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Then Mac and Me is for you. [12], Despite this, Louis remarked that he was "still the only person in the universe that ever had the exclusive motion picture rights to the McDonald's trademark, their actors, their characters and the whole company. [23] The film ends with the text "We'll be back! Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever w/ Zach Ruane from Aunty Donna. He claimed there is public interest because home video sales have made Mac and Me profitable for Orion Pictures, and also said that MAC would resonate with modern, young moviegoers.

This is that movie that Paul Rudd often shows a clip from when he guests on Conan. by having Mac be a member of a family and having powers and skills.

The AD. And he said, "We don't have a script. The Where the Crawdads Sing Movie Adaptation Has Landed Its Kya: Daisy Edgar-Jones! [25] Calegory's lead performance, however, was named a highlight of the film by several critics,[15] to which the filmmakers have garnered praise for their use of a disabled protagonist.

Louis was required to negotiate the rights to use the McDonald's brand and its elements within the film. Mac and Me . Please select the topics you're interested in: Would you like to turn on POPSUGAR desktop notifications to get breaking news ASAP? Eric disguises MAC as a teddy bear and takes him to a birthday party at a local McDonald's, where Debbie's older sister Courtney works. However, it received four Youth in Film Awards (now Young Artist Awards) nominations.

The aliens are accidentally sucked into the apparatus and the probe returns to Earth. After Wickett and Zimmerman chase them through a nearby neighborhood and shopping mall with additional help, they are rescued by Michael. [45], A sequel was announced at the time of Mac and Me's release. It's very hard to make a wheelchair work because it's not a very balanced thing.

"[26], Mac and Me is widely regarded as one of the worst films ever made,[16][27] with The Telegraph noting that it is "frequently pulled out in 'worst film of all time' arguments".

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The next morning, he finds that the creature has trashed most of the house and learns its identity, but is blamed alongside his brother by their mother for what has happened.

Meanwhile, FBI agents Wickett and Zimmerman track MAC down and begin spying on the Cruise residence. [11], Louis noted that he was one of the first to leverage the chain as a platform for promoting films; Disney would later enter into a long-term deal with McDonald's to cross-promote properties including films through in-store campaigns such as Happy Meals, although this relationship ended in May 2006, amid pressure to reduce the promotion of junk food to children.

[13], I was hired out of the blue. 14. Mac and Me was nominated for four Golden Raspberry Awards and won the prize for Worst Director as well as Worst New Star (poor Ronald McDonald) and has reached bad movie cult-status with its 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. A NASA research probe lands and begins taking atmospheric samples via a suction device.

", In addition, Jennifer Aniston and Nikki Cox appear as uncredited background extras.

The film has a 0% approval rating at review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, and is widely regarded as one of the worst films ever made. Then Mac and Me is for you. The kid had never acted before, but he was a wonderful kid. The aliens escape a government base with their ability to manipulate electricity and destroy anything they touch.

But what’s on the other end of that vine? [7][30][34][35] Lindelof allowed that it is "the fifth-best alien comedy ever made,"[31] and it has appeared in various "so-bad-it's-good" listings. 12 hours ago, by Samantha Brodsky

The After We Collided Soundtrack Is Basically One Bop After Another, 17 Wonderfully Morbid Addams Family Moments That Will Lift Your Spirits. "So he found a kid who had spina bifida. And the producer asked me to come down to the office. [22][32][36][37][38][39][40] Jim Vorel of Paste ranked it no. He says he was recommended to the producer by James Brolin, with whom Raffill had made 1981's High Risk. Starring Christine Ebersole, Jonathan Ward, and Tina Caspary alongside Lauren Stanley and Jade Calegory, the film centers on a "Mysterious Alien Creature" (MAC) that escapes from nefarious NASA agents and is befriended by a wheelchair-using boy named Eric Cruise. Following MAC's directions, they travel to an abandoned mine in the outskirts of Palmdale, where they find MAC's dying family and rejuvenate them with Coca-Cola. January 12, 2020 by Corinne Sullivan.

Given the flaws of the Tomatometer, why use Rotten Tomatoes at all? ': Out-of-This-World Career Still in Cards for 'Mac and Me' Star", "Alternate Mac and Me Ending Unearthed and It's Insane", "Advertising is so much a part of life that it's understandable to find familiar products in films. It has become a cult film. "[8] Hicks, along with Caryn James of The New York Times, observed additional promotion of Coca-Cola and Sears[8][25]—the latter brand carried McKids, the McDonald's line of children's clothing. So I did and he had a whole crew there, a whole crew on the payroll.

☝️, Awesome, You’re All Set! Mac and Me is a 1988 American comic science fiction film co-written (with Steve Feke) and directed by Stewart Raffill.Starring Christine Ebersole, Jonathan Ward, and Tina Caspary alongside Lauren Stanley and Jade Calegory, the film centers on a "Mysterious Alien Creature" (MAC) that escapes from nefarious NASA agents and is befriended by a wheelchair-using boy named Eric Cruise. In 2014, Quartet Records released a limited edition disc (1000 copies) of Silvestri's complete score. Having seen it done so much better by Spielberg doesn't help, of course.

Instead, it plays like an indecent bizarro-world incarnation of Steven Spielberg’s beloved family classic. [8] James also took exception to the "awfully irresponsible" treatment of wheelchair-using main character Eric Cruise, who is placed in potentially dangerous situations before MAC intervenes. You're gonna have to write it quickly so prep the movie and write the script on the weekends. "[30], The film is one of six movies featured in Season 12 of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Shadow Conspiracy w/Comedian Lauren Bonner, 12. For saving Eric's life, the United States government grants MAC's family American citizenship, with the Cruise family and their neighbors, as well as Wickett and Zimmerman, in attendance at the ceremony.

[7] However, he did receive funding from Golden State Foods, a food service distributor closely associated with McDonald's; Louis had encountered its CEO in his efforts to pitch the film and was attracted by its charitable goals. [31] Michael Hayden of GQ India referred to it as "hands down the worst family movie in Hollywood history."[32]. Shortly after the move, Eric becomes suspicious of the alien's presence. "[7], The shooting of Eric was explicitly shown in the Japanese VHS release of the film.

of their own. 2 Shares View On One Page Photo 1 of 22 ", "Sequel Baiting Endings That Didn't Work".

by Kara Kia

the Extraterrestrial knockoff? TV & Film:Film Reviews. [4][5][6], Producer R. J. Louis had previously worked on advertising campaigns with McDonald's and had an association with their charitable arm Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).

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100 Worst Movies of All Time: The Most Rotten Films Ever. 1 in "The 10 Most Shameless Product Placements in Movie History", calling it "unintentionally awesome" and "almost genius. Once Wickett, Zimmerman and Janet arrive by helicopter, MAC and his family use their powers to bring Eric back to life. in a sticky wrapper, left under the heater two hours too long.

52 in "The 100 Best 'B Movies' of All Time" (noting that it cannot be "enjoyed un-ironically"),[9] while Cracked journalist Jeff Steinbrunner placed it at no. [16], The film's soundtrack album was released by Curb Records, featuring one track from its musical score, composed and conducted by Alan Silvestri,[17] and the theme song "Take Me (I'll Follow You)" by Bobby Caldwell.[18]. After seeing the creature again, Eric tries to catch up to him, but ends up sliding down a hill and falls into a lake, where he nearly drowns, but is rescued by the alien.

Club, writing: Mac and Me was designed as an especially brazen knock-off of E.T. Janet, having witnessed the chase while in the mall, catches up to the agents and inadvertently learns from Wickett that MAC is indeed real. A family of aliens on a dying desert planet search for subterranean water to drink through a straw. The film was nominated for four Golden Raspberry Awards, and won Worst Director and Worst New Star (for Ronald McDonald). When you start going fast in a wheelchair, you place tremendous risk on the child, so you have to try and figure out how to do that in a controlled fashion. The camera department head. [2] It had a profit-sharing arrangement with Ronald McDonald House Charities. Bolero w/Michael Shanks from TimTimFed, 11. Eric is not believed at all when he tries to tell his family about the creature's actions. A Low Down Dirty Shame w/Tom Armstrong from The Roundabout Crew, 10.

[28] Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock cited it as the most egregious example of product placement in cinema history, as well as the "worst thing you'll ever see in your entire life". [42][43] While giving an interview alongside Captain America: Civil War co-star Chris Evans in 2016, Rudd expressed his appreciation of its "blatant" advertising of McDonald's, "unearned" positioning of Bobby Caldwell ballad "Take Me (I'll Follow You)", and inclusion of a fly landing on MAC's nose, declaring: "I love it... it's so good.

Take a Look Back at Her Incredible Career on TV and in Movies", "How McDonald's Bizarre 'E.T.'

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