is of him driving the car at the Monterey Historic races, coming down through the corkscrew. So I can crush mine with my monster truck and nobody would care right? Press J to jump to the feed. I always like stories like that best. Nuremburg had the Nazi shit, Nurburg has the Nurburgring. Blew my mind. This running "list" has been around at least a decade perhaps longer. The most common GTO type is the series I, seen in cars such as 3223GT. Well they all are worth millions of dollars so I doubt any are that reclusive. See how many cars of any make and model are left on Britain's roads. Plus whenever these change hands it's widely reported and documented. The resulting design (called the GTO '64 or Series II) was very similar to the 250 LM, although without that model's mid-engined configuration. Both were being thrashed around the track, along with all the other cars in the photos. Search results for 'ferrari 250 gto'. /r/Cars is the largest automotive enthusiast community on the Internet. I know Chris Evans (UK radio dj and tv personality) has one, it was on top gear. Car #3 (chassis #3413GT) is one of the early cars with the retrofitted bodywork. He purchased his 250 GTO in 1967 which easily makes him the longest consecutive owner of a 250 alive today. Man, 1970's Jalopnik would have been really awesome: "You could have a genuine Ferrari 250 GTO for the price of a Chevy II". Aside from looks are there major differences between cars 3 and 4? VERY different places. Here's A Definitive List Of All The Lucky Owners Reading how all these people are able to afford these cars inspires me. 33? Not much is known about James McNeil Sr of Staten Island other than the fact that he owns a 250 GTO. The price he paid is not known but is likely less than $10,000. John Shirley's car #3729GT was there, too. It's shitty, but they just follow the model set forth by abhorrent places like gawker and blast out identities of whoever they feel like with no regard for the people themselves. No, Nurburg. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I'm sorry but anyone who thinks that these cars are actually worth the absurd prices being paid for them is just plain wrong. awesome car. 0.0000% of all UK vehicles are FERRARI 250. There are 14 FERRARI 250 left in the UK with an MOT. The 250 GTO was finalized by Mauro Foghieri and Sergio Scaglietti after Bizzarrini left Ferrari in November 1961. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The first production car, 3223GT, made its press debut in early 1962. Just amazing. At this point it's more of a rich person dick measuring contest to see who can dish out the most for one of these things. Wish my grampa would have told me "Yeah back in the 60's I bought a bunch of Ferraris at auction, can you believe they just cost a few thousand bucks back then? I envy the owners but it's more practical to envy you for have seen one in person, kudos. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, 08 C30 Rdesign, 87 Comanche 4.0, 90 CRX Si, '16 Miata Club, holey '83 Volvo 245 Turbobrick, Range Rover Supercharged/ Alfa Romeo spider, 2003 Toyota Matrix XRS Auto, 1996 Subaru Outback 2.2. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. That's journalism these days. Upwards of $50 million worth of machinery. never thought id get to see one. Vehicle data is updated in near real-time as they pass & fail MOT tests. And even though it's probably cooler than I think it is, I still have the feeling that it's expensive because everyone thinks it's expensive. It's never been a mystery where these cars are of whom owns them. I always feel weird when the 250 GTO is discussed, because I've never felt the car is either pretty or terribly important. I used this thing to haul a mattress back in '71...", I've seen this car; I have pictures of it sitting next to another 250 GTO (I believe Ralph Lauren's, based on the pic and the NYC location) at a restoration race shop in MA. Here's a picture I took of it at a test session at Firebird Raceway a few years ago. The Series II is seen in a few racing games such as Forza. Car three is a series I GTO rebodied into a series II car. I mean it's not ugly, but it evokes nothing in me. got to see number 3 at the redmond cars and coffee. 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