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earning virtually every American literary award, repeated bestsellerdom and the near-royal status of the American author-celebrity.".

There’s a lot to be said for having a routine you can’t run away from.

Rabbit Run had some legal troubles. When I was in my teens I began to write a mystery novel and tried to figure out how to plot it. “Read what excites you,” would be advice, and even if you don’t imitate it you will learn from it. So, take it seriously, you know, just set a quota. So it was a very good image of how we use other writers. So in a way, I felt I had a franchise to maintain, and maybe the writing is too self-cherishing in spots. I’ve written some science fiction. We moved to a small town in New England, and I never had to go back because I was able to support myself. I’m best known and been most rewarded really, prize-wise and praise-wise, for the Rabbit books. "My first paying job was at a newspaper," says John Updike. Good to see your father at work, too, in a way, isn’t it? I wasn’t handsome the way he is, and nor did I have to undergo the temptations of being an early success that way, so that for me it was a bit of a stretch.

Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. John Updike spent his last years in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts, in the same corner of New England where so much of his fiction is set. I also reviewed a lot of classics that I would do well to reread, or else to read for the first time.

In 1963, he received the National Book Award for his novel The Centaur, inspired by his childhood in Pennsylvania. Awards & Achievements.

Ein einziges Mal hat Henry Bech einen brillanten Roman geschrieben und fortan nur noch Mittelmaß produziert. Fiction gives more of a chance to use the poet in you. For his novel ‘Rabbit Is Rich’, Updike was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1982 along with the National Book Award and the National Book Critics Circle Award. Some kind of a new focus is being applied to these old stories just from the way they’re arranged. Light verse was in its twilight, but I didn’t know that so I kept scribbling the stuff and they kept running it for a while. They had other reviewers, but as they died off, I became for a while almost the main reviewer.

Do you write methodically? A lot of us readers feel honored by your paying so much attention to the likes of us, not great adventures but everyday people. Obviously they need a lot of training. John Updike: Yes.

He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for the second time in 1991 after the publication of his magnum opus, ‘Rabbit at Rest’. John Updike: Yeah, a 56-year-old geezer. My grandparents were old country folk and would speak Pennsylvania Dutch between themselves, although my grandfather spoke a rather elegant English.

But my real art interest — my real love — was for visual art, and that was what I was better at. It was a fairly crowded neighborhood so there were lots of other children. All those mystery novels I read I think did give me some lesson about keeping a plot taut, trying to move forward or make the reader feel that kind of a tension is being achieved, a string is being pulled tight. Jahr für Jahr standen Updike-Gedichte im…, Aus dem Amerikanischen von Angela Praesent. Well in the ’50s one didn’t think too hard about whether or not your wife was happy, sad to say, but even I could see that, so I said, “Why don’t we quit the job for a while.” I thought they’d take me back if it didn’t work out, and I’ll try to freelance up in New England, so there is where we went. It’s like meeting people at a cocktail party that you had never met and wouldn’t have cared to meet. I always felt at home writing about him, and didn’t have much trouble having things for him to do and the other characters to interact. He was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 1982 for Rabbit is Rich and another Pulitzer Prize in 1990 for Rabbit at Rest. Actually, I had all this adult attention and whatever adult energy was there was focused on me. I’ve always seen Rabbit, and indeed Americans in general, as learners, as willing to learn. It’s still a great thrill for me, so I will probably persevere a little longer, but I do think maybe the time has come for me to be a little less compulsive, and maybe abandon the book-a-year technique which has been basically the way I’ve operated. You said in an interview that you thought the early Rabbit books might have been written too fast. You could be said to have pioneered the use of the present tense in American fiction.

My father, of course, was a school teacher, which meant he was a performer of sorts, and entertained the students to a degree. The book was published to widespread acclaim without legal repercussions. You’ve said that it was fairly easy to write the Rabbit books. I remember a little ritual when I was in the sixth or seventh or eighth grade, helping him lay out the tablets. So, I was born into a fairly dire situation, and I think one of the reasons that I never had any siblings was that it was economically pinched and my father didn’t feel entitled to invite any more people into the world. Do you feel that you have changed in your way of writing? John Updike: No. Although I took some when I was a student, I’m a little skeptical about the value. It would be a rare book that would reach enough people to effect societal change. You know, you can handle, say, “a pale, young lady with arched eyebrows,” but once you start going into the eyebrows hair by hair and do the earrings on top of it, you get sort of no image. Well, I do read everything that Nicholson Baker writes, not only because he flattered me in this way, but because I think he’s very interesting and really is trying to tackle the whole fiction ball from a different angle. So, it was random reading, but maybe that’s the best kind in a way. You understand to some extent. Updike graduated Harvard College in 1954 to the staff of the New Yorker, with whom he has worked ever since as a contributor and reviewer. I mean, in this day and age, so late really in the life of the genre, why do some of us keep writing them and some of us keep reading them? I still like to do it. I figure if you don’t have any audience you shouldn’t be doing this.

And also, an American team called Ellery Queen. Free parking. John Updike: My mother’s parents had the house and my father had the earning ability, such as it was, so they combined forces about the time I was born in ’32. I had the pleasure not only of seeing Rabbit age, but of trying to turn Nelson from an infant into a man, and a man with a grudge, and yet a man with certain qualities, but it’s a destructive capability that Harry can’t match in the end, because Harry was destructive when young but he has become kind of a sweet old geezer towards the end. He graduated summa cum laude from Harvard in 1954, and in that same year sold a poem and a short story to The New Yorker magazine.

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