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It has its share of demons as well, of course, but MPlayer has yet to match VLC in terms of interface, ease of use, and the "it just works" factor with any video I throw it. What is the right program for download? Test system: PB G4 867; 10.3.9; Security updates;QT 7.0. For the rest, I can't say much, as I don't see anything. The design has changed, but that's about it. You can restart the video from the playlist and move the index to the crash point and the video plays normally for then on.

Everything good here, just one thing... MPlayerX picks the best encoding for subtitles, so no conversion is needed. VLC can. Video playback app with subtitle support. It is still quite hit and miss.


I repeat the mac gui is under heavy dev, the main Mplayer code is already very stable. I will never understand why you guys are so hard on someone who is just trying to contribute to all of us-and for no personal profit? Bit of a bug report: I can't quit if in fullscreen mode with this version, unless I click over to the playlist controller first. I think it needs a redesign on how to include mplayer into the GUI before the interface gets yet another facelift.

The playback volume still is way lower than what comes out of VLC, and never sounds as good. While I haven't yet tried this version on Windows Media files yet, the previous version would play them, but with less quality than the real Windows Media Player app did.

Leaks memory like a sieve on my system and video jutters for a second or so when switching windows. Past versions rev15 is the last version supporting OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and 32bit. ;). Command: mplayer, the process mplayer window after some second(in play) does not answer,the player it works regularly.

MPlayerX is an open-source media player based on the MPlayer project. Any word? jputting XAnim codecs are included for the Mac OS X package? I don't think dressing up the buttons to look like aqua is what this player needs.

A fantastic video player, as good as and sometimes better than VLC. and some low level card-specific drivers (for Matrox, 3Dfx and ATI), too! There's that rare AVI file that nothing else can play that I use MPlayer for so its a definite for the codec playback "arsenal"...! This is a useful improvement on the 20050726 build but I've noticed three issues with the pre8rc4 20050904 build that are specific to Panther. STILL no sound, as with the previous release (under Quicktime Pro 6.5.2)!

I just tested it with MKV, MOV, AVI, MP4 and FLV files, and it opened them all. instead of Works fine on my dual G4 w/10.3.9, but the "Get Info" feature appears to be disabled in this version. The FAQ directs you to use the in-app options for support if the FAQ cannot answer your question. Measurements with typical xvid files seem to show a file that plays with around 66% CPU on rc1 now requires just about 100% on rc2. It works fine except I no longer see the text overlay on the screen when I change the volume, seek, etc.

there is still no player on the mac that can play avi or ogm/mkv containers with the WMV3 codec.

I have tried alt-3 it doesn't work =( It's on a file-by-file basis, whatever's happening: some files play properly, some don't.

Watch in amazement while MPlayer removes the song, but decides to keep playing it anyway. [Process completed]. While it doesn't do as much as VLC, it is much more intuitive. Has the command key to display subtitles changed for .mkv files? Overall, this program is a must-have app, but users must realize that it's still not good enough to ditch all your other video player yet either. I didn't notice any skipping or quality problems with my files. This is cruel joke to play on a inflexbile dude who just need to get a yoga video cued to the right spot so his girlfiend can laugh at him.The app business model of selling half baked programs, preventing access to actual support and hiding it all behind the impersonal app store is a complete crock.

Makes a great companion to VLC! stuck in one gear forward motion with no options to move to later and/or earlier points in video. . it plays almost all of my movie files so far!!!

Anybody tried Overlook's build yet on Tiger or Leopard? With the RealPlayer codecs (on the official site), it can handle most RealPlayer movies I've come across. All Panther specific bugs so this build of Mplayer can be a bit annoying on Panther but the feature set is nice so I still recommend the app hoping these issues will be fixed. I just love how it can play all my media formats, well almost all. i kinda like it. The good thing about MPlayer is that, like VLC, it uses a fairly small amount of system resources compared to iTunes and Songbird, which are both pigs.

There is no way to Save a playlist. For every one getting the menubar in fullscreen try using the "MPlayer OSX" video out module int the audio & video preferences. Subscribe for our newsletter with best Mac offers from MacUpdate.

Has someone also not informed the developer that we're transitioning to Intel, and everything in Rosetta will appear to be a G3? Note to Apple - give up on Quicktime and QTPro.

404, and no sign of such a file in the releases directory. The second problem is that you cannot contac the comapny for support.

Confusing. ps: sorry vlc, we had fun didnt we? I find it faster and simpler than VLC. When mixed file types are added to Mplayer, it allows all of the songs to show up on the playlist, but will not play any m4a. Inability to fast forward or rewind is a huge omission and it should be noted by the company before they allow th app to be purchased.2.

Mplayer (not the gui) is very stable and when compiled right plays everything perfect. Can't seem to display subtitles when they're built-in to the file (such as in a MKV), and doesn't hide the menubar when in full screen. There's this one - which is a new preview release from the official site ( ), and the older one still being worked on at the MPlayerOSX Sourceforge site ( ). since VLC not working proper on Tiger, this is quite a good choice for playing all kind of movie files....-but i´m a bit confused...- but why comes Version 1.0 after Version 2.0, i´ve been using recently? Feel free to use the menu, so we can have further discussion.

I can tell you that it does not work on my computer (G3 with MacOSX 10.3.9).

Am I missing something here? The correct is: This behavior is idiotic.

It would be great if there where an option to make the playlist a sheet that comes out of the main window. I've experienced many crashes and bugs before, but this was the only player I could drop most MPG, AVI, ASF and WMV files on and have them play. The link here downloads Mplayer with a mac gui created by the same guy that made the Mplayer 2.0 version.

The creator of Mplayer 2.0 is working on documents explaing how you can download and build the source for the gui and connect it to the Mplayer aplication. The creator of Mplayer 2.0 is working on documents explaing how you can download and build the source for the gui and connect it to the Mplayer aplication. Great movie player.

DVD subtitles (SPU streams, VOBsub and Closed Captions) are supported as well. The player still puases, skips, and stutters any time I access the menu. The rest is great.When i open a file with MPlayer detect the .srt automatically.It's fast and the interface is a beauty. BTW, the link for the dev's website (More Information) is wrong.
There's a variety of display bugs that I wouldn't mind seeing fixed. Nice work. Must be Tiger only?? MPlayer is improving, but it still doesn't hold a candle to VLC yet. I tried, and trashed it/ for the older version is more user friendly than the new one. i still miss support for the WMV3 codec, but then again, maybe microsoft doesn't like other developers use the codec. Does not respond to media keys on Apple keyboards. Plug-in plays multimedia in your Web browser (PPAPI version). Contribute The source can be found on Github.

I don't remember exactly why I didn't like the Windows version, it probably had to do with how good VLC was for me at that time, I guess.

Any suggestions welcome to [email protected] What a great release! I love the ease of use of my Apple TV and Airplay for most of my videos. If you drag a folder onto Mplayer, it will not automatically start playing the files inside. Used to work fine, but this new version crashes everytime I launch it… I'm on 10.4.1, on an iMac G4… Furthermore it I miss zooming (apart from full screen). I can't disable altivec (it's grayed out), and I setting "framedrop" doesn't work either. Player freezes and stalls frequently. mycomputer/somefolder/MPlayerOSX090405folder/MPlayer\; exit

PID: 28958 thats all. The GUI is not yet right in my eyes. In fact, it worked just as well as Movist, my favorite player these days. Seems like more testing is needed on Panther. MPlayer SubJunk Builds MPlayer and MEncoder builds with a focus on stability of features, especially for encoding via MEnco who knows, might see ya round some time...

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