how to create a textured background in photoshop

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I like the second the most. This can add a nice touch if you would like to highlight certain sections of your desktop, tablet or smartphone home screens for example. Then, feel free to adjust the Opacity level as well if you want to. Top 4 Ways to Fix Mac Desktop Icons Missing or Not Showing. Share. As you can see, your new wallpaper is ready for prime time. Love the sparkling and glittery textures? Gritty grunge textures are great for adding distressed effects to your digital artwork. Good thing is that all these Photoshop tutorials are for beginner skill level and can be easily followed by anyone. They are an excellent resource to add an interesting touch to your photo compositions. This tutorial uses a wooden background texture, but the techniques shown will work with any high resolution texture. Do also check out this set of luxurious Gold Marble Texture backgrounds. In this post I have brought to you a collection of Photoshop tutorials that will show how you can create your own backgrounds and textures in Photoshop and use them in your work. Then, unlock the layer so you can work with it by clicking on it on the LAYERS panel while pressing the Option key on your keyboard. Not only these tutorials will help improve your skills and are fun to follow, you can also apply the learnings to … These basic Photoshop tutorials will help you explore the different possibilities of this powerful tool. However, there are optional tweaks that you can add to your wallpaper to give it a more elaborate look if you want to. This short video tutorial shows how you can quickly create blurred backgrounds using a photo as starting point. Related: 10 Free Sweet Girly Textures in Purple, Pink and Lavender. For this example, since I want to create a richly textured and detailed iPad wallpaper, I’ll create a perfect square of 4,000 by 4,000 pixels. Depending on your taste, finding the ideal wallpaper to personalize your computer or smartphone can either be the easiest task in the world or one of the toughest ordeals. Well shot night sky and galaxy images are a piece of art. Step 1: First, create a new document on Photoshop. Step 8: To do this, first select the area that you want to lighten up with your preferred selection tool and then right-click on the selected area and choose Feather from the available options. Step 9: Next on the LAYERS panel create a new Curves adjustment layer.

On the Photoshop menu, click on Filter, then on Noise and finally on Add Noise…. Naturally, there are countless styles you can choose from when creating your own wallpaper, so this time we’ll start simple and show you how to create a wallpaper with a grainy texture that, while basic, still can look very stylish and professional. Step 6: Next, use the Command + I shortcut on your keyboard to invert all the colors on your texture layer. However, it does not affect our editorial integrity. First, open the image you want to edit in Photoshop. The content remains unbiased and authentic. creating blurred background using free tool Paint.NET, 10 Free Sweet Girly Textures in Purple, Pink and Lavender, New Year card inspired by the 80’s retro text effect, 25 Amazing Photoshop Text Effect tutorials: Beginners to Advanced, 30 Photoshop Photo Effect Tutorials to Improve your Skills, How to Design a Creative Two-Letter Logo [Infographic], How to Create Browser Mockup for Websites in a Single Click, 24 Awesome Color Fonts for Download (Free and Premium), 21 Professional HTML & CSS Resume Templates for Free Download (and Premium), 20 Free Halloween Backgrounds and Poster Templates, 25 Best Coming Soon HTML Templates for Free Download and Premium, 42 Free Photoshop Texture Packs to Make Your Design Complete, 42 Retro Fonts to Perfect your Vintage Style Inspired Design, 25 Sci-Fi and Techno Fonts for Futuristic Designs, 50 Free Art and Design Icons – SVG & PNG Download, 50 Free Vehicle and Transport Icons – SVG & PNG, 50 Free Gastronomy Icons – SVG & PNG Download, 50 Free Esports Icons – Flat, Line and Linecolor (SVG & PNG), 10 Free New Year Poster Templates – AI & EPS, Free Watercolor Christmas Graphics – AI & EPS Download. Not only these tutorials will help improve your skills and are fun to follow, you can also apply the learnings to create something new! Better than HDR – Master Luminosity Masks in Photoshop.

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