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By clicking below you agree to receive news, promotions and offers by email from Top Gear and BBC Studios. Ticehurst is crouched, head in hands, 200 yards from the car, watching the fire take hold. It takes a few seconds or so of furious gearshifting and horn honking for us to draw alongside the now-smouldering Furai. Il en reste plus grand chose dans le Kodo de série... Moi qui croyait que cela n'arrivait qu'aux Ferrari. This morning saw The Stig arrive from nowhere, drive very fast down Bentwaters’ 1.3-mile runway, nod with apparent approval to writer Bill Thomas and then disappear in the direction of Great Yarmouth.

GET THE HELL OUT! Disposal of the body is swift. Par clefdedouzeLe 03 Décembre 2013 à 15h38. The Mazda Furai growls threateningly on the runway. Local and international automotive news, test drive reports, and everything in between.

And then the car mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen again. Look at that picture above! And right now, Top Gear is the only magazine in the world to have driven it.

We catch the Furai over the crest of the runway (the tarmac at Bentwaters rises in the middle, something that’s about to take on significance) and track it down towards the far end, Brimble snapping furiously.

In early 2008, Mazda revealed its Furai concept car, a carbon-composite, race-bred masterpiece. Your information will be used in accordance with our privacy policy. It was built by Racing Beat, a popular rotary tuner. Hard to look at, isn't it? Ca fait déjà 3 mois que l'info est sortie ... La vache, elle était bien belle avec ses nervures et ses espèces de tiges végétales. This website is made by BBC Studios Distribution.

Top Gear last drove the Furai in 2008, briefly; no word on when the actual fire happened (we are still awaiting a statement from Mazda). At first, I’m annoyed at the disrespect he’s showing this priceless, irreplaceable car. Avant de voir les flammes dans la baie moteur. The teaser images were enough to spark interest in media and car magazines. It will remain so. Under its carbonfibre bodywork lurks an LMP2 Courage chassis and a 460hp rotary race engine. Vous pouvez également retirer à tout moment votre consentement au traitement de vos données.Pour en savoir plus sur le traitement de vos données :, Dimension coffre Mazda 3 4ième génération, Par Jean Laxou Le 19 Octobre 2020 à 14h50, Par AnonymeMazdalsa Le 13 Octobre 2020 à 17h35, Problème de langue après remplacement de la batterie, Par luidusud30 Le 13 Octobre 2020 à 16h04. The lick of flame has taken hold, and now the engine bay is engulfed.

Later that year, Top Gear magazine ran the world’s only drive of the Furai. No trailer-queen concept car, this is a living, fire-breathing breath of fresh air. Dommage qu'il n'y ai pas plus d'info sur le pourquoi de se départ de feu. Lots of lights, Racing version of Mazda's 2015 concept is coming to GT Sport in May. Thus, the Furai was powered by a three-rotor rotary engine produced by tuners Racing Beat. It was to become the only drive by anyone outside of Mazda, as the car caught fire during the photoshoot. From delight to disaster in just eight minutes, Amazing design flourishes, now lost forever.

As the crew hose the Furai, its Mazda badge gets blasted off and onto the tarmac, where it comes to rest surrounded by charred carbonfibre.

OH GOD, IT’S ON FIRE!” I state calmly, resisting the urge to panic. Copyright © Groupe La Centrale - Tous droits réservés, Pour déposer un commentaire, veuillez vous, Merci !

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With the wind blowing from directly behind the Furai (the name aptly translates as sound of wind), the fire is being fanned inexorably towards the nose of the car. Disposal of the body is swift.

Jusqu'à aujourd'hui. Nowadays, she balances her passion through writing as well as coaching.

As we’ve been shooting, I’ve spotted the Furai’s central exhaust spitting a thin cone of blue flame on downshifts. According to, it was on August 19th in 2008 in Bentwater Parks when the photographers were waiting for the last shot they need.

As Ticehurst begins to slow for the turn and drops down through the gears, things start to go wrong. The Furai's trial by fire symbolizes, in some way, the official death of Nagare, smiley faces and all that, replaced as it is by a new chief designer and a new design language. Time for one last shot. Under its carbon-fibre bodywork lurks an LMP2 Courage chassis and a 460bhp rotary race engine. Ce dernier a observé que l'échappement central de la Mazda laissait échapper une flamme bleue à la descente de rapports et il souhaitait l'immortaliser à bord d'un véhicule de poursuite. 19th Floor, The IBP Tower, Jade Dr, San Antonio, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines, 09481334353 (SMART) - 09260673939 (GLOBE). But before they hit those digits, the company made a few lapses, just like the Mazda Furai. If ever a concept car deserved to rise from the ashes, surely it is this one. Priceless concept.

It was a two-door coupe that had a chassis based on the Courage Competition’s C65 Le Mans Prototype, >>> Update with the latest changes in Mazda Philippines price.

While the Furai races away from the support crew and fire team, the photographers notice that something went wrong went Ticehurst drops the gears. Mazda is one of the most trusted automaking companies in the Philippines. The remains of the Furai are gathered up and repatriated to Mazda’s Advanced Design Studio in Irvine, California; where it now lies is anyone’s guess.

Hanna is one of the most competitive swimmers in the country during her day. Mais aussi :

It was not long before she discovered her passion for the automotive industry as well. 11.52am. Et, le 19 août 2008 sur le circuit de Bentwaters Parks, le magazine Top Gear est le premier média au monde à pouvoir apprécier ses qualités. À partir du concept de « voiture de course fonçant dans le vent », sa silhouette utilise des lignes acérées se transformant en courbes fluides tout en assurant un excellent aérodynamisme, et une ligne nettement japonaise.

“FIRE! In early 2008, Mazda revealed its Furai concept car, a carbon-composite, race-bred masterpiece.

TG managed to bag an exclusive drive of the Furai at Bentwaters Park in August 2008. I look at it daily. >>> Read more: Will Mazda be making a high-performance rotary sports car? Dead with shocking speed, savagery and finality.

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Problème de mélange de carburant, problème de casse du rotatif.

One of the fire crew rips at a door to get better access to the bulkhead.

This morning saw The Stig arrive from nowhere, drive very fast down Bentwaters’ 2km runway, nod with apparent approval to writer Bill Thomas and then disappear in the direction of Great Yarmouth. - l'incitation à la haine raciale et à la discrimination

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