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All in all, only Steadman and Stansfield (and, initially, Seymour) are worth watching. **1/2 out of 4. I'd have thought Hooten & The Lady would have finished her off. Ordeal by Innocence: Miniseries 94% Critics Consensus: A classic British period piece that takes its time, Ordeal by Innocence will satisfy Agatha Christie fans and novices alike. | This is NOT a reinterpretation, It IS reinvented with completely different plot twists and ending that ruined the the foundation of this classic work.

There's a reason Agatha Christie has sold so many books over almost a century. Read 1,333 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Color me 'non-refreshed.'.

Another interesting entry in the Miss Marple series, taken from an Agatha Christie novel that did not include the elderly sleuth as part of the plot.

The story line changes. It's brash and tarty. She alone gives her role any gravitas at all; the other characters (particularly the female offspring) have clearly trained for their roles by watching crappy American reality TV shows. Copyright © Fandango. Plus the direction was okay.

If she wanted to include so much open sex descriptions and conversation about it, she would. This is ( as many people have pointed out ) not an actual Miss Marple book, instead they have taken another book and included Miss Marple in the story.

I gave three instead of one star because some of the actors were giving the script a mighty try. One of the best episodes in my opinion and what's all this nonsense about the outcome not making sense? I have always enjoyed the novels of Agatha Christie as well as most of the movies/television productions based on her work. A totally surprising ending ... and I've read the book and the ending was still a surprise!

Sarah Phelps doesn't understand Agatha Christie's work.

Overall, disappointing but not absolutely unwatchable, thanks to the production values and the cast. He told her to bring the money to him and we see her in the rowing boat coming back from taking the money to him. You really can't deal with this sort of material by trying to pretend that it's something less contrived than it is; attempting to do so produces less a mystery, than a mess. I am sorry that some people cannot find the new artistic interpretations of the Miss Marple series refreshing. All in all this is probably the worst of the new Marples that I have seen which is a shame as I like a lot of the actors in it. Lisa Stansfield is also surprisingly good. While I wouldn't have a problem with some changes and even looked forward to this series in the beginning, it's just a dreadful mess. This one wasn't. Rewriting her stories (and solutions! Almost on a par with the Joan Hickson productions. By the amazingly low standards of the ITV 'Marple' series, this one is not bad. Ridiculous interactions between characters and ludicrous dialog. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! I've seen this entire series and while some are quite good, some are not.

Poirot and Miss Marple do not appear in the story but that does not impede its suspense and surprising ending. Honestly, how does she still have a job in television?

The acting is fine all around, especially by Lisa Stansfield as the level-headed Mary, but the film is a little too flatly shot and visually gloomy for this series. That was all lost in this adaptation in favour of a plodding and predictable story that has very little resemblance to the novel. Bill Nighy, as usual, plays Bill Nighy, badly. Instead we were left with an utterly absurd ending that felt like a massive slap in the face for having stuck through the previous three hours. I can't believe that there are quite a lot of people out there that don't like the New Marple. Re-worked by Sarah Phelps ,sometimes these are overworked, get boring. Miss Marple is visiting her friend Vera for her wedding.

So, absolutely nothing fits in here at the end, because a different ending is superimposed on a story that had been very carefully worked out - not even the title works anymore, because the word 'innocence' isn't supposed to refer to whom we think throughout most of the book.

Not so much in the face. Mercedes wheels on a Ford doesn't make a Mercedes. I thoroughly believe that Agatha Christie would have approved of the New Marple series, if she were alive today. But the script was dreadful. Christies fnas will be very confused, little of the original remains. I thought this was terrible. This plot twist just doesn't make sense, Kirsten had managed to get the whole household suspicious of her, so much so that her fiancé had asked her to leave the house, so why kill her?

To be 'refreshing,' a change has to be, you know, good. It's high time the BBC stopped treating the work of the Queen of Crime in this way; millions of fans will be put off, and it's highly unfair to young viewers who aren't very familiar with Agatha's oeuvre - they might think that she actually WROTE trash like this. Later, while on remand in prison, he is killed in a fight with another prisoner.

4/10 Bethany Cox. She supplied the set-up and cast of characters, but it wasn't the same plot. Of course a few "F" words to make it edgy. I particularly disliked Hester, a whiny daddy's girl who's revealed to have had a fling with sister Mary's husband--and still manages to treat HIM like the bad guy, as if it didn't take TWO to dance that tango. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. - all in the interests of padding out the thin plot to stretch over three episodes. I've read most of the books, seen all the movie and TV adaptations. However, I failed to notice this when watching and found the ending satisfying at the time. : it's abomination.

Nice to see Bill Nighy playing it straight to the end, not his usual cameo of an aging rock star. Their son Jacko was found guilty of her murder and executed. I personally think, who cares?

But soon after watching the first episode, excitement turned quickly to disappointment and boredom. | Terrible. The law of diminishing returns in operation, this is Sarah Phelps third go, moving further from the source novel each time, the BBC sold this to the public as an Agatha Christie, it's not, its a Sarah Phelps story with a slightly crooked Agatha Christie badge glued on.

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