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One of the movie’s great strengths, and another reason that it, although very sad, is not a tearjerker, is its tendency to show us the reality of Barkley and Lucy’s living situations with a fair amount of nuance. One of the final ways in which Make Way for Tomorrow resembles King Lear is that both stories seem to want to push us to witness sadness and suffering up to a point where we ask for relief. They then offer each other a truly final goodbye, saying that they are doing so "just in case" they do not see each other again because "anything could happen." ( Log Out /  Bei der Rückfahrt in den Heimatort erkrankt Tomi schwer, weshalb die Reise bei dem jüngsten Sohn in Osaka unterbrochen werden muss. Both films have been studied and written about from many … Make Way for Tomorrow is often compared to the similarly dark but quieter Tokyo Story (1953), a Japanese film based on Make Way for Tomorrow about an elderly couple who come to Tokyo to visit their many adult children. They do not need me and I don’t need them.” These are quotes from Make Way For Tomorrow (1937) the film that inspired the classic Tokyo Story (1953) : “Honour your parents while they are still alive…. I don’t think I told it well but as the words come pouring out tears glistened in her eyes. on 9/18/2018. Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris called it “the most depressing movie ever made,” and Orson Welles told Peter Bogdanovich that “it would make a stone cry.” It has not achieved the commercial success or popular recognition of other critically acclaimed films of its time but is today considered to be an overlooked classic, an unflinching look at aging and the lack of compassion that society has for the elderly—especially the cruelty of children towards their own parents. Meanwhile, Barkley resigns himself to his fate of having to move thousands of miles away, though he too is entirely aware of his daughter's true motivation. Make Way for Tomorrow was always admired by cinephiles, despite being rarely screened or broadcast; incredibly, it wasn't even available on VHS or DVD until the Criterion edition came out in 2010. Der zyklische Verlauf des Lebens wird in ihnen mit viel Traurigkeit, aber auch gelegentlichem Humor reflektiert. The fact that Make Way for Tomorrow even bothers to bring up the role the parents played in the development of their children’s psychology compounds the sense that we are looking at a complicated couple whose situation seems all the more plausible because it is tinged with a sense of failure. Die Eltern brechen früher zur Rückreise auf als geplant und kommentieren unter sich den Wandel ihrer Kinder, machen ihnen aber keine Vorwürfe, da sie viel zu tun hätten. When Orson Welles was asked whether he has seen McCarey’s film, he famously said the film is so sad it could make … Barkley "Bark" (Victor Moore) and Lucy Cooper (Beulah Bondi) are an elderly couple who lose their home to foreclosure, as Barkley has been unable to find employment because of his age. Tokyo Story was loosely based on the movie Make Way for Tomorrow, but many people thought that it was “too Japanese” at the time of its release. In both Make Way for Tomorrow and King Lear, we wonder how the adult children have grown to be so intolerant of their parents, so unfeeling. Finally, an arrangement is made whereby Barkley will live with daughter Cora, and Lucy will live with their son, George. Nachts wird er betrunken zu Shige und ihrem Ehemann Kurazō gebracht. It never prescribes or instructs on how you should feel. Trotzdem lassen sich strukturelle und inhaltliche Ähnlichkeiten finden, so wird in beiden Filmen das alte Ehepaar von einem Haushalt der Kinder zu dem anderen geschoben und die Eltern werden als Last gesehen. [1] When he accepted his Academy Award for Best Director for The Awful Truth, which was released the same year, he said, "Thanks, but you gave it to me for the wrong picture.". Shukichi sagt Noriko wie zuvor auch schon Tomi, dass er keine Hoffnung auf eine Rückkehr seines Sohnes habe und Noriko deshalb gerne erneut heiraten dürfe. Writing for Night and Day in 1937, Graham Greene gave the film a neutral review, summarizing it as "a depressing picture about an old couple". Ozu’s infinitely moving study of generational sea change is an unimpeachable masterpiece. They determine that they will not see their children for dinner that evening as scheduled before Barkley’s train leaves, a decision that prompts the four adult children, led by Robert, to conclude that they are not very upstanding sons and daughters. Hara spielte von 1949 bis 1953 in drei verschiedenen Filmen eine Figur namens Noriko. 東京物語, Tōkyō monogatari) ist ein japanischer Film aus dem Jahr 1953. Das ältere Ehepaar Shūkichi und Tomi Hirayama lebt mit seiner jüngsten Tochter, der Grundschullehrerin Kyōko, in der Hafenstadt Onomichi. 2012 wurde Die Reise nach Tokyo schließlich von den befragten Filmregisseuren zum besten Film gewählt. [4], Die Reise nach Tokyo wird heute von vielen Kritikern nicht nur als Ozus bedeutendster, sondern auch als einer der besten Filme aller Zeiten betrachtet. [2], Orson Welles said of Make Way for Tomorrow, "It would make a stone cry,"[3] and rhapsodized about his enthusiasm for the film in his book-length series of interviews with Peter Bogdanovich, This Is Orson Welles. The story cannot be more simpler. November 1970 in der ARD Premiere. Ozu's long shots, knee-high camera placement, and collapsed perspective -- as gorgeous and unsettling as a Cézanne -- gather power over the duration, but time itself is the master's most potent weapon. Only one of the children, Nell (Minna Gombell), has enough space for both, but she asks for three months to talk her husband into the idea.

[VIDEO ESSAY] Yasujirô Ozu's beloved masterpiece of postwar Japanese cinema speaks to audiences from all backgrounds because of the cross-generational familial truths that the prolific director/co-writer lovingly metes out. Forgot your password? Tomi verbringt die Nacht bei Noriko und bedankt sich für ihre Mühen, während Shūkichi einen Abend mit den lange nicht gesehenen Freunden Sanpei und Osamu in einer Kneipe verbringt. In allen drei Filmen spielen ein Generationenkonflikt und die Frage, ob Noriko (wieder) verheiratet werden soll, eine mehr oder weniger bedeutende Rolle. She made a request for me to tell her the story when she comes back and I did. Lucy’s assumption that she can continue in her old habits in her new surroundings is related to a number of fictions that she tells herself. McCarey never cheapens the narrative by painting the characters in heavy shades like a lesser film would. Each makes a heartfelt statement reaffirming their lifelong love, in what seems an unspoken acknowledgment that it is almost certainly their final moment together. Obwohl Noriko einer anstrengenden Büroarbeit nachgeht, durch die sie ihre kleine Wohnung und ihr alleinstehendes Leben finanzieren muss, nimmt sie sich Zeit. Noriko gesteht erstmals auch ihre eigene Einsamkeit und ihren Wunsch nach einem Wandel in ihrem Leben. These days the film is considered one of the great unsung Hollywood masterpieces. Ozu's film is a beautiful piece of art and cinema. Yet it inspired Tokyo Story (1953), which some consider the greatest Japanese film , and regularly ranks among the top 10 movies of all time. McCarey believed that it was his finest film. With its debt to Leo McCarey's 'Make Way for Tomorrow,' Yasujiro Ozu's 'Tokyo Story' is no less true, shattering, and not for viewers fretting about unsympathetic grown-up children. This 1953 classic is one of the cinema's most profound and moving studies of married love, ageing and the relations between parents and children. They're ordinary human beings, treated with fierce attention that feels like deep respect. In this exquisite merging of specific and universal, infinite and infinitesimal, Tokyo Story perhaps most clearly illuminates that Ozu is not the most Japanese of filmmakers, but the most human. It is the type of movie that immediately makes a lonesome person feel like he is the last person on earth. This style elegantly frames the delicate performances, which in turn do justice to the wisdom and compassion of Ozu's view of life.

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