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It’s true Oldsmobile didn’t really maintain that position for long and didn’t try again to go for the performance market until the ’60s, but having a short season isn’t the same as being overhyped.

Though the 88 sedans and coupes were downsized and switched to front-drive for 1986, the Custom Cruiser station wagons would continue virtually unchanged through the 1990 model year and eventually become the only Oldsmobile models powered by an Olds Rocket V8 engine, for which production ended in 1990 after 42 years. [2], The 1955 models were heavily facelifted with new grillework, taillights and body-side chrome. Not part of the Jetstar 88 line, the Jetstar I instead was a direct competitor to the Pontiac Grand Prix in the same $3,500 price range. 88 | The "return car" option wasn't commonly chosen, because the owner had to pay GM for mileage driven, which could become expensive. I had been running a very healthy flat head that had several modifications such as a stroker crank, racing cam an two stromberg 97 carburetors. Advertised brake horsepower figures dropped to 155 for the base 350 two-barrel and 250 for the optional 455 four-barrel Rocket V8s thanks to an industry-wide switch in power measurements from the previous gross method (as measured by a dynamometer with no accessories attached) to the net method in which the power measurements were based upon an engine "as installed" in a vehicle with all emission controls and accessories hooked up. The 88 series was also an image leader for Oldsmobile, particularly in the early years (1949–51), when it was one of the best performing automobiles, thanks to its relatively small size, light weight, and advanced overhead-valve high-compres… [18] Other than a reduction in shoulder room, however, interior room was not adversely affected; in fact, headroom and rear seat legroom increased. I’m afraid I don’t know. Bei gleichbleibendem Radstand wurde in diesen Jahren der Delta-88, wie sein Schwestermodell 98, länger und schwerer als jemals zuvor. An in-house manual transmission replaced the modified Cadillac gearbox, but as the 1950s progressed, manual shift became increasingly rare in Oldsmobiles and normally could only be obtained by special order. This control panel was located on the left of the steering column. PLEASE DON'T POST COPYRIGHTED CONTENT YOU AREN'T AUTHORIZED TO USE! A few NASCAR teams built racecars with 1986 Delta 88 sheeetmetal and ran them on the circuit in the 86-88 seasons, however only one victory (Terry LaBonte) was scored. The Olds FAQ (www.442.com) has info on where to find and how to decode the engine and body plates for different model years. Wheelbases were increased by one-inch to 124 inches (3.1 m). Will drop by again. Der Oldsmobile 88 (auch Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight) war ein Auto, das von 1949 bis 1999 von Oldsmobile, einer Marke von General Motors, gebaut wurde.

The 1969 88 series dropped the Delmont name, leaving the Delta 88 as the base model of the series. 1992: The redesign. Top option was the 390 hp (291 kW) version of the four-barrel 455 V8 designed to run on 98 RON octane fuel available in all Delta 88 models as the W-33 option. See Google's "Types of Cookies Used by Google" page for more information about the functions of their various cookies. This Series I is now offered with a Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate, records from the past 30 years, and a clean Arizona title in the seller's name. Maybe just intake or vacuum leak. Er war wesentlich kleiner dimensioniert als sein Vorgänger und besaß eine unauffällige Karosserie, die der der vorherigen Heckantriebsmodelle stark ähnelte. Neither of GM’s new OHV V8s had an exceptionally high compression ratio at first — Oldsmobile’s was 7.25:1, Cadillac’s 7.5:1 — but that was mostly a reflection of the low octane of the gasoline of the time. Introduced in 1959, the speedometer used a rolling black cylinder with sections painted brilliant green, yellow and bright red. The means exist to do the same work while burning less fuel; the question is whether a meaningful number of American consumers will accept those means while there’s still fuel left to burn. Concern about diminishing oil reserves is nothing new — in the twenties, some engineers feared the U.S. would be out of oil within 30 years — but it was not until the seventies that those fears entered the public consciousness. But I can block the blow by coming off the back of the block and it runs great. Having covered just over 18K miles since new, 10Khas been added in 17 years of ownership by the seller. 50,000 cars were imported in 1952, US brands comprising some 90% of that total. The 1977 Delta 88s and other GM B-body cars were considerably downsized from their predecessors in length and wheelbase (116 inches – the same as the four-door 1973–77 A-body Cutlass Sedan models) and nearly 900 lb (410 kg) lighter in weight, with curb weights dropping to between 3,500 and 3,600 pounds depending on model. Die Musiker Jackie Brenston und Ike Turner setzten dem Fahrzeug 1951 mit ihrem RnB-Song Rocket "88", den einige Musikhistoriker als frühesten Rock-’n’-Roll-Song der Welt sehen, ein musikalisches Denkmal.

If you change certain aspects of the site's appearance using the accessibility sidebar, it may set these cookies to manage and remember your settings. The Rocket 88 vaulted Oldsmobile from a somewhat staid, conservative car to a performer that became the one to beat on the NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) circuits.
Oldsmobile marketing continued to use the trade names of "Roto-matic Power Steering" and "Pedal-eeze Power Brakes". I’m a historian, not a restorer or mechanic, so I’m afraid I’m not able to provide that kind of information. Den Jetstar-88 gab es nicht mehr als Cabriolet. You have reached the maximum number of saved vehicles (1000)

15-16 MPG is great even by modern standards, for a 300+ HP engine. Intrigue | All models received fuselage styling somewhat similar to what Chrysler Corporation introduced on its 1969 models, and new rooflines with a more squared off greenhouse for Town sedans and more rounded lines for Holiday sedans and coupes – the latter receiving reverting to a semi-fastback format. With the Ninety-Eight being downsized and converted to front-drive, the Royale Brougham LS model of the 88 was now the largest and most luxurious rear-wheel drive car offered by Oldsmobile. ); resized, changed file format, and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license). It didn’t have an actual Park position until the advent of the controlled-coupling Hydra-Matic in MY1956. The V8 was standard in the new 1949 Oldsmobile 98, replacing the old 257 cu. Powered by a 327ci V8 engine, power is sent to the rear wheels througha 3-speed automatic transmission. The second issue was that the practical limit for L-head engines was a compression ratio of about 7.0:1; above that threshold, it became difficult to control combustion roughness. If better fuels became available, both the Cadillac and Olds engines had the theoretical potential for compression ratios as high as 12:1. In1953, at seventeen years old I had a 1932 Ford 5 window coupe that with the help of two uncles that ran auto repair shops installed a 1950 Oldsmobile engine that I got out of a wrecked car, into my coupe. 9, No. The 1961 Holiday Sedan 4-door hardtop had thicker, parallelogram-shaped rear pillar than its predecessor. It’s a true barn find. Die Baureihe wurde um ein 2-türiges Cabriolet und das Kombi-Modell „Fiesta“ erweitert; der erste der Marke seit 1951. 1968 wurde die Konturierung des Kühlergrill so verstärkt, dass sich eine regelrechte V-Form ergab. 1995 führte man zu den beiden vorgenannten Modellen das Spitzenmodell Royale LSS ein. New that year was the introduction of price leader for the full-sized Oldsmobile series, the Jetstar 88, which used the same full-size body as other 88 models but also shared key components with that year's redesigned F-85 intermediate. However, former Cadillac engineer Harry Barr, who led the development of Cadillac’s first OHV V8, later asserted that Charles L. McCuen, then GM’s vice president of engineering (and the former general manager of Oldsmobile) had ordered Cadillac chief engineer Jack Gordon to show Cadillac’s OHV design to Oldsmobile carburetor engineer Tony Wauters.

Aurora | Can you point me to any information on GM camshaft design methodology? Both base Delta 88 and Royale models were now only offered in two pillared body styles; a two-door coupe and a four-door Town Sedan. Horsepower for the 324-cubic-inch Rocket V8 increased to 185 for 88s and 202 for Super 88s. Coincidentally, Cadillac had been working since 1936 on a very similar OHV engine to replace its familiar monoblock flathead V8.
For 1956, styling highlights included a new split grille in front and revised taillights and deck along with revised side chroming. The Custom Cruiser came standard with the larger 455 Rocket V8 and utilized the disappearing clamshell tailgate of other full-size GM wagons. In 1974, a 5 mph (8.0 km/h) rear bumper was added and taillights reverted to a four-segment design similar to 1972 and the front grilles were narrowed and raised to hood level similar to 1971–72 models. (That’s a lesson that many Jaguar and Porsche owners have learned the hard way.)[/quote]. This began the era of "corporate" engines, and for many years GM advertisements would include a disclaimer stating '"Oldsmobiles (or other divisions') are equipped with engines manufactured by various GM divisions, subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide."'. Liberation is a trademark of Red Hat, Inc. registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and certain other jurisdictions. 1948 & 1949 Cadillac Fastbacks,” Special Interest Autos #11 (June-July 1972), pp. Full instrumentation is standard — Olds had not yet succumbed to the allure of warning lights. (For this cookie, "xx" will be a cryptographic hash.) This arrangement provided five belt buckles in the front bench seat. 1954 wartete der 88 mit einer neuen, flacheren Karosserie mit kleinen Heckflossen auf. Bis 1985 gab es nur kleine Änderungen an Styling und Motorenangebot.

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