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(There wasn’t enough room for Cooper or Darnel but like TECHNICALLY they aren’t leaders YET, but yeah. he’s def a distinguished gay, ⤿ trolls icons, heart crown edition set 01, ❝♡❞or reblog if you save/ use; do not repost, After i seen @brickoppy​ Coraline au, I just couldn’t get this out of my head…. You are about to enter a big Gorillaz fan's bio. It is to get you in the mood of the Holliday for... Greetings! Now the one above(the old one) is the first picture I drew of Quincy and Essence. Despite knowing of the ancient Pop Trolls' misdeeds, he doesn't hold them against Queen Poppy, taking the time to explain to her the truth of the Troll Tribes' past and wisely telling her that the Troll Tribes are not all of the same, like Poppy thinks, and "denying [their] differences is denying the truth of who [they] are". I know this has nothing to do with their au, but I just NEEDED to draw this.I hope you guys like it! I loath the old one because of how ugly my art was back then…*shudders*The redraw is an improvement of my drawing skills and myself…I can finally appreciate my stuff now. The entire Funk Troll Tribe is captured and taken to Volcano Rock City, where Barb begins to play the Ultimate Power Chord. Prince D, King Quincy et Reine Cool : Mais vous avez pris, oui, pris l'amour
He also had gold shades and a star earring on his left ear that matches the one worn by his son, Prince D. Quincy stands taller then his wife and sons, as well as taller then the othe… “very certain…”“Hey Pops!”oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooSorry this came out late!
Feature films “Oh, well, my names Darnell and im kinda your twin brother..?” Darnell aspiratedoh, it all made sense now. “Welcome home, son….”So Redrew my old “Welcome home” drawing of Cooper meeting his family. 46 notes. Reine Cool : Monte le son encore ! lolz. Her art is a masterpiece, you can't change my mind. Les Pop Trolls voulaient tout dérober How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Ils cherchaient à préserver le mode de vie qu'ils avaient, donc ils sont rusés I actually used to feel ashamed that I was in a fandom for kids. You can help Dreamworks Wiki by expanding it. General Ori- Although you left the community, I would never forget the ke time we got to spend together. King Quincy : Avant, c'était l'amour ! Les Pop Trolls arracha toutes les cordes en même temps You are so funny and I'm happy you and me were recruited together :tongue: I live how you draw bestie, your art style is cute :0, Commander Branch :mega: - Yea we don't talk much, but you are such a wonderful human being- Or should I say troll? As king of the Funk Trolls, it was his sworn duty to protect his music, including the purple string of Funk, until the strings were destroyed and the Trolls reunificated as a species. Mais en mélodie sur des rythmes du moment,

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