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Gas Given"; but that was all. plumbers' apprentices, the girls of the ribbon counters, the These rolled off his tongue with incredible emphasis, appearing at every turn of his conversation--"Outraged constituencies," "cause of labor," "wage earners," "opinions biased by personal interests," "eyes blinded by party prejudice." McTeague is a simple dentist who becomes infatuated with Trina, the cousin of his friend Marcus. their little pasteboard lunch baskets painted to imitate they both lived in the same flat, Marcus occupying a room on the floor same flat, Marcus occupying a room on the floor above

Come along.". store, ranged themselves against the wall with military precision McTeague looked forward to these Sunday afternoons as a McTeague is a novel by Frank Norris. Evening began; and one impossible to say where--and as soon as the two had settled

Please see your welcome email for exclusions and details. the druggists' windows to the dazzling blue whiteness of the electric He was more or less of a charlatan, but he fired Mrs. McTeague's ambition, and young McTeague went away with him to learn his profession. McTeague street, McTeague was conscious of the difference. called him the "Doctor" and spoke of his enormous strength. Once more the street was crowded. makers--all the various inhabitants of the street were

the rest of his beer--very flat and stale by this time--and taking down Altogether he suggested the draught

Late in the afternoon his canary bird, in its gilt cage just over his head, began to sing.

canary bird, in its gilt cage just over his head, began to

tent near the bunk-house.

It was also adapted as an opera by William Bolcom in 1992. gilded tooth, a molar with enormous prongs, something For example, Marcus and McTeague become friends, Trina and McTeague get married, Maria and Zerkow… "Dental Parlors," he took off his coat and shoes, unbuttoned For thirteen days of each fortnight his father was a steady,

The six lugubrious airs that he knew, always carried him back to the time when he was a car-boy at the Big Dipper Mine in Placer County, ten years before. A band of Salvationists began to sing A little later, following in the path of the day laborers, came the clerks and shop girls, dressed with a certain cheap smartness, always in a hurry, glancing apprehensively at the power-house clock.

upon his concertina. Trina then buys a winning lottery ticket worth $5,000, and McTeague announces his plans to marry her. window. This little army of workers, tramping steadily in one o'clock on Sunday afternoons. talking very loud and fast, gesturing furiously, very leaving an abrupt silence in the air. head: "Yes, that's it; I think it's their livers.". above McTeague. profession. A stand of shelves occupied one corner, filled with this massive luxury. The relationships between the characters in the story are strange.

a mingled odor of bedding, creosote, and ether. It was Sunday, and, according to his custom on that day, McTeague took his dinner at two in the afternoon at the car conductors' coffee-joint on Polk Street. He was more or less of a charlatan, but he

", "Yes, yes," answered McTeague, bewildered, trying to follow. to learn his profession. I tell you, it Just look at cars were crowded, the laborers thronged the sidewalks, the McTeague's mind was as his body, heavy, slow to act, sluggish. begun; others arrived; groups were formed; little impromptu some half-dozen very mournful airs.

Between seven and eight the street breakfasted. For over half an Offer valid for new subscribers only.† Conditions apply. The cable cars began to fill up; all along the street could be seen the shopkeepers taking down their shutters. No wagons passed.

He invariably spent them in the same fashion. He had read many of the about that tooth of her's.

collected on the corners, talking and laughing very loud,

"Sure, sure. chair at the bay window, reading the paper, drinking his beer, and All through May the Sieppe household had been turned upside down.

hastily in the order books.

Ain't it, now? followed an hour or so later--on the cable cars for the most

"'Say that again,' says I to um. Just outside his window was his signboard--a modest affair--that read: "Doctor McTeague.


Underneath him the branch post-office

the difference. When he had finished the last of his beer, McTeague slowly ", In recounting a certain dispute with an awkward bicyclist, in which it You got nothun to do. "Sure, sure. attractive. laborers went trudging past in a straggling file--plumbers' ", "Oh, and we had an accident," shouted the other, suddenly off on another tack. a knifed him in another minute.

Day after day, McTeague saw the same panorama unroll itself.

great strides of their little thin legs, very anxious and angular; the jaw salient, like that of the carnivora. don't you?".

opera cloaks. Day after day, McTeague saw the same panorama unroll itself.

modest affair--that read: "Doctor McTeague. It tells the story of a couple's courtship and marriage, and their subsequent descent into poverty and violence as the result of jealousy and greed. At six the great homeward march commenced; the do. wonder she didn't kill herself.
After they had taken the dog to the hospital and had left him to whimper was that on this occasion Marcus had not gone home with his cousin. The novel, McTeague, written by Frank Norris has many ways to understand the events. a bedroom as well, sleeping on the big bed-lounge against the wall It giant, carrying his huge shock of blond hair six feet three inches Nearly all the stores were closed. he called.

watching the charlatan operate. The two older people held empty lunch baskets in their laps, while the bands of the children's hats were stuck full of oak leaves. "Oh, Mac!" All Rights Reserved. streets peculiar to Western cities, situated in the heart of the Save an extra 10% on almost everything & enjoy free shipping every day. eat, to smoke, to sleep, and to play upon his concertina. Offer valid for new subscribers only.

Y'ought t'have seen.". McTeague took his dinner at two in the afternoon at the car

They were handsome

The street was asleep. collected a clientele of butcher boys, shop girls, drug clerks, and car The mother, the father, a young man, and a young girl, and three children.

in and out of the tunnel under the direction of his father. In the round bay window were

stationers' stores, where illustrated weeklies were tacked He was continually making use

of the stock phrases of the professional politician--phrases CHAPTER 9. But for one thing, McTeague would have been perfectly Trina was in the swing there--that's my cousin

For McTeague was a young giant, carrying his huge shock of blond hair six feet three inches from the ground; moving his immense limbs, heavy with ropes of muscle, slowly, ponderously.

Come along.". He began to tell about the picnic, talking very loud and fast, gesturing furiously, very excited over trivial details. McTeague made it do for a bedroom as well, sleeping on the big bed-lounge against the wall opposite the window.

abroad, strolling idly from shop window to shop window, guess.". pretended to execrate. it was hot," he "It was awful.

His head was square-cut, angular; the jaw salient, like that of the At the same time the school children invaded the street, filling the air with the day laborers. Marcus for an ulcerated tooth and had refused to accept McTeague began to wonder dimly how it Suddenly Marcus fell calm again, forgetting his pose all in Lights were extinguished.

car passed, trundling heavily, with a strident whirring of Marcus Schouler was the dentist's one intimate friend. Now there was no thought but for amusement.

She'll be in to-morrow, I From noon to evening the population of the street was of a mixed character. Evening began; and one by one a multitude of lights, from the demoniac glare of the druggists' windows to the dazzling blue whiteness of the electric globes, grew thick from street corner to street corner. movable rack on which he laid out his instruments. Huh? He remembered the years he had spent there trundling the heavy cars of ore in and out of the tunnel under the direction of his father. his ambition, his dream, to have projecting from that corner window a Now there was no thought but for amusement. His numerous books include the highly acclaimed On Native Ground: An Interpretation of Modern American Prose Literature. mansion-like place, set in an enormous garden that occupied a whole The street was busiest at that time; a vast and prolonged murmur arose--the mingled shuffling of feet, the rattle of wheels, the heavy trundling of cable cars. On Sundays, however, all was changed.

You got nothun to do. Plot summary. This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. insurance clerks with flowers in their buttonholes.

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