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It does depend on your sound guy too, but those gigs are definitely a differently animal compared to a smaller type gig such as The Baked Potato here in town, which was kinda like going to school – so many great players were there over the years – but I played there recently and a kid and his father who saw an Alice Cooper show remarked on how different it is with my stick heights for example. AV: You’ve spoken about the importance of awareness, appreciation and the study of different styles of music, even though you play a lot of Rock. MD: What did you learn from Chuck? In the ’90s, shred had kind of died off in the States, but these were the first gigs that allowed me to grow as a player, and they eventually led to other high-profile gigs. Not a lot these days but some. 5. Learning to become a musical chameleon is an art. I didn’t really appreciate Charlie Watts until later in my career, when I had to learn some Stones music. It was a really cool first session for me.

Practice to a metronome and put the idea into some sort of hypothetical musical situation or context. You don’t own it yet. Glen: I use certain techniques for different musical settings. I tell myself this stuff all the time you know, I’m not perfect, I have to tell myself to relax and be natural. Like, a year later, he calls me and asks if I can get on a plane to Italy in three days to tour with Vasco Rossi? When I taught at Musicians Institute, there were too many players that developed an elitist attitude. Sometimes I’ll take some ibuprofen before the show to help bring down any inflammation.

Glen: It was a trial-by-fire situation, because we only had two or three nights of rehearsals before we recorded. The muscular Sobel’s animated motions make the groove seem larger than life. 19″ AAX Stage crash "Booking shows was a real mystery," Sobel says. When it matters? Sobel grew up in Los Angeles and was schooled in the way of professional music making at the famed Baked Potato club in Studio City, where he soaked up the secrets of the world’s great fusion players. MD: At this high point in your career, how would you describe your passion to keep growing as a player?

Glen: Every live gig, recording, and audition has helped make me a more versatile player. Glen Sobel made an announcement on his Facebook page regarding his switch to DW Drums: “As of January of 2016 I am officially an endorser of DW Drums!! Whether it be hard rock, fusion or drum n bass, Glen has it covered. They had big drums, big amps and big dreams, but not a lot of big gigs. At least you’re getting used to coming out of the fill and hitting that crash on one. That was an amazing time. The jazz band and concert bands were great training in developing my swing time. MD: You’re a great showman. You want to be able to own it. MD: What’s it like having to learn Neal Smith’s iconic drum parts from the early Alice Cooper recordings?

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