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I denied that it existed because of gender.

Like, women want, deeply, want men who are competent and powerful! Augusto Pinochet-hez?! That’s the fundamental philosophy that drove the Soviet Union and Maoist China.

Még ha az aktivisták… Ők is transznemű emberek, és nekik is joguk van elmondani, amit elmondtak. Mindenesetre…. I do, I think that’s silly. Az életük főbb darabkáit gyorsabban össze kell illeszteniük, Newman: But still women aren’t gonna make it! Click to download a PDF of this post (1.2 MB): Jordan Peterson Debates Cathy Newman on the Gender Pay Gap — TRANSCRIPT Ver 2. És ugyan miért ne akarna egy nő ilyen társat? Peterson: It depends on what they want.

That’s what they said it was designed to do.

Maybe for humor, now and then. Newman: Let me just get it straight. The patriarchal system is just fine. A nemi hovatartozás csak az egyik tényező, de van még egy sor egyéb, ami a különbséget okozza. [In this British Channel 4 interview, cum debate/debacle, between a less than typical cucky [1] Canadian academic, Jordan Peterson, and the feminist host Cathy Newman on the female wage gap with men, we witness the total, cringe inducing, defeat of her position, as she shows continuously an inability to grasp simple points made by Peterson. Like, you’re doing what you should do, which is digging a bit to see what the hell’s going on. JP: Nem. There is some debate about the flatness of the distribution, which is something that James Damore [4] pointed out, for example, in his memo. I mean, isn’t that, …. The things that predict success in the workplace are intelligence and conscientiousness. And the men that you’re competing with are simply not going to roll over and say, “Please take the position“! Ezt láttuk a skandináv országokban is. JP: Nos, hadd helyezzem ezt egy kicsit tágabb kontextusba! Newman: I mean, there’s no comparison!

I’m not saying that at all! I mean, there can be, there’s intense pleasure in momentary domination. JP: Nem, én nem ezt mondom, és ami azt illeti, eddig sem ezt mondtam. And I do believe they are left-wing totalitarians.

It’s seriously wrong! Now they’re not being taught that it’s important to develop yourself. They earn a lot of money.

Okay, so rather than denying the pay gap exists, which is what you did at the beginning of this conversation, shouldn’t you say to women, rather than being agreeable and not asking for a pay rise, go and ask for a pay raise! Mindenesetre arra próbálom ráébreszteni a fiatal férfiakat, hogy nagyon is jó okuk van rá, hogy felnőjenek.

That’s why people do it all the time. And that is what you should do.

Du sagst also, sie ist nicht dumm, sie hat nur einen miesen Charakter? I’m not saying why it exists but it exists. A dolgok mélyére ás, hogy kiderítse, mi a valóság. Én arra szorítkoztam, hogy mit mutatnak az adatok. Peterson: There are some barriers, yeah, like… men for example, I mean, to get to the top of any organisation is an incredibly competitive enterprise and the men that you’re competing with are simply not going to roll over and say “please take the position”.

Ténykérdésről van szó, ami nem nézőpont kérdése. JP: Dehogy. CN: Ekkora különbség van férfiak és nők bére között, Nem boncolgatom, miért van ez, de a különbség adott. So you’ve kind of changed your tune of line. This is all about the fight! But also to adopt a stance of ready engagement with the world and to reflect that in your posture. Peterson: That’s true, that’s right.

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