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Your reply to this message should give call signs, frequencies, and station designation. At that time, it marked the most costly military campaign in the young country's history.

Occasionally, the MOs would listen to and transcribe Japanese radio broadcasts, but these tasks were the exceptions to the rule; monitoring broadcasts officially was the responsibility of the FCC’s Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service (FBIS). He died in Baltimore in 1990 at the age of 96. Pending designation by you of a station in the Tokyo area for use as above indicated, station JUM … on frequency 13705 … kilocycles will be used for this purpose and … Manila will reply on 15965 kilocycles. A few minutes later, another message started coming from San Leandro. Stoner instructed the FCC to have the “person of highest authority … have the following message transmitted in the clear in any or all means available if possible …. “Shall [Honolulu] use his 4 [letter] call also?” “Yes,” Sterling responded. August 15, 1945, was an important date in United States history. Several articles were published in the Christian Science Monitor, the Radio News, and especially the New York Times that explained how the RID worked and described some of its exploits. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on September 25, 2019. The full story of how the Japanese and the Allies finally contacted each other has yet to be told. “FLASH. Just after 9 a.m. Tokyo time, Japanese … It took 20 minutes for the entire message to transmit to San Leandro. The U.S. declared the war ended - though no peace treaty was ever signed - and gave up.

By May 10, 1842, when a frustrated President John Tyler ordered the end of military actions against the Seminoles, over $20 million had been spent, 1500 American soldiers had died and still no formal peace treaty had been signed. And then there's an indescribable spirit and movement: Hiss Golden Messenger's music grooves. At 10:35 am EWT on August 16, the Washington RID office received a message from the Portland station. Indeed, their story has never been fully told. At 8:41 am EWT he instructed the MO to send the message again: “Commencing at [9 am EWT] transmit for one hour at fifteen minute intervals McArthur’s [sic] message.

More importantly, given the difficulties the United States encountered with making official contact with the Japanese and the growing worldwide tension regarding exactly when the surrender would occur, Sterling did not want his monitoring officers to contribute to the confusion. By 2014, the club claimed over 600 members, and membership exceeded 900 in 2018. During the 1930s, FCC engineers developed the technology and became proficient at tracking and capturing illegal transmissions, primarily among bootleggers and racetrack gamblers.

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