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Amanda received her Master's Degree in Education from the University of Pennsylvania. The squeaky wheel gets the grease but it also violates the other two rules of fairness and consistency. The traditional hallmarks of power—massive weapons, years of experience, society’s blessing—can only take you so far. Law 28: Enter Action with Boldness (48 Laws of Power), What Is Survivor’s Guilt? ―David Takami, Seattle Times "Contemporary society can't escape history when Malcolm Gladwell explains the world as he does with David and Goliath. Shortform has the world's best summaries of books you should be reading. This is the principle of legitimacy. After this success, Jaffe and her task force started playing basketball with their charges, taking them to dinner, and driving them to doctor appointments. A ten-year old child who is expelled from school because they made an imaginary gun out of their fingers is an example of a zero tolerance policy gone horribly wrong [2]. And third, the authority has to be fair. Remember, you only have as much power as those subservient to you give you. Ultimate accountability cannot be delegated away however. Know that part of leadership is in recognizing and explaining the exceptions without the system falling victim to being gamed or exploited. Alternatively, is there such a thing as too much of these principles? Required fields are marked *. — All Rights Reserved. Consistently applied and appear to be fair to all being asked to follow the rules. “... legitimacy is based on three things. If the public perceives the government as illegitimate, it will rebel. This article is an excerpt from the Shortform summary of "David and Goliath" by Malcolm Gladwell. Your email address will not be published. According to the principle of legitimacy, people become defiant, rather than submissive, when they don’t view the authority as legitimate. Jaffe was touched, and asked the police commissioner for money to buy turkeys for all the families with juveniles in the program. equality before the law). Use this example to think about ways you can apply the principle of legitimacy in your own life. Sign up for a free trial here. a zero tolerance policy gone horribly wrong [2]. He was a spectator. The principles of legitimacy are not without their consequences. This is called the “principle of legitimacy,” and legitimacy is based on three things. Have you ever been ‘surveyed’ to death by an employer asking about your degree of motivation or engagement with the company? These principles are the basis (or lack thereof) for why one group will allow themselves to be subject to another. PUA Jargon Becomes Pickup Strategy, How to “Let Your Plans Be Dark and Impenetrable as Night”, Simon Sinek on Leadership: Get People to Trust You, Food and Politics: Don’t Trust U.S. Dietary Guidelines, We need to feel that the law we’re being asked to abide by is, We need to feel that the law and the people enforcing it are, Why being the underdog can actually be an advantage, Why you shouldn't be afraid of powerful giants, Strategies to get an edge when you're overpowered. equality before the law) Coercion can compensate for a voice in the arrangement, but only within short time periods or overwhelming force. An authority figure’s power over the rest of us is especially limited if we don’t perceive him and his power as being “legitimate.” An authority’s legitimacy is based on three things: If you’re the one with the power, why does it matter what people think of you? Malcolm Gladwell's latest book David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants seeks to explain several different phenomena by using a simple concept: the inverted U-curve. Alternatively, calling for a vote and a study group when the captain orders everyone into life rafts is ill-advised. Your email address will not be published. Second, the law has to be predictable. Principle of Legitimacy: The Real Way to Reduce Crime. Amanda was a Fulbright Scholar and has taught in schools in the US and South Africa. For example, the British Army in Northern Ireland had the men and material to temporarily impose control over the local population but not to sustain it because they failed to establish legitimacy amongst both the protestant and catholic populations. Strong armed tactics doomed the British Army to decades of occupation and directly or indirectly resulted in the death of hundreds if not thousands of combatants and civilians. Authorities may make the rules, but they have trouble enforcing them without legitimacy. These were the results of Jaffe’s team following the three features of the principle of legitimacy. It can’t treat one group differently from another.”. Jaffe got astounding results: Brownsville robberies decreased every year from 2006 to 2011, and robbery arrests of program members decreased from roughly 370 arrests (one year prior to starting the program) to roughly 20 arrests three years later. The principles stress that it is the behaviour of the leaders that determines whether or not the followers will follow. Gladwell does not have the space in his book to discuss is how much or how little of each are needed based on varying circumstances. This is the power of the principle of legitimacy. It may seen fair to deny a girl a right to an education or marry a non-Muslim in this context. There has to be a reasonable expectation that the rules tomorrow are going to be roughly the same as the rules today. Accordingly, she departed from the conventional approach to lowering the crime rate in Brownsville. Examples in Brain on Fire, Law Enforcement in the Old West—Frontier Justice to the FBI, What Is AMOG? However, there more in the photo than meets the eye: p. 192: “The boy in Bill Hudson’s famous photograph is Walter Gadsden. There are circumstances where one of the three is reduced to nearly zero (try asking for a voice in the arrangement during the first week of army boot camp). First of all, the people who are asked to obey authority have to feel like they have a voice  – that if they speak up, they will be heard. Here’s an example of the principle of legitimacy used to great effect. In the secular West, these would seem patently unfair and sexist. A voice does not equal gaming the system. no taxation without representation), the rules must be predictable and consistent (e.g. Jaffe and her team created a program offering job, education, and medical assistance to Brownsville juveniles with a record, but warned them that if they continued to commit crimes, the team would make sure they stayed in jail, no matter how minor the crime. How about rules being applied too consistently such that the application actually erodes the legitimacy. Jaffe also committed to getting to know the juveniles’ families. The principle of legitimacy states that a government’s ability to govern is based on its perceived legitimacy. “...legitimacy is based on three things. For trekkies, Captain Picard solicited his crew’s opinion but he still made the decision. She wasn’t getting anywhere with this approach until a group of her officers bought a particularly antagonistic juvenile and his family a Thanksgiving turkey. Predictable and consistent and 3. Second, the law has to be predictable. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The answers probably go a long way towards whether or not they consider your authority legitimate. Conversely, segregation worked not only because of the power of the whites in the South but also a lack of an united front amongst the blacks (see [2] for the back story behind a famous civil rights photo). Walter Gadsden, 17, was attacked by police dogs on May 3, 1963, during civil rights demonstrations in Birmingham, Ala. (Bill Hudson/Associated Press) , courtesy of [3]. And do you treat one group (or player) differently from another? The International Atomic Energy Agency’s: Materiality Framework, 2014 IAEA Property, Plant and Equipment Lifecycle Framework, 2014 IAEA – PP+E Lifecycle Model – Directors Cut, 2016-11-17 – Seeing through the Clearing Smoke, 2014 – Avoiding the Lost-Assignment and Task Epidemic or LATE, 2017 – Life Beyond the “Big Honkin’ Binder”, Where are the Manuals – Minimalism and Procedure Manuals, Milford 5th-grader suspended for pointing imaginary gun, 4C’s: Communication, Coordination, Control & Command, those being ruled need to feel that they have a voice in the arrangement (e.g. In Malcom Gladwell’s book, ‘David and Goliath’, he refers to the ‘principle of legitimacy’. Required fields are marked *. They got involved in their charges’ lives in ways that had nothing to do with the law. Brownsville, in Brooklyn, is historically one of the most crime-ridden neighborhoods in New York City. At least, the principles indicate whether the followers see the leaders as being legitimate [1]. Here are some of my thoughts on considerations before over-applying one of the three principles of legitimacy: For business leaders, is there anything new here? Expect rules to be fair, predictable and consistent but not at the expense of common sense. Is your “law” predictable? rule of law and due process), the rules must be consistently applied and appear to be fair to all being asked to follow the rules (e.g.

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