nigeria's climate and vegetations

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The relevant fields of study that can be leveraged to solve climate change issues should be emphasised in curricula so local expertise can be nurtured. Irrespective of the weather condition Nigeria can still move about their businesses unlike what you get in Europe and America where people are stuck once it starts snowing. Satellite data has revealed that between 1987 and 2011, lowland, mangrove and freshwater forest area in the Niger Delta has decreased by 15-40 per cent due to human activity. There are several pitfalls of advancing “big ag” without understanding the positive feedback between climate change impacts and altering local ecosystems. Nigeria has a tropical climate with variable rainy and dry seasons, depending on location. By comparison, Africa’s other leading economies—South Africa, Egypt and Algeria—produce 22, 16, and 28 MtCO2, respectively.

(2015). We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. London: African Energy. In the southeast, it also shares a border with the breakaway state of Ambazonia. Nigeria is a beautiful country! Sahel Savanna. Oxford: Oxford Institute of Energy Studies. Regions with not much rainfall and scarce vegetation are called deserts, or arid regions. The fossil fuels that have spurred global economic growth for centuries now threaten to be its inhibitor. As subsidies are only being channelled from fossil fuels to renewables, the additional cost incurred by government will be minimised, so budgetary constraints are not exacerbated. It is bordered to the north by the Republics of Niger and Chad; it shares borders to the west with the Republic of Benin, while the Republic of Cameroon shares the eastern borders right down to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean which forms the southern limits of Nigerian Territory. LUC emissions arise from changing carbon (plant matter) stocks above and below ground when land is converted from one purpose to another e.g. The shale revolution is set to make the US the largest oil producer by the end of 2018, surpassing Russia and Saudi Arabia, a prospect that will affect global oil markets and geopolitics. That climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity today is no longer in doubt. With the exception of rice, all main crops—sorghum, maize, cassava, millet and soybeans—are projected to experience yield decreases of 5-40 per cent by 2050 if no technological innovation in farming methods is implemented.[11]’[12].

Large parts of Africa’s Bight of Benin and Bight of Biafra fall along the coast. But … The president’s seven-point plans reiterates commitment to concrete actions towards the Paris Agreement goals. Therefore, even though they have a role to play in achieving rural electrification, solutions proposing off-grids as a panacea for all energy-related climate change mitigation should be viewed with caution. [10] Brandt, M., Wigneron, J.-P., Chave, J., Tagesson, T., Penuelas, J., Ciais, P., et al. This vegetation belt can be found in the North-West of Nigeria. In order to minimize the negative impact of climate change on the ecosystems, water resources, socioeconomic domains, a number of adaptation measures are open to Nigeria. There are three major savannah belts in Nigeria. However, the above has outlined that while climate change effects are gradual, the impacts of climate change will be more widespread and will have detrimental socioeconomic and health consequences. Savannah is the second biggest type of vegetation found in Nigeria. The resulting independent power producers (IPPs) often invest in natural gas-fired generation due to the domestic abundance of the resource and relatively low capital costs of gas power plants. The world is in a race to limit climate change and find workable, practical, and cost-efficient solutions to this emergency that is redefining global partnerships in a way not seen before. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America , 114 (35), 9296-9301. is a PhD researcher at the Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment at Imperial College London. If fully implemented, these efforts will pave way for a low carbon economy and result in about 50 percent reduction in emissions. The mangrove swamps, covering about 10,360 square kilometers and located to the south of the freshwater swamps, are sparsely settled. Disaggregating sorghum yield reductions under warming scenarios exposes narrow genetic diversity in US breeding programs. Nigeria is a wonderful country with a great variety of plants. Off-grids (sometimes called mini-grids) are small-scale power generation and distribution systems that can supply isolated settlements. At the request of our readers, we have tak. Areas with somewhat greater rainfall are called semiarid regions. This potential has been recognised in Nigeria, and government and multilateral organizations are funding an increasing number of renewable energy projects, mostly off-grid generation. (2016). Fossil energy released when coal, oil and natural gas are transformed into their oxidised state—carbon dioxide (CO2)—has driven mobility, electrification, industry and innovation—the bricks of the modern economy. In Nigeria, land-use emissions account for 52 per cent of our GHG production. The Niger Delta is a low-lying region, cut up by a complicated system of natural channels through which the River Niger finds its way to the sea. A standardised “code”, for instance, is needed to coordinate waste collection efforts and establish best practices for processing of different waste types.

Nigeria is projected to contribute 10 per cent of the 2.2 billion increase in global population expected by 2050. Noted geographical features in Nigeria include the Adamawa highlands, [2] Nigeria’s burgeoning population and tropical climate—where temperature is expected to increase faster than the global average—leave its local ecosystems vulnerable to climate change. CLIMATE Contribution of Working Group III to the fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Climate and Average Weather in Nigeria. Increasing climate change concerns are pushing governments to encourage improved energy efficiency and switching from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles (EVs) so as to reduce fossil fuel use; several countries including the UK and France have now imposed a ban on fossil fuel car sales from 2040. Cambridge, United Kingdom and New York, USA: Cambridge University Press. Abuja. Accurate population data and reliable forecasts are critical to understanding how the energy infrastructure should be developed. The rationing of production that maintains an artificially high price will likely stop and prices will fall. In all, the Atlantic coastline extends for 850 km. Furthermore, gas generation can provide flexible back-up capacity and pumped hydroelectric power, which is abundant, can provide energy storage services during periods of low solar insolation. The UNDP-NDC Support Programme is already fully operational, with the clear target of increased engagement with government and the private sector. In 2016, Nigeria experienced its first recession in a decade due to low oil prices. It has a land mass of 923,768 These ecosystems provide direct and indirect services to the population, including nutrient cycling to maintain the fertility of soils, waste decomposition, and pest and disease control.

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