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Lexus production techniques include methods and standards of quality control that differ from Toyota models. "Exiv" stands for "Extra impressive". J.D. Nowadays, there are plenty of car brands to choose from. Comes from the Japanese word "kanmuri (kamuri)" (crown). Hyundai India To Launch Fuel Cells For Electric Vehicles. In 1998, Lexus added the first luxury-branded crossover SUV, the RX 300, and the second generation GS 300 and GS 400 sedans. The same letter may be used differently depending on the model; ‘S’ can refer to ‘sedan’ or ‘sport’ (e.g. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? How Can You Tell If Your Car Brakes Need Servicing? By 1992, the LS 400′s base price had risen 18% to nearly US$45,000. Although it knew of no reported incidents, the U.S. publication warned of a possible rollover risk, and the GX 460 received updated stability control software. The Lexus LS 400, had a unique design that shared no major elements with any previous Toyota vehicles and its rear-wheels were driven by an all new 4.0 Liter V8 engine. The name was intended to identify this car as the Corolla's "little brother", "Spacio" comes from the Italian word "spazio," meaning "room" or "space.". The name starts with the Latin word for "voice" (vox), and the Y at the end suggests the car's "boxy" shape, giving the vehicle eloquent appeal to young customers. Vauxhall – United Kingdom In 2008, amidst the global recession, U.S. sales dropped 21% to 260,087, and worldwidel sales fell 16% to 435,000. "Cavalier" is an archaic English word meaning "horseman" or "courtly gentleman." "Glanza" comes from the German word "Glanz" ("brilliancy" or "sparkle"). AMC – United State Which car do you have and what is the country of its origin? The LS 400 had its debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The acronym ED stands for "exciting and dressy. Toyota’s market research concluded that a separate brand and sales channel were needed to present its new flagship sedan, and plans were made to develop a new network of dealerships in the U.S. market. "Starlet" means a small star burning brightly. Bugatti – France Welding processes, body panel fit tolerances, and paint quality requirements are more stringent. In 1999, Lexus recorded its one-millionth vehicle sold in the U.S. market, and was ranked the top-selling luxury automobile make in the U.S. overall. The vehicle used a Lexus Hybrid Drive system which combined gasoline and electric motors for increased power, fuel efficiency, and lower emissions relative to gasoline-only equivalents. The name origins mentioned are limited to principal ones and are not exhaustive for some models. Proton – Malaysia The two words mean just what they do in English. Both the Supra and Cressida were rear-wheel drive cars with a powerful 7M-GE/7M-GTE engine. The FX subname was derived from the first and last letters of "FF 2-box.". Nissan – Japan Some of these car brands have been acquired by automakers in other counties, for example, Fiat of Italy has merger with Chrysler of USA -Now Fiat-Chrysler. ( Log Out /  "Alphard," which is derived from the Greek word "alpha," was intended to evoke an image of the brightest star in a constellation. The 2020 Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Petrol Has Reached Dealerships! Bentley – United Kingdom The van also serves as a billboard-on-wheels, which is consistent with the image of a messenger. The name comes from "FJ40" and "Land Cruiser.". Comes from the Italian words "vero" (truth) and "rosso" (red). In 1996, Lexus debuted its first sport utility vehicle, the LX 450. Comes from the Latin "celsus" ("lofty" or "elevated"). This was followed by the second generation ES 300 sedan, which succeeded the ES 250 and became Lexus’s top seller. The harrier is a long-winged, slender-bodied bird of prey. In 1986, Toyota’s longtime advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi formed a specialized unit, Team One, to handle marketing for the new premium brand. GM – United States "Prado" is Portuguese for "meadow" or "field.". Heavy machinery has been a forte of Germany since the world wars and ahead. Technical Content Developer at GoMechanic | Automobile enthusiast with a knack to decode it for everyone | Automobile Engineer by passion. McLaren United Kingdom If you are 13 years old when were you born? Each vehicle is designed according to approximately 500 specific product standards, known as “Lexus Musts,” on criteria such as leather seat stitching. "CT" stands for "Creative Touring," and "200h" signifies a hybrid car with a power output equivalent to that of a 2-liter gasoline engine vehicle. In December 1989, Lexus initiated a voluntary recall of all 8,000 LS 400s sold to date, based upon two customer complaints over defective wiring and an overheated brake light. Comes from the French word "proner" ("to praise/glorify"). "Raum" in German means "space" or "room.". The opportunity for Japanese manufacturers to export more expensive models had arisen with the 1980s voluntary export restraints, negotiated by the Japanese government and U.S. trade representatives, restricting mainstream car sales. The ES 350 and certain IS models were affected by a recall for potentially jamming floor mats; the New York Times found more federal acceleration reports per-vehicle for the marque versus parent company Toyota, while NPR determined the reports to be generally rare, with comparable rates at multiple makes. "Touring" was chosen to represent this touring car with an aerodynamic body. and Gita means "trip" or "excursion" in Italian. Cadillac – United States There are a number of cars that originated from Germany. Lexus LC 500 | Country Of Origin: Japan. © The GoMechanic Blog | Brought to you with love by GoMechanic | 2020 | All Rights Reserved. In mid-2009, the marque launched the HS 250h, a dedicated hybrid sedan for North America and Japan. The LS 400 started at US$38,000 in the U.S. and was rated by Car and Driver magazine as better than both the US$63,000 Mercedes-Benz 420 SEL and the US$55,000 BMW 735i in terms of ride, handling, and performance. "Toyoace" is a combination of "Toyota" and "ace.". The division’s world headquarters are located in Toyota, Aichi, Japan, with operational centers in Brussels, Belgium, and Torrance, California and the United States. In 1986, Honda launched its Acura marque in the U.S., influencing Toyota’s plans for a luxury division. In the industry, America is known for: The world’s best delicacy, Pizza, originated from Italy. Welding processes, body panel fit tolerances, and paint quality requirements are more stringent. "Liteace" combines "light" and "ace." Lada (AvtoVAZ) – Russia Since the marque’s inception, design targets have ranged from aerodynamics and ride quality to interior ergonomics. In 2006, Lexus incorporated the first production eight-speed automatic transmission in an automobile with the LS 460 and the gearbox was later adapted for the GS 460 and IS F models. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. In 1994, the marque introduced the second generation LS 400, a complete redesign of its flagship model. Buick – United States I have added the pronunciation so that you don’t have to google it (Thank me later | IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW). Data: Changes in Toyota Trademarks and Emblems, Improvements to the Engineering Planning and Development Process, Intellectual Property, Regulatory Management, and Design Management, Cost Planning and Mass Planning and Standardization of Parts, History of Toyota's Motor Sports Activities, Production, Production Engineering, Logistics and Purchasing, Overview of Overseas Production Affiliates, Basic comcept of the Toyota Production System, Top 5 Passenger Vehicles Sold in Japan by Year (2000 to 2011), Dealerships in Japan, Overseas Distributors. The meaning of "Ace" is the same as in English. In 2007, Lexus executives signaled intentions to equip further models with hybrid powertrains, catering to demands for a decrease in both carbon pollution and oil reliance. ", Inspired by the Italian (and English) adjective "cardinal," meaning "essential" or "fundamental.". Chevrolet – United States And this can also be seen in their cars. Means "gate" in French. Sales in the U.S. for the first half of 2010 held steady during the 2009–2010 Toyota vehicle recalls, several of which included Lexus models. In a sweeping 20-day operation which replaced the parts on all affected vehicles, Lexus sent technicians to pick up, repair, and return cars to customers free of charge, and also flew in personnel and rented garage space for owners in remote locations. The name was intended to evoke the image of a beautifully styled, eye-catching compact car. "IS" stands for "Intelligent Sports (Sedan).". "Corsa" is the Italian word for "race" or "run". Kaipan (1991) Škoda (1895) Tatra (1850) Denmark . Smart – Germany Find the vehicle's VIN. Explore the breath-taking design and know more about the car's features, specifications, prices, performance and more. The name signifies a leading-edge car with sharp and attractive features. Lotus United Kingdom Japans largest-selling brand of premium cars, Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of the Toyota Motor Corporation. A name inspired by the "All-in-One" concept of the vehicle and reflecting the manufacturer's ambition to integrate the advantages of all vehicle types into this car. • Bajaj Motors and Hero Motocorp have been a prominent player in the two-wheeler segment not only in India but also on the foreign shores. Companies like Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Abarth also hail from the same. Cars Explore the full Lexus range; Electrified We are Lexus. Lexus … Saleen – United States Around the same time, Nissan would unveil plans to create its own premium brand, Infiniti, while Mazda also considered developing an upscale marque, to be called Amati. A "corolla" is the ring of petals around the central part of a flower.

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