importance of national symbols in nigeria

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Where no man is oppressed Nigerian National Symbols.

0 The Nigerian flag must be hung on important days or any important event. And so with Peace and plenty If Yes, Please click here to follow LEN ACADEMY on Google News, Please read more on Reputation and how to build a good Reputation here, Please read on Civic Responsibility and "Who is a Citizen" here, Please read on Your Responsibilities, Duties and Obligations as a Citizen here, You can read on the Attributes and Benefits of Honesty here, Please read on the Methods of Payment (Bank Note and Coins) and Characteristics of Legal Tender here, Please read on Your Fundamental Human Rights here, Name of the Holder: Surname, First Name, Middle Name and Maiden Name.


These cookies do not store any personal information. More importantly, the flower has yellow petals, and most Nigerians have condemned the red painting of the flower on the coat of arm. They are used as a stamp to the seal of the President, Vice President, House of Representatives and the House of Senate.

It is sang daily in all Nigerian primary and secondary schools. Every item found on the coat of arms has a special meaning in Nigeria’s history. by This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

The Importance of National Symbols to National Identity process of reconciliation was important enough in South Africa that Truth and Reconciliation Commissions were established to further the process. Nigeria national symbols are symbols of entity that project the Nation to the world as a United National community. The Nigerian National Pledge was written by Professor Felicia Adebola in 1976. The culture of Nigeria is shaped by Nigeria's multiple ethnic groups.The country has 527 languages, seven of them are extinct.

Please kindly recommend to your school, Please click here to kindly support education. First on the list of National symbols of Nigeria is the national flag. The currency is distributed to the people living in Nigeria through the various Commercial Banks. To serve our fatherland For instance, in cases of death across the country, the Nigerian flag is hoisted at half-length to respect the fallen heroes. The national symbols represent the varied customary beliefs of the people of Nigeria and have been part of its heritage for a very long time. July 28, 2017, 2:29 pm.

Why Nigerians Must Stop ‘Worshiping’ Their Clergymen – Lagos Socialite, Pretty Mike!

Below are the Nigerian National Symbols: 1.

The labor of our heroes past He was rewarded with a sum of 100 pounds the official currency in the country at that time. Nigerian Coat of Arm. And this we count again

Alfred Ajibola | Powered by, PLEASE SUPPORT THIS EDUCATIONAL VISION BY BECOMING A PATRON:   +2348038093033 | Place Your Adverts, 5 Naira, 10 Naira, 20 Naira, 50 Naira, 100 Naira, 200 Naira, 500 Naira. Checkout Super Eagles Most Amazing Moments. All these represent the rich diversity and historical splendour of our country. Are you a Pupil, Student, Teacher, Parent or Lover of Education? Over N400 Billion Paid As Bribes In Buhari’s First Year – United Nations!! In 1976, Prof. Felicia Adebola wrote the pledge that was aimed at teaching every citizen of the country to honour and serve it in the best way possible. This symbols reminds us of who we are, where we are and where we are going. The Nigerian coat of arms was officially adopted in May 1960. To serve Nigeria with all my strength Once damaged or torn, It should be burnt. For instance; Although Nigeria is composed of about 250 ethnic groups; the Nigerian Flag presents the Nation's unity in any international football match regardless the ethnicity of each player. To be faithful, loyal, and honest It officially came into existence on the 24th day of October, 1945 after it had been ratified by five permanent members of the security council and by the other 46 signatories. national symbols are represented in Nigerian films, ascertaining lights in which Nigeria national symbols were being represented in Nigerian films and European Scientific Journal January 2018 edition Vol.14, No.2 ISSN: 1857 ī 7881 (Print) e - ISSN 1857- 7431 February 14, 2020, 4:07 pm, by The Nigerian national anthem takes into cognisance the account of our historical past as well as the aims and aspirations for the coming generation. The Nigerian National Identity Card can also be used for various purposes like; opening a bank account and sitting for an international or professional examination. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Please read on Your Fundamental Human Rights here. Designed by The Base Flowers: Also known as "costus spectabilis".

Officially, The Nigerian Flag was raised up for the first time on October 1st, 1960. The different Naira denominations are 5 Naira, 10 Naira, 20 Naira, 50 Naira, 100 Naira, 200 Naira, 500 Naira and 1,000 Naira. It replaced the former National Anthem (Nigeria, We Hail Thee). The Gold Band around the Base: On it is inscribed "Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress". To defend her unity The lyrics was coined form the five best entries ( Eme Etim Akpan, , John A Ilechukwu Sota Omoigui, P. O. Aderibigbe and  B A Ogunnaike) in a national contest while the words were put to music by Benedict E. Odiase , the then director of Nigerian Police Band. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. A typical example of this is seen before a National Football Match. h�b```�r!q~�g`��0pl``XjIJ�eG��i�@��j������0d�@V��ڗ�4/�EAvp-a�����a���&�.F �1B�5�00�ف��%$�0���2 �� With love and strength and faith on several occasions, they have fought for the course of the Nigerian state, Africa and the world at large in various peacekeeping missions which has earned them international recognition.

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In addition, they convey important meanings such as the history, tradition, values, morals, culture and ideals of a Nation or Country. The Naira is Nigeria's official legal tender and the Nigerian Central Bank is the only authorized issuer. Nigeria we hail thee September 19, 2019, 3:00 pm, Your email address will not be published. Characteristics of Low Self-esteem, Low Self-esteem: Causes of Low Self-esteem, Consequences of Conflicts and Solutions to Conflict, Failed Marriages - Factors that lead to a failed marriage, Meaning of Transportation, Means and Modes of Transportation, Please read on the various Nigerian Acronyms and their Meanings here, Please read on Herbert Macaulay, the Nigerian Nationalist here, Are you a Pupil, Student, Teacher, Parent or Lover of Education? To serve Nigeria with all my strength The six largest ethnic groups are the Hausa and Fulani in the north, the Igbo in the southeast, and the Yoruba predominate in the southwest, the Tiv people of North Central Nigeria and the Efik - Ibibio.

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Let's take a look at some of the Nigerian National Symbols and their significance: The Nigerian Coat of Arm represent Nigeria's Unity, Power and Authority. Black Shield: Represent the Rich Fertile Soil of Nigeria. Unknown Gunmen Attack EFCC Headquarters in Abuja, Leave Death Threat. (Photos), Highest Paid Force In Nigeria And Their Salaries, 10 child celebs you won’t recognise today, Nigerian Hair Entrepreneur, Mizwanneka Sets Instagram On Fire With Amazing Love Story On 5th Wedding Anniversary, Ever Heard Of Bagaruwa Seeds? . Guide our leaders right They actually have got NO railway system in their country, The United Nations has six principal organs or arms. Please read on Values in Civic Education here. After series of modifications, It became officially adopted in 1975, 15 years after Nigerian gained independence from their colonial masters. The two green stripes on the Nigerian flag represent Nigeria’s agricultural wealth, while the white strip on the Flag represents peace and the collective national wealth and prosperity of the country.

The legal tender of every country is also a national symbol. According to history, there exist more than 100 varieties of the Costus spectabilis.

And uphold her honor and glory Any Nigerian can obtain a visa to another country with his Nigerian Passport.

The Nigerian passport is issued by the passport office of the Ministry of Affairs. It is used in day to day transaction within the country. The national flower became an official seal of authority in 1978 till date. Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password. A-Z Name List Of All Top Nigerian Musicians, See The ‘D’ Names…….. 6 Unconcious Attitudes That Attract You To The Wrong Men.

These permanent members are: In total, the numerical strength of the United Nations at its inception was fifty one (51) states, The Headquarter of United Nations is in New York City. The color White stands for Unity and Peace. Note: The Nigerian Flag is always raised higher than any other flag within Nigeria. h�bbd``b`�$��Q ���� ̋A�z+ĺbI�X� �\�:�[email protected]�N#�f ���7�q�/� i� To be faithful loyal an honest The first (former) anthem of Nigeria (Nigeria we hail Thee) was written in 1960. Nigerians all, and proud to serve Our Flag shall be a symbol Please read on the various Nigerian Acronyms and their Meanings here.

To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign. A country's National Anthem can be very motivational and that of Nigeria is not an exception. The words of the Nigerian national pledge are said by millions of children every day at schools before lessons. The eagle represents strength, while the green and white bands on the top of the shield represent Nigeria’s rich soil and beauty of the land. 51 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<2ACC5A518FE0F34A814236B42C98F9DC><583FF33240488E46A3C72B91ADB021CD>]/Index[36 24]/Info 35 0 R/Length 79/Prev 55795/Root 37 0 R/Size 60/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Information contained in the Nigerian National Identity Card include: Please click here to follow LEN ACADEMY on Google News. It was designed by Mr Taiwo Akinkunmi, in 1959. 1. Please read on Herbert Macaulay, the Nigerian Nationalist here. Your email address will not be published. The #50 notes most especially denote unity in diversity. You can read on the Attributes and Benefits of Honesty here. Nigeria may be blessed. If Yes, Please click here to follow LEN ACADEMY on Google News. However, there are rules governing the hoisting of the Nigeria flag and its maintenance. nigeriahow While hoisting the National Flag it should be ceremoniously flown in the morning during sunrise and lowered at sunset as according to them a flag of national importance does not sleep Twitter Profile.

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