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Once you press the SOS button, NissanConnectSM Services will send your GPS coordinates, as well as vehicle details like make, model and colour, to a specially trained agent who can dispatch emergency services to your location. Enhanced Security Just speak or type in a keyword, like “Pizza”, to see a full list of nearby results. Cheer on your favorite team, no matter where you are.

If you’re searching for Points of Interest and not finding exactly what you want, use the Assisted Search feature to help you track down the locations. You can display your search results on a map screen to get a better idea of where each POI is located. Traffic Flow Start your engine, set customizable alerts, and get vehicle information - all without taking out your keys. Click here for access to our FAQs . $39.99 for the first 12 months, Number of IP addresses: 40,000+ Notification Preferences Accepting a call is as simple as hitting a button on your steering wheel.
Play your music, keep tabs on your social network, and learn to navigate any city like a local [[53]] with advanced NissanConnect®features and apps. This will take you to the Info screen, showing the “My Apps” button. The Message History menu keeps a record of the last 15 invehicle messages you’ve received, so that you can review them at your convenience. Information Transmission You can choose to view the POI results in a list, or on a map screen. On the NissanConnectSM Services App or Web Portal, select whether you want to be notified by email or through the in-vehicle messaging feature when a new Vehicle Health Report is ready for viewing. Set your preferences to display a notification pop-up in the vehicle itself, to remind your secondary driver when the vehicle is outside an authorized drive zone, or inside a prohibited one. Feature availability varies by model, trim level, packages, and/or options. We bring you all this & more in the new NissanConnect app.

[[39]]. The search results list—displayed in the order of locations closest to you—will include each POI’s name, category, address and phone numbers. Need help finding it in a crowded lot?

[[55]] [[43]], Not only does NissanConnectSM make it easy for you to communicate with the outside world, it alos lets the outside world communicate with you. The app offers all Nissan vehicle owners in India a convenient way to manage vehicle ownership. Your vehicle’s lights will immediately start flashing and the horn will sound. Trying to use Google search on this is a royal pain.

Text rates/data usage/subscription may apply.
This feature helps you keep tabs on your Nissan, even when you’re not in it. Nissan Europe • Division of Nissan International SA, CH-550-1047524-0, Z.A. NissanConnect equipped vehicles include 2 years of complementary services from the date of purchase of the vehicle. ©2014 NISSAN On the NissanConnectSM Services App or Web Portal, select whether you want to be notified by email and/or text if a valet violation occurs.

Create folders for your favorite POIs on the NissanConnectSM Services App or Web Portal. Nothing really, it just occupies cyberspace. With the Nissan Mobile Partner companion app, drivers can stay connected even when on the road. For the first log in, you must enter your user name and password that you created when you registered on the NissanConnect portal.

Learn more about SiriusXM® Satellite Radio. Check vehicle compatibility and download the NissanConnect Services app here: Steering Wheel-Mounted Controls Activate your Hands-free Text Messaging Assistant using the phone button on your steering wheel.

Welcome to the NissanConnect family.NissanConnect is an easy way to get connected to your vehicle.Want to become a NissanConnect customer? Traffic updates, with alternate route suggestions, will help you avoid delays due to roadwork, accidents or pesky congested highways.

Avoid congestion before you reach it by enhancing your Nissan's navigation system with detailed traffic information from SiriusXM®.

|, LuluBox - Allow you to unlock all skin of FreeFire, LuluBox - Allow you to unlock all skin of FreeFire APK. When it comes time to find it, NissanConnectSM Services Remote Horn and Lights can help. Turn on the Maintenance Alert, and you’ll also be informed if a malfunction indicator light is triggered in your vehicle. Search for POIs (Please note, NissanConnect Services is a different program and a different app that allows you to send remote commands to your vehicle though the NissanConnect Services app, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or through the Nissan Owners Portal. The NissanConnect Services app allows you to remotely access vehicle functions from your mobile device or smartwatch. Register and create a Nissan Owner's Portal account at:

Feature availability varies by model, trim level, packages, and/or options. Please follow this simple process: Access to select your country Once registered, simply download the NissanConnect mobile app, log in to the app with your Nissan Owner's Portal credentials and connect a compatible smartphone with a data plan to your vehicle via Bluetooth or USB. Dual Space - Multiple Accounts & App Cloner. On the NissanConnectSM Services App or Web Portal, select whether you want to be notified by email and/or text when the speed parameters you’ve set are exceeded. NissanConnectSM Services generates a Vehicle Health Report, which includes any recent malfunction alerts triggered by your vehicle and much more. June 08, 2015

Activate the Curfew, Max Speed, and Boundary Alerts and get notifications from your Nissan if the limits you’ve set are exceeded. Got a question? With the Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System, voice-recognition allows you to make and receive calls even when your compatible cell phone is buried in a bag or in the trunk. Lend your eyes to a blind person in need through a live video connection or be assisted by the network of sighted users. DEALER / SERVICE. In Vehicle Reminder Features like Curfew Alert help give parents peace of mind when they’re not along for the ride.

In Vehicle Reminder [[141]], Présentation des services NissanConnectᴹᴰ, Grâce à ses alertes numériques et ses fonctions d’accès à distance, offertes dans trois ensembles, les services NissanConnectᴹᴰ fournis par SiriusXM® assurent votre sécurité, vous facilitent la vie et vous permettent de voyager l’esprit tranquille.

Feature availability varies by model, trim level, packages, and/or options. Let your passengers play DJ, and take control from any seat in the car. Manage the … With the NissanConnect Mobile app, drivers can stay connected even when on the road. Use the NissanConnectSM Services App or Web Portal to search for Points of Interest on a map, then send the coordinates directly to your vehicle. Privacy Policy:, Nissan names, logos, product names, feature names, and slogans are trademarks owned by or licensed to Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., and/or its North American subsidiaries. With SiriusXM® Traffic services you can take the road less traveled. [[141]]

For more information, see dealer, owner's manual, or 1-855-426-6628 Next Steps Coast-to-coast traffic alerts are delivered by satellite, 24/7. Easily get connected to your NissanConnect customers to provide them excellent service.Unable to access the application?

Site officiel de Nissan Canada : Posez votre téléphone et restez connecté. In-Vehicle Reminder Give each folder its own name, and add or delete destinations whenever you want.

[[51]] [[6]] [[9]] [[55]] [[43]], Launch Facebook® and you can have your vehicle check-in and post updates.

You can create multiple journey folders on the NissanConnectSM Services Web Portal. Search by keyword to locate places—like ATMs, supermarkets and golf courses—near your current location or final destination. Learn about lane closures, broken-down vehicles, and other traffic troubles along your route or beyond.

Just log in to your NissanConnectSM Services companion app to lock or unlock your Nissan, trigger the horn and lights, and warm it up or cool it down from a distance without having to take out your keys. At the touch of a button—or automatically if your air bags deploy—talk to a live agent who can dispatch response services, provide roadside assistance, or help you locate your vehicle in the unfortunate event that it becomes stolen. Contact the nearest dealer immediately. No headset, no reaching—just a nice firm grip on the steering wheel. Ever felt the need to know where you parked your car?

NISSANCONNECT MOBILE APPS IS STANDARD ON THE FOLLOWING VEHICLES: 2016: LEAF, Maxima, Murano, Rogue, TITAN XD. NissanConnectSM Services will transmit your GPS coordinates to the Roadside Assistance provider, so if you find yourself with a flat tire or in need of assistance you won’t have to worry about knowing your exact location. Click here for access to our FAQs . Google® Send-to-Car Traffic Information

Contact the administrator.

With a NissanConnectSM Services package, response specialists are there for you in emergency situations.

Set "stay within" or "keep out of" drive zones on the NissanConnectSM Services Web Portal, and you’ll receive a notification if your vehicle is driven outside those boundaries. Voice Commands When you start your vehicle, select the 'Sent To Car' button. Multiple Drive Zones [[38]]. You can change the order of your POIs, add or delete stops, and send an updated journey to your NissanConnectSM system at any time.

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