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Please contact the gallery or collection for more information. By Michael Musto. By Andrew Holleran. UN Policy on Domestic Partners Thaws a Bit, Fly on the Web: When Performance Goes On-line, The Life and Work of Paul Monette on Show, Craig Lucas: Playwright with a movie in him, Gregg Araki: Tackling the Tough Ones on Film, Southern Italy: Puglia gets a gay president, How ‘Gay Style’ Was Coopted and Corrupted, A Trailblazing Sleeper of the 60’s Is Back, Michel Tremblay, Canada’s Greatest Playwright, Sexuality-Baiting Taken Up at a UN Caucus, ‘Fine By Me’ Campaign Hits Red State Campuses, A Burst of GLBT Offerings at Sundance 2005, ‘The Lincoln Book’: Reviewing the Reviews, Robert Irwin: Photographer of the Sensory, The Power of Data, the Price of Exclusion, Mark Weigle, Singing Out the Gay Experience, Election 2004: This Time, the Stakes Are Real. A picture of naked man standing in a swimming pool with his back to the viewer. Peter Getting Out of Nick’s Pool (1966) is one of a series of swimming pool paintings Hockney made as a visitor to LA in the mid ‘60s (Credit: David Hockney / Richard Schmidt)

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Historically, masks serve a social function and can be used in communal rituals to promote the cohesion and the well-being of a community, as protection from evil spirits, or to ward off sickness. 30 more; Stories. descriptions are openly available. Under the tagline, “a bimonthly journal of history, culture, and politics,” The G&LR publishes essays in a wide range of disciplines as well as reviews of books, movies, and plays. David Hockney: swimming pools and suburbia.

'Peter getting out of Nick's pool' 1966 David Hockney (born 1937) Acrylic on canvas, 152 x 152cm Peter Schlesinger. Two Forces of Nature on a Collision Course, If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Huehuetenango. Sometimes the play of light on the surface is represented through squiggly white lines running across the surface, as in Sunbather or Peter Getting Out of Nick’s Pool (both 1966), and sometimes through Dubuffet-like patches of variegated colour that resemble jigsaw pieces or a camouflage pattern, in works such as Picture of a Hollywood Swimming Pool (1964) or Portrait of Nick Wilder (1966). The American Equality Bill: Our Time Has Come, On the Origins and Meaning of ‘Gay Pride’, Jennifer Finney Boylan’s ‘Life in Two Genders’, Taking the State out of Marriage-for Everyone, Jeff Sheng: A Lens on the Soldiers of DADT, INTERNATIONAL SPECTRUM: In Turkey, the Obstacles are Bureaucratic, Passages of Artists and Activists in 2009, An Open Letter to the President of Uganda, ‘Come back to the raft, Huck honey’: Reprise, Jonathan Ned Katz: Turning from History to Art, Martin Duberman: Life of an Activist Historian, DADT Losing Support Inside the U.S. Military, Kirby Dick: Documenting Religious Hypocrisy, Andrew Epstein: Tom of Finland’s Eye in the Sky, Tamotsu Yato’s Nude Male Warriors of Japan, GUEST OPINION: Blacks Lack Standing on Marriage Question, Savannah and the Spirit of Stonewall in 1969, Harold Norse, Last of the Beat Poets, Dies at 93, Time to Spring the Final Closet: Gay Clergy, On the Recovery of Psychoanalysis: Lawrence D. Mass talks with the author of Sex Changes, Larry Mitchell, Novelist of the Dispossessed, The Making of George Segal’s Gay Liberation, Five Years Later, Marriage Equality Has Settled In, Out in Kenya: Encountering Friends Like Us, A Tale of a Wig: My Brush with Andy Warhol, James Purdy, 1914-2009: A Personal Remembrance, Leslie Jordan: From Small Screen to Big Stage, Remembering ‘Johnny Cakes’ of The Sopranos, John Betjeman: National Treasure, Gay Icon, British Sodomy Laws Linger in Former Colonies, The Obama Inauguration: Signals and Prospects, Passages of Artists and Activists in 2008, The Election: Presidential Promise and the Heartbreak of Prop 8. About 5: David Hockney, Peter Getting out of Nick’s Pool, 1966

To request a reply, please provide your email address. we’re on social media and instant messengers, "Portrait of an artist (Pool with two figures)", Tate Britain, Millbank, Westminster, SW1P 4RG, Mobile apps for galleries, museums and exhibition projects. Yskin's blog is powerd by Tistory / designed by The collection that owns the artwork may have more information on their own website about permitted uses and image licensing options. Any other type of use will need to be cleared with the rights holder(s). Peter Getting out of Nick's Pool (1966) by David Hockney (source:Liverpool Museums) Was Judith Butler Right to Refuse Berlin Award? Review our guidance pages which explain how you can reuse images, how to credit an image and how to find images in the public domain or with a Creative Commons licence available. By using this website you are agreeing to the use of cookies.
이 당시 데이비드 호크니의 애인(lover). I chose a book called A Proust Souvenir. Forster’s Maurice: A Revolution Out of Time, To Barbara Gittings, 1932-2007: Thank You, EU Countries Divided on Same-Sex Marriage, How ‘santorum’ Helped Defeat Rick Santorum, Burnout Revisited: Women’s Cultural Spaces, Gerry Studds, First Out Congressman, Dies at 69, Terrence McNally: Dramaturgist of a Gay Century, Italy: Politics under the Vatican’s Glare, Apathy Is the Enemy in Wisconsin Ballot Battle, ‘My sexuality gives me a place to stand.’, Vern Bullough, Our Greatest Sexologist, Dies at 77, Armistead Maupin: Leaping to the Big Screen, Marriage Amendments Assault Religious Freedom, Dreaming Opera: Adapting Before Night Falls, Equality Riders Challenge Campus Homophobia, Becoming a Man (it’s harder than it looks), What Ode to Billy Joe (the Movie) Disclosed in ’76, Poland: Gay Pride Parade Is Attacked in Kraków, Israel: Island of Tolerance in the Mideast, Tim Kirkman: Storyteller of Human Complexity. David Hockney: swimming pools and suburbia. Art, Architecture and Engineering Library, © 2020, Regents of the University of Michigan. I was also transformed by midnight showings of the musical sci-fi spoof The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which had become an interactive experience that attracted young gays who dressed like the characters and threw rice at the screen on cue. Art UK is the operating name of the Public Catalogue Foundation, a charity registered in England and Wales (1096185) and Scotland (SC048601). Peter Getting out of Nick's Pool by David Hockney | | . Doric Wilson and Lanford Wilson of Caffe Cino Fame, Michael Hattersley, GLR Stalwart and Dear Friend, John Benjamin Hickey in/on The Normal Heart, Elizabeth Taylor: Movie Star, Angel of Mercy. Your feedback will inform how we grow Art UK in the future. 팝아트보다 2차 세계 대전 이후의 미국 팝 문화가 주도한 유행들 속에 데이비드 호크니는 그것을 선망의 눈으로 쳐다보았으니 말이다. 나는 이 작품을 보면서 '아름다웠던 우리 젊은 날의 그 시절, 그 한 때'를 떠올렸는데, 이런 내 생각이 정확한 것인지 잘 모르겠다. Presented by Sir John Moores 1968 Joan Rivers Had to Leave Us One Day, Tales of Two Artists in Mid-Century Paris, Nancy Garden, Pioneer of Young Adult Fiction, Forster’s Maurice and the Birth of a Genre, South Korean Group Creates a Literary Award, A 1967 Novel Brought an Old Love to Light, Wider PrEP Use Could Reduce HIV Infections, Choreographer David Roussève Is Out with Stardust, Why Russia’s Anti-Gay Backlash Will Backfire, Michael Carroll’s Characters Tell Their Stories, Peter Paige and the Making of The Fosters, How U.S. Evangelicals Sowed Hatred in Uganda, ‘There are a lot of lovely ghosts there.’, John Mitzel: Writer, Bookseller, Boston Institution, Bangladesh: Activism Struggling to Be Born, After DOMA: The Case for Full Marriage Equality, France v. the UK: Two Paths to Marriage Equality, How DOMA Ruling Affects Binational Couples, Last Night at the Web (From the July-August 2013 issue), Larry Mitchell, Novelist of New York Gay Life, The AP’s Ban on “Homophobia” Is Misguided, Mongolia: Hopeful Signs in a New Democracy, New Push for Marriage Equality in the States, Stonewall Unremembered (An illustrated essay), Vidal: ‘I don’t regret anything I’ve said.’, Films on the Circuit Show a Genre in Flux, Ida Rubinstein, Dancing into the 20th Century, Marilyn Monroe: A Serious, Mysterious Life, E. M. Forster’s Double Life: The Secret Side, A Wild Patience: Appreciating Adrienne Rich, Scissor Sisters Bring Activist Message to Their Music, The Last Alternative Miss Ireland Is Crowned, Incident Exposes Romney as Homophobic Bully, To Defeat DOMA, Use ‘Full Faith and Credit’, Oldest Living Hollywood Hustler Tells All, Gi Hyeong-do, Korean Poet, Out in the World, Barbara Grier, Activist and Founder of Naiad Press, ‘Gay Rights are Human Rights,’ U.S. Affirms, UN Resolution a First in GLBT Recognition, Passages of Artists and Activists in 2011, U.S. Census Reveals Rise of Same-Sex Unions, Documentarians Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato, Gennady Trifonov, Dissident Russian Poet, Dies at 65, Prevent Suicide through Youth Empowerment, Brazil: Organizing for Gay Rights in Bahia. You can help us tag artworks on Tagger. Find the perfect 'Peter Getting Out Of Nick's Pool' stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images.

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