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Eeeeexcept, the band does not exist, and the whole thing was an elaborate prank by Gorman himself. And I just thought, ‘I don’t wanna do it anymore.’ And also, it felt like, because Googlewhack was a true story that had turned into this show, the idea of creating something like it was impossible. No.

The comedian continues to put the modern world under scrutiny. In the first series, Dave makes his friend drive a trailer with a long message printed on the side that pokes fun at Alan Sugar. And so it just became a thing on the radio show. And halfway through the hour, a curtain would drop and you’d see that the screen would be there, and the last half hour was this big big PowerPoint thing, to throw the message home. And we picked on one person, and we left the QR code on the screen, and she scanned it, and it showed her a picture of her house. Series 4, Episode 2 also features clickbait when Gorman touches on the ads that appear at the bottom of news sites, doing a straight deconstruction of it. Looking for some great streaming picks? Ready for some Dave on Dave action?

Use the HTML below. Dave Gorman- Modern Life is Goodish S1 E4 - video dailymotion The only thing we had thought of in advance was, and this shows my age… there was thing, when I was a kid, on That’s Life, the old Esther Rantzen show… the closing credits used to be a cartoon showing that everything that had happened in that day’s show. And then I started doing a run of gigs. And I never thought it would work live. So when it started, it was about the subject headings of spam emails.

And then the content of the article: there are three paragraphs that suggest it is going to be a serious article about gun control, and then the fourth of fifth paragraph is just a thing saying, “Oh, by the way, if you’d read this far, when you leave a comment, just use the word ‘bananas’”. Yes, you read that right, PowerPointed; every episode consists of Dave Gorman putting together a PowerPoint presentation to try and explain that … Here’s what I’ve got in my locker. And I owe a huge debt to a woman called Emma Newman, who was the producer of that show at the time. Dave Gorman's Modern Life is Goodish. Den of Geek

So, I will say Spy. And we had successfully got it in front of him – he was a friend of mine. And you’re suddenly aware that the audience are actually on the edge of their seats, properly. Because I always look forward to those. Add to Watchlist. And, in that way I was just saying, the punch-line is happening but you’re not watching it, but you know it’s happening. And the idea that I would print those onto acetates and put them on an overhead projector was so obviously absurd. So I did this show on Absolute Radio for a while, and I did it with – well, a few other people came along the way – but initially I did it with two people called Danielle Ward and Martin White, both of whom are brilliantly funny people.

Of course, no Modern Life Is Goodish would be complete without our host sifting through "the bottom half of the internet" for those real words by real people; digging out the ridiculous, opinionated and downright maddest reader comments to be found on the most frenzy-inducing newspaper articles for, what Dave likes to call, a Found Poem.

The thing I find very peculiar about that: there are a number of people I know, who are really really really into sci-fi. It is odd.

And, you know, actually, it’s also completely allowable to just quite like Marmite. And I won’t look at the comments section for months. Then join us for a unique analysis of modern life. Year: ... Comedian Dave Gorman looks at modern life by messing with modern Monopoly, interrogating children's TV characters and playing tricks with singing toys. You know that sort of thing.

Everyone who has tickets for tonight’s show we had said to them, please put a QR reader on your phone. Oh my god!” And they’re following it like a drama for a moment, which I’d forgotten was a part of how that story evolved.

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So I kind of felt a bit paralysed, and didn’t know how to create something new for ages. And we started off, and the plan was always, ‘Let’s just find our feet, and things will occur to us, and we’ll end up with some features, but let’s not format the entire show from day one.’.

And it was like a big change of gear, in the show, and every time the curtain dropped and the screen was there, audiences would have this sort of, ‘Oh good! I… I hate it. In "You Use A Spoon For Licking Custard", Dave explains his wife is a huge fan of life hack videos but he wants to convince her that they are a waste of time, so he invents a fake method of printing pictures onto a balloon using vinegar and squirty cream. Can I do a bit?” It was like starting out again. Build up your Halloween Watchlist with our list of the most popular horror titles on Netflix in October. Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 Review: Reboot Fits a Flatfoot More Than a Bigfoot, Taskmaster: one of TV's funniest, most unexpected comedies, Gunge, pub quizzes and a baby: Edinburgh Fringe review, Pete's Comedy Odyssey: Dave Gorman, Robin Ince, Paul McCaffrey, Will Andrews, Angelos Epithemiou, Halloween: Timeline Explained for Horror Movie Franchise, Topps' Fright Flicks Cards: Where Horror and Comedy Collide, Best Horror Movies on Netflix: Scariest Films to Stream, Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

But obviously a lot of the show does spring from online stuff and that experience of the world, and it means, actually, those things which are not that – being out in a cab, driving it around London – have this really odd freshness to them. It was just like… I was on the road for eight or nine months of the year, for three years. And that weirdly tickles you. So I just started going round clubs in London, and saying, “Oh can I do five minutes? My apologies. Five comedians are set tasks challenging their creativity and wit.

I was in America with it for six months. And I put guests on, and while they’re on the stage I use the projection screen to sort of put their name onto it and create a bespoke backdrop for them. I think my favourite bit… there’s two or three… in the last series, there was one where we did such a big complicated set up, where we managed to take over and make our own… you know those picture clue websites?

Along the way, Dave tests the merits of man versus machine, in all its life-like glory.

That’s all made up. But that’s all I’ve got to go on, I’m afraid.

to Rebecca take a look back at the career of Armie Hammer on and off the screen. People at home are thinking they’ve bought a lawnmower, until after the break and then they’re discovering they’re not. Well, I don’t know, it does me anyway. When Star Wars is like one of the biggest movie franchises in the world, you’re not an outsider.

Dave Gorman flips his lid and his laptop open to ponder modern life.

The Essential DanMachi Moments, Dave Gorman interview: Modern Life Is Goodish. No, but people want them to be. All those sort of things are in your head. And I knew when I was doing that tour… it was sort of like discovering a new tour.

Dave Gorman points out things he finds strange about modern life. Yeah, that’s what caused the delay.

And in fairness, I’ve gotta say, some people fucking hate them. I used to use those for documents, and I would be running between two projectors and showing stuff on two different screens. I did two tours of Australia. It was things that were bits, with a half hour section at the end. Dave Gorman points out things he finds strange about modern life. Two different audiences, laughing for different reasons, at different times.

I can’t wait, because I’ve got two more shows to make for this series at the moment… and I can’t wait to get the final two poems done.

Um, oh, he was in Spy wasn’t he?

  |  And the first fifty, sixty comments are “You can’t take our guns away!” And it’s people who’ve read the headline and haven’t read the article. In the meantime, check out one of our suggestions. And everything I said before no is the slightly clumsy longhand one. It’s just mainstream culture. In one episode Dave makes a reference to his "creepy laugh" which is a throw back to his stand up entitled Googlewhack Adventures. | They’re huge. .cls-2{mix-blend-mode:screen}.cls-3{fill:none;stroke:red;stroke-miterlimit:10;stroke-width:4px}.cls-4{fill:red}. No one really uses them. It was like, ‘Ah, this is how I can take the two things that I know how to do, and put them together and make it better.’ So, I know that’s a very long answer to your very simple question. And when did you come up with the Found Poem idea? So what ended up happening, is I did a tour show where there was like an hour of stand-up, then an interval, and then a second hour. One of the things that comes through most clearly, when you read them, is that none of the people – almost none of the people involved – are having a conversation.

I think, every now and then, something happens and a light goes on in the back of your head of, ‘Remember all this. Dave suggests revamping the calendar and considers the upshot of buying Twitter followers. As things do, in hindsight, you go, ‘Obviously that was right. And half of them are laughing at things that haven’t happened yet.

And I find that really really really peculiar. There’s a thing, and I’d forgotten how fucking mental it was. Every now and then, I’m sitting there, reading them, going, [Huffs] “I’m gonna have my say!” And I almost go to type a comment of my own, and then realise, there is absolutely zero point. 14 Nov. 2017 Where did you think people, myself included, get that misconception from? [Laughs] Err… Jason, Statham, movie… I’m struggling to know if I’ve ever seen a Jason Statham movie. You start thinking like one of them.

It’s all sort of odd, and layered. Dave Gorman: So, to try out new stuff and build up new stuff, I had to create my own club, which I host. And how did the series, Goodish, come together? And just to finish, I’ll ask you our traditional Den Of Geek closing question: what’s your favourite Jason Statham movie? What could I possibly do to fill five minutes between this act and that act?

Dave Gorman: Modern Life Is Goodish is a show that points out the faults in modern life's society and makes quite valid obscure statements and at times he has gone to some extreme measures just to prove his point which ends up been just as true as it is hysterical. Rob Leane has written for this loveable website for over five years. When I saw this first been advertised it didn't really appeal to me that much, but one night when I couldn't find anything to watch I gave it a chance and really enjoyed it. That’s the way it is. In his spare time, he's caught hundreds of Pokémon and sunk days of his…. In the second series, when Dave needs his friend to use the trailer again, the message is still visible on the side, until Dave replaces it with something else. It's this intimacy and free-form nature that spawns the kind of anecdotes and ... See full summary ». It was a complete desperate move of, “I’ve run out of material. It’s the most mainstream thing you could possibly like. Comedy. I was on stage breaking up, because I knew he was in the green room. You might as well say you’re a geek for watching The X-Factor.


But we did a thing where, we talk about what they are, and why they exist and how people don’t really use them… and there was a picture of one just on a sticker that we found on a bus stop. And they went to a website that said “Congratulations, you’ve just purchased a lawnmower. We know everything you think.

I think that’s really interesting. Martin White is this really talented musical genius, and a very funny man, and I was like, “Do you think you could write a song during the show, about that day’s show?” And he was up for it, so, on day one on the show, the only feature we had was that we were gonna close the show with Martin performing a song he’d written about that day’s show. I did some radio stuff, and I wrote a book, and I just sort of did some other stuff for a while. It doesn’t matter. Dave Gorman: Modern Life is Goodish starts Tuesday 31st October, 10pm on Dave.

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