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Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Hardy was then sentenced to 10 days in jail, 30 months of probation and a $100,000 fine after he managed to reach a plea deal and revealed where the drugs had come from. Getting into wrestling helped "King Booker" to escape the life that had lead him to crime. The early days of the MVP character seem now to be such a contrast to the man you’d been before breaking into wrestling. McPhee was later found guilty and sentenced to life in prison, with the judge stating that in this case, a life term does actually mean life in prison. Well I never kept it hidden and would often discuss my past in interviews.

Considering what fans knew of the MVP character, was it a conscious decision that much of your real-life experience was hidden from what was seen on screen? But it’s only now that I am in a position to present my story in this kind of format, a kind of a one-man show. They say truth in stranger than fiction! Well, I really hope so – and that’s what motivates me. For full details, visit . That’s why I’ve spoken at some of the prisons I’ve been at and I have had the pleasure of people reaching out to me on social media and explain that they’re in a rough spot and that, in finding out about my life, that story was inspirational.

The basic concept is ‘Heists, Headlocks and Hope,’ and I’ll be talking about my life growing up in Miami in the 1980s and what I went through.

Flair could have spent up to 90 days in prison for this but instead, someone stepped in and paid Flair's debts. It seems that he drank a little too much and crashed his car then tried to flee the scene.

Professional wrestler Hassan Assad first got into the sport while serving time in prison for robbing a cruise ship casino. It seems that many WWE superstars had run-ins with the law before they were part of the company and even though WWE claims that they won't sign some wrestlers to contracts because of criminal convictions there are many stars that managed to be signed despite this. Ever since her release from the company, she has also managed to get herself into a few legal problems. He was only part of the company for a short time as part of their FCW brand. How do you think about the answers? I am at a point in my career where I am ready to transition. Get your answers by asking now. She was never seen as one of the best female wrestlers, but she certainly was one of the most entertaining. But I do see a lot of young guys that I crossed paths with on the independent circuit who are doing very well for themselves.

What was that like, to be playing almost a mirror image of that? Wrestling for New Japan Pro-Wrestling at the Tokyo Dome, that was my dream. Instead, the interviewer got scared and Vader was arrested and sent to jail. We reconfigured his plan and pulled it off.

Brian McPhee is a former WWE star that many fans will not be very familiar with. There was a prison guard that introduced me to pro wrestling and I needed a hobby, so I devoted myself to it – I lived it, ate it and slept it and that’s how I became MVP.

Do you hope that, coming to see your show, will be one or two individuals who’re in the position you were in growing up that can take something from the lessons you learned and the choices you made?

She was kept in a cell for the night but later released from prison on a $500 bond despite the fact that she could have faced up to 12 months in prison because of how high her blood alcohol level was when she was first arrested. I made a conscious decision to commit a crime, knowing what the consequences were and I had to face up to them. When Booker was just 22 years old he was sentenced to five years in prison after he and three friends committed a number of armed robberies at Wendy's restaurants. They said, OK, we'll give you a release. Montel Vontavious Porter is a former United States Champion in WWE, but like many other stars who have made up this list, MVP's brushes with the law all came before he started a career in the wrestling business.

He attempted to flee but was apprehended after a high-speed car chase and charged with first-degree murder. Back in May 2012 Jillian was arrested and charged with battery after an incident with her now ex-husband.

Jack Swagger is a former WWE Champion and a former amateur wrestler and came to WWE with an incredible background in the sport. If it wasn’t for professional wrestling I’d probably be dead or in back prison.

Sure, absolutely.
I used to say the world was my ATM. She was seen as the first ever WWE Diva and it seems that since her release from the company, she has been spiraling out of control.

Montel Vontavious Porter‘s source of wealth comes from being a wrestler. As a teenager I was into gangs and guns and nonsense. It seems that Scott has a lengthy history with the police, but right now he is working on sorting his life out and hasn't had a real run-in with the law in almost a decade. 1 decade ago. You wide awake. Swagger was arrested back in 2013 when he was caught speeding and the police realized that he was driving under the influence of marijuana after officers found the substance in his car. Known as Razor Ramon to the WWE Universe, it seems that Hall drew inspiration for this persona from his real life. This is something that would later come back to haunt him when he was given the lead role in Marine 3: Homefront and a number of Marines petitioned his involvement in the film.

It was his problems with substance abuse that forced his release from WWE back in 2009, but it also forced him to spend 10 days in prison.

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