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By 1971, Jim McCarty and Keith Relf had left the band to begin other projects. He wasn’t just messing around.” – Jim McCarty.

From The Wolfpack - Volume 11 Edition 2 April 2002. Who would you think was the most famous RELF? Their sole release, the single “Henry’s Coming Home/Love Mum and Dad,” had a West Coast harmony folk-rock-pop feel unlike anything the Yardbirds had issued, and was heard by hardly anyone upon its release. Designed by

Wilko Johnson was instrumental in getting The Pirates back together as a three piece , a, Is it really THE Von Lmo? Spanning the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s, this 24-track collection of obscurities and demos takes in sides from Relf’s rare 1966 solo singles; the yet scarcer single he and ex-Yardbirds drummer Jim McCarty issued in the late ‘60s as the duo Together; and assorted rarities that have only showed up on out-of-the-way archival compilations. They would be pride of place if Reader's Digest (IF? On many of the tapes he’s just working out ideas by chanting or playing guitar with lots of echo, almost like a mantra, gradually shaping ideas which become more fully formed on subsequent recordings. Not only did it help to be Jewish but also gay or grayish. He was quite a complex character. In addition to singing and playing the guitar he is also listed as a harpist in some early groups.

His work outside of the Yardbirds, however, has received relatively little attention, though he remained active to varying degrees until his accidental 1976 death from electrocution while playing guitar at home. Learn how your comment data is processed. He was in a weird sort of hole, somehow. Co-edited by Gillian McCain and Legs McNeil, the authors of, Impressive overview of the UK and Oz Pub Rock scenes.

He wasn’t just messing around.”.

It was really depressing. The most likely scenario seems to be that he was rehearsing in the cellar of his house which had been converted into a studio, standing on an old gaspipe by the fireplace, when his guitar, which had not been earthed properly, developed an electrical fault and killed him. Unfortunately this lineup was also the shortest lived; in December 1966, Jeff Beck left to join Micky Most and was not replaced. He wasn’t done with far-out experimentation, either, as the closing “Sunbury Electronic Sequence” emphasizes. In summer 1963, Keith Relf joined 4 others to form The Yardbirds - reputedly named in honour of the famous Jazz musician, Charlie Parker, known as "The Bird" (a shortened form of "Yardbird") because he was said to "sound or look like a chicken". How bout the unacknowledged history of Ock Homos. The Naked City has yielded many fine fine musical jewels but few glister so brightly as Von Lmo, Red Transistor etc. The Yardbirds are most famous for spawning three superstar guitarists with Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page. Does Stax also get that vibe from some of the tracks? This left just Keith Relf and Jim McCarty - founder members of The Yardbirds. And yet, Keith had sort of a gentle side in him as well. Anne and I were parked in our RV at San Antonio, Texas at the time, near where Lisa's father lives, so we soon found we had much in common - including an interest in genealogy.

That was a shame.”. It was sort of sad that we couldn’t keep that up. In October 1963, Topham left and was replaced by Eric Clapton as lead guitarist. Website designed and developed by Matthew Bell William Keith Relf was born, probably in Richmond, Surrey on 22 March 1943, the eldest child and only son of William Arthur P Relf and his wife, Mary E Vickers. “Line of Least Resistance,” oddly, did come out back in 1970 on a rare single by the group Reign, produced by Relf and McCarty. I have passed on to our Society Archive a lot of detail including extracts from The Virgin Encyclopedia of Sixties Music by Colin Larkin; 20th Century Rock & Roll: Progressive Rock by Jerry Lucky; Jeff Beck: Crazy Fingers by Annette Carson; Blues in Britain: The History 1950s to the Present by Bob Brunning 1995. ‘Cause he believed it. But his vocals projected such an idiosyncratic brooding intensity that he didn’t need to, or certainly had a personality that matched the material he sang in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Fidelity-wise, they’re not up to what would have been considered releasable in the late 1960s and 1970s, and sometimes the sound quality is actually pretty rough or rudimentary. There is a photo of April and Danny at the Yardbirds induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on Lisa's website http:/ / “I think the blues, and especially the adventurous and improvised sort of mad rave-ups that we generated, were really just a way for us to get out there, get a living, and get involved with music all in one move. It was very authentic, what he did. We used to link up on the gentle side and the spiritual things. We were very pleased when Reign covered it. “He transferred dozens of reels of tape, some of them in poor condition, and attempted to catalogue them with the help of Jim McCarty and Keith’s sister Jane. And that is as far as my records can take me without buying certificates from the PRO - something I refuse to do except for my own family. He’s also been a huge Yardbirds fan since the ‘60s. Keith Relf Zodiac Sign is Aries, Ethnicity White & religion Not Available.. Keith Relf Net Worth 2018. That’s true of some of the other tracks on there too, such as the ‘Sunbury Electronics Sequence,’ which Eroc pointed out is similar to the work Achim Reichel was doing in the early ‘70s using guitars fed through various echo effects.”. There you will also find pictures of Keith and fellow members of The Yardbirds, and of his sister, Jane Relf, who later joined him in Together and Renaissance. “I agree with you totally,” says McCarty when I tell him as much in our interview.

On tracks like “Collector of Light” (co-written with Cennamo, who’d hook up with Relf again in Armageddon), “The Roundalay” (co-written with McCarty), “End and Out,” “Cherokee,” and “Voice and Echo,” Keith sounds more like a man in search of a feel than one with a fully-formed song in mind. However, we did leave out anything related to Armageddon, as we’re saving that for a future release. Although it’s doubtful Relf was familiar with Skip Spence’s ultra-low-selling 1969 cult album Oar, demos like “Collector of Light” have a similar acid-folk vibe. Percy was married (registered June quarter 1915 in Brentford) to Nellie C Holland whose death was probably registered in the September 1958 quarter at Ealing.

Keith's sister, Jane Relf, later joined the group on guitar and vocals; when John Hawken joined them on keyboards and Louis Cennamo on bass, they changed their name to Renaissance. “Some of the stuff they did together was lovely. When, more. So he didn’t seem to have time. In the original lineup, Keith Relf was lead singer and also played the harmonica; Tony (Top) Topham played lead guitar, Jim McCarty drums, Chris Deja rhythm guitar and vocals, and Paul Samwell Smith bass guitar. Keith Relf is a member of the following lists: 1943 births, English male singers and English rock singers.. I suppose it would have gone on the Together album if we’d have done it.”, Adds McCarty, “We found it a lot of fun to work in Together. Almost 45 years after his death, Repertoire Records’ new compilation, All the Falling Angels, fills in much of the missing picture. “Absolutely. “It didn’t really have to have that sort of power. “If you listen to Robert Plant for a few songs, you get fed up with it,” he laughs. One source I have read says his body was discovered by his son, but I have found no trace of a marriage or any children. I think people finally got it ten years later.” By that time McCarty and the Relfs were long gone from Renaissance, who didn’t have any original members when the group worked on their third album, 1972’s Prologue. British Singer Keith Relf was born Keith William Relf on 22nd March, 1943 in Richmond, Surrey, England and passed away on 14th May 1976 London, England, UK aged 33. His dozen-plus books include "Won't Get Fooled Again: The Who from Lifehouse to Quadrophenia,"" published by Jawbone Press in March 2011. Keith Relf was born 22 March 1943, Richmond, Surrey and was, tragically, fatally electrocuted 14 May 1976. Jane is thought to have married (I have no trace in my records) Ian Young with whom she had 2 children - one of whom is called Mathew - and to now be divorced. What they expected was something totally different. Lets' Rock and Roll! With this lineup, Keith Relf appeared in the classic 60's film "Blow Up" playing a song titled "Stroll On". We were always aware of and sharing of the folk tradition, and had we been able to we would surely have included something of those influences in our stage presence, but the R&B ‘wave’ didn’t really allow for that. 6 in the USA. It was really heavy. The reverb-heavy recording enhanced the spookiness. POP, NOT THE SAME AFTER THAT: ROCK & ROLL ACID CASUALTIES, WEEGEE: NEW YORK'S FIRST PUNK PHOTOGRAPHER.

Three Together outtakes – two of which first emerged as bonus tracks on an expanded CD of Little Games  — are in a similar soothing vein, though the previously unavailable “Line of Least Resistance” is more straightforward and forceful guitar-based folk-rock, with McCarty on lead vocal.

“I think Keith was one of the most underrated vocalists of the era,” in Stax’s estimation.

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