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It’s not like The Sopranos to lay it on this thick, but the show almost has to at this point: Tony Soprano isn’t having another dream; he’s ended up in the afterlife. They also trade differing theories for why Eugene committed suicide. As a result of the mix-up everyone thinks he someone by the name of Finnerty, including two Tibetan monks who are dissatisfied with the heating and cooling system he sold them. Meadow is asserting her independence, asking the questions of the doctor that her mother doesn’t know to ask. However, they also warn that he could die or be left with brain damage. And if you don’t know either, well, join the club. Tony makes his way down the stairs, but tumbles. The "heavenly" section of the story is crammed with allegorical significances, not least the name Tony is given (as one character points out, spelling it in a certain way will give you the word "infinity"), and none of it comes off as overblown or far-fetched: David Chase has created a piece of work that is far too intelligent to use weird set-ups just for their own sake; it all helps the narrative. Episode cast overview, first billed only: Dr. Jennifer Melfi Here’s a safe space to explore alternate realities and other points-of-view on the man and what could have happened to him. Two Buddhist monks overhear him checking in and, thinking he is Finnerty, accost him saying they had a horrible winter at the monastery because of Finnerty's faulty heating system.

The dreams are themselves set in Costa Mesa, California. He gets accosted by two Buddhist Monks, who are angry with him on the basis that Mr. Finnerty sold a defective heating system for their monastery.

Is that why we saw in the premiere that their therapy sessions had stagnated? Rosalie briefly mentions that "kids are getting blown up in Iraq". Every single person on this Earth will die, no matter how powerful or rich or good they are. Trying to go back to life and consciousness when can’t get into heaven. Afterwards, he admits to Carmela that he flunked junior college. The Purgatory section first establishes to us exactly where we are, letting us know that even if this is a mere dream Tony is having, he’s set up a metaphysical test for himself in it. The greatest leveler of them all, the thing that most easily provokes the idea that, yes, we might need to change our lives, is death. He isn’t as faithful to his wife (or as purely in love with her) as this shadow Tony Soprano. Follow Wanderings and … wonderings.

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Check out this episode on IMDb or Wikipedia « Previous episode Next episode » Tony in coma: he wakes up in a hotel room.Go to location "Omni Hotel, Costa Mesa, CA" Tony in coma: he goes to the hotel bar. Perhaps it was because I was on a twilight motorway, the highlights passing cars and a 24/7 Shell garage, that the situation had a Michael Mann feel to it.

When he gives in and adopts the Finnerty identity to get a hotel room, he’s immediately accosted by the monks, who smack him and tell him to lose his arrogance. “Join The Club” works as wonderfully as it does because it brings death into the center of the frame, but shows just how hard it is to pin down, all the same. He isn’t as good of a father as this man. He frequently speaks to his wife whom he names as Carmela, although the voice is that of Gloria Trillo. He then sees a commercial asking if death, disease and sin are real, along with an image of a cross. The hotel is a cave – Join the Club (The Sopranos). Change ). Junior shoots Tony, and we get a weird coma journey through Purgatory? Tony Soprano James Gandolfini. Doctors are pessimistic and have told Carmela to prepare for the worse. Tony, back in his dreamscape, decides to use Kevin Finnerty's credit card to check himself into the hotel. Sopranos had a live bear in their backyard, to grease the wheels for his own ambitions.

Where we go after that is either beside the point or the entire point. At the same time, Tony wakes up from the coma in California. A.J. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. He was still dealing with all of the problems that go hand in hand with being a mob boss or with being a husband and father, but he no longer had his mother and uncle plotting to take his life. Crime, Drama. News reports say there are wildfires nearby. When the doctor leaves him at his bed, Tony is seen saying "I'm lost" to himself. As shamelessly evil as this glib character is, one can’t help but feel empathy for what might have been. ( Log Out /  That said, I find I have weird, practicality questions about the whole thing. Join the Club (Season Six) HBO. The family tries to cope with Tony's hospitalization and deteriorating condition, while Tony begins to hallucinate a new life parallel to his own. shouldn't see the still open. That night, he notices a strange light that glows on the horizon as he looks out the window and he also goes to the hotel's bar, where he notices a TV showing a brush fire in Costa Mesa; The next morning he goes to a convention and is asked for ID to gain admittance. Issues of mental health and modern existential malaise permeate its edges, these usually expressed through dream sequences, and Tony’s bouts of extreme depression and anxiety often the MacGuffin for major mid-season game-changers.

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