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Political leaders should pursue balance between these two goals.

Without the paradigm shift that Polanyi had hoped for, this intensified interdependence was widely perceived as a threat to individual autonomy (Block, forthcoming).

38In The Great Transformation, Polanyi discusses reciprocity when he argues that : “The outstanding discovery of recent historical and anthropological research is that man’s economy, as a rule, is submerged in his social relationships.” (Polanyi 2001, p. 48) For him, reciprocity and redistribution are general principles of behavior that have helped to structure economic systems. On the other hand, if policies are biased to the other goal, it disturbs business environment and weakens the global status of the nation by diminishing sufficient foreign investment and resources. First, laissez-faire reformers seek to "disembed" the economy in order to establish what Polanyi calls a "market society" wherein all things are commodified, including what Polanyi terms "false …

1Karl Polanyi argued in The Great Transformation (2001 [1944])that the development of market societies over the past two hundred years has been shaped by a double movement. For insight into debates over Polanyi's analysis of British economic history, see Dale (2010). 37Zelizer’s contribution (1985, 2007) has been to argue thatthese instrumental, market-oriented values are continually being contested by other values, and that individuals are able to draw on multiple cultural currents to avoid becoming the rational maximizers of economic theory. These two innovations are intimately connected. Concentrating on Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela, he argues that governments in these countries ‘decommodified labor and land for urban and rural popular sectors and many middle‐class social groups’.

However, there are also three important conceptual differences. Polanyi's analysis reforms the field where social struggles happen and provides less class-deterministic explanation.

The extent to which one pattern dominates is indicated by the degree to which it provides ‘the provision of the daily necessities of life’2121 Karl Polanyi Archive, Folder 6.4, Concordia University, Montreal, December 2008. A form of global governance will be needed which can embed human production, into relatively coercive planning frameworks as to the availability of resources for the long term survival of humanity. One example will be familiar with our western readers. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space. But they are often able to mobilize a broader political coalition that agitates for expanded markets. 31-53. These regimes started to crumble in the 1980s as Latin American governments embarked on structural adjustment. Money Unmade : Barter and the Fate of Russian Capitalism. Yet, as already indicated, the literature also shows that countermovements are capable of challenging and reshaping market capitalism. What he calls Global System 0, a proto-global society, was the mercantile system that dominated Europe under the absolute kings of the 17-18th centuries. Scholars who follow the hard reading of Polanyi tend to stress another feature of the countermovement that is often overlooked in the soft reading: its potentially destabilizing and destructive character. (2007) and Dale (2010, 2016a). The image of the future that helped to animate the extant civilization may begin to lose power. With the spectre of the self‐regulating market looming, scholars looked for inspiration to understand this threat: The Great Transformation was the obvious place to look. Capitalism is therefore seen to have passed through distinct phases of decommodification and commodification, with structural adjustment and neoliberal reform triggering a wave of fictitious commodification across the global South. “Can Power from Below Change the World ?”. , pp.

However, she uses it to distinguish between Polanyian and Marxist labour struggles, with the former considered defensive and the latter offensive. Political leaders, for example, might join because they recognize possibilities for economic growth that could come from dismantling local or national barriers to the movement of goods or capital, and they are sometimes able to build cross-class coalitions in favor of such policies.

Fred Block, « Polanyi’s Double Movement and the Reconstruction of Critical Theory », Revue Interventions économiques [En ligne], 38 | 2008, mis en ligne le 01 décembre 2008, consulté le 21 octobre 2020. The double movement has cast a longer shadow than Karl Polanyi anticipated. To be sure, even in England and the United States, the actual organization of the economy followed this template only loosely, but political and economic leaders around the world were well-advised to say that they were implementing this template or they could be subject to harsh reprisals by the dominant power. Global corporations have waged fierce battles in recent years for an international trade regime that enforces their property rights around the world. The conclusions of the HANDY research project seem very congruent with the research into ‘secular cycles’ by Turchin et al. 43-65. No specific ideological or normative characteristics are attached a priori and efforts to tackle fictitious commodification can therefore take progressive or regressive forms.3939 Various other authors have stressed this point. 3-35. Reading Karl Polanyi for the 21st Century. This demand crises will reset in motion social unrest and pressure to re-embed the market in society but also, as the situation of the working and middle classes deteriorate, set in motion a renewal of commoning among civil society actors. However, they were more heavily regulated and more emphatically supplemented by redistributive and reciprocal mechanisms.

Domestic counter-movement against nationalism showed a kind of loyalty to adequate operation of international economy in favor of chasing itself's distinct way of development, which demands substantial management of markets from political power. Chaos and Governance in the Modern World System. First, laissez-faire reformers seek to "disembed" the economy in order to establish what Polanyi calls a "market society" wherein all things are commodified, including what Polanyi terms "false commodities": land, labor, and money. Reflexive planetary responses signifies the capacity for humanity to leverage the second aspect, reflective planetary awareness, toward coordinated, intelligent responses to the challenges we collectively face. Polanyi therefore broke with Marx who saw the mode of production as the main source of tension within capitalist societies and class struggle as the motor of social change.1111 See Burawoy (2010), Dale (2010), Harvey (2015) and Miyamura and Selwyn (2014) for reflections on Polanyi from Marxist perspectives.

I am grateful to Margaret Somers for a quarter century of conversations on the work of Karl Polanyi. For Polanyi, standard analyses of “class struggle” were economistic ; they focused too narrowly on the relative strength of workers and employers at the point of production rather than analyzing the larger political field in which those conflicts occurred (Block and Somers 1984). Farrell, H. (2014). 43Most people learn how to do thick reciprocity beginning in childhood.3 The nurture and care of infants and small children by parents or other adults provides the model of an unselfish relationship in which the child’s open ended obligation is simply to love and obey the care giver. Fourth, the defensive/offensive classification seeks to support a more nuanced use of the countermovement. For Polanyi, the Gospels were the source of an obsolete paradigm in which individual freedom could only be guaranteed under the completely unrealistic condition that power and compulsion were eliminated from society.

the pooling and mutualization of resources. Bretton Woods and the system of “embedded liberalism” did represent a sharp break with the logic of the Gold Standard, but we now know that the break proved to be only temporary.

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