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The floating dashboard extends around the front part of the cabin as far as the door inserts to surround the occupants. Get 24/7 access to in-depth, authoritative coverage of the auto industry from a global team of reporters and editors covering the news that’s vital to your business. The Travel Extender battery pack offers an additional 50kWh of power, for a total capacity of 90kWh and a total range of 435 miles, perfect for those travelling longer distances. It meets the needs of new kinds of community that are developing around digital infrastructures, regenerative resources and social well-being.

1155 Gratiot Avenue The electric ecosystem It feels as if automakers are forcing car sharing and privacy invasion on each and every one of us. The Renault MORPHOZ concept represents changes in technology, society, the environment and human behaviour. In the interior decoration, environmentally friendly materials were used, created from recycled materials – wood, fabric and plastic.

The Renault MORPHOZ will require authorisation in order to use the smartphone data to ensure privacy of anyone who gets in or uses the sharing functions within the car. The wide, fully enclosed wheels improve the aerodynamic flow and improve the efficiency. We all belong to an eco system like in nature, so the car should be part of it.
The MORPHOZ concept features a futuristic steering wheel, with a 10.2-inch screen at its centre displaying the main driving and safety information, allowing the surround dashboard to be free of an instrument panel and multimedia screens. Running Out!! With the “Travel Extender” multi-purpose batteries, MORPHOZ is perfectly suited to this environment. Upon arrival at the destination, the additional battery is returned to the local charging station, where it is prepared for the next long journey. Outside of its ability to transform, it expects that you’ll be willing to share your car. Factor in a vehicle that has a body and platform that can shorten and lengthen to accommodate an extra battery, and we’re looking at something even more delicate.

"We have achieved a 30 percent reduction on the platform cost, we have reduced the battery cost by 30 percent and the e-motor by 20 percent," Jean-Paul Drai, Renault Group's product development director for EVs, said during the latest Automotive News Europe Congress Conversations.Click here to view the panel discussion. The innovative architecture features a long wheelbase with wheels at the very corners of the vehicle, reduced overhangs and a flat floor, all combined to create a radical and striking appearance. Moving through the side of the concept, the rear quarter light pillar is symbolic of the way the MORPHOZ is able to change its shape in the two versions. Limited Units!! With the MORPHOZ concept, it is now looking at a different area: the dual use of batteries. For more information, see our Privacy Policy. An additional 50 kWh battery is installed in the freed space in a few seconds. Adaptive cabin for driver and passengers Not at all. This means that it can drive in certain situations or on authorized roads all by itself. In this configuration, it measures just 4.40 meters (173.2 inches) long with a wheelbase of 2.73 meters (107.48 inches.) While the mobility revolution is a cleaner revolution with the advent of electric powertrains, zero emissions* vehicles are only part of the story, sitting at the heart of an electric ecosystem which includes batteries and infrastructure. Along with efficiencies enabled through the alliance, Renault also claims that the CMF-EV platform has brought significant cost breakthroughs. The Travel version is 4.80m long with a wheelbase which is proportionately longer at 2.93m, allowing it to accommodate additional battery capacity and provide a spacious interior. MORPHOZ concept car embodies Groupe Renault’s commitment to supporting the mobility revolution. Many of the components in the Renault MORPHOZ’s cabin reflect the Easy Life philosophy of Renault, as well as its past and its future.

These are fairly logical and obvious interior morphs, but there are other less obvious ones within the Morphoz too. As I said, it’s a cool concept, and a cool idea, but if this is what Renault sees the automotive market transitioning into after 2025, it should probably reshuffle its plans. Renault believes that it can cut back battery production by allowing batteries to be shared. Once the need for extra space and range expires, you’d have to return to another battery station where the extra battery is removed and the vehicle converts back to its primary city mode and size. The greater sense of space is further enhanced by the driving mode selector lever usually found on an electric vehicle replaced by four touch buttons (P, R, N and D) at the head of the console. Limiting production in this way is good for the carbon footprint and the environment. Called Airwood and made by Arca, when you’re ready to leave again, lifting the phone off allows the tunnel’s shape to move gently back up to become a single smooth surface again (and disconnects the phone from the car in the process). The AI doesn’t wait for the passengers to act before making suggestions. The technology is capable of keeping a controlled distance from the vehicle in front, staying in lane on bends, changing lanes to overtake and move in congestion. Wide, fully enclosed wheels improve aerodynamic flow and efficiency. Once regulations permit and the technological developments allow Level 3 to be widely used, Renault models will be fitted with the corresponding technology.

This isn’t necessarily a new technology – the whole digital car key thing is starting to take off – but it does open the door to ride sharing even more.
There’s more leg room for passengers, along with enough space for two more suitcases, while the design is further optimised with a specific tapered front-end and profile helping to improve aerodynamic performance.

The also op-art inspired deep-ribbed, black and white-veined marbled flooring is actually a material called Nova made out of recycled plastic yoghurt pots by Plasticiet, based in Holland. They’re upholstered in a fantastic bright yellow wool, mohair and elastane fabric made by Norwegian supplier Gu, which, explains colour and trim designer, Fanny Serouart, is the material also used for the seat upholstery on reissues by French furniture designer Pierre Paulin known for 1960s classics like the Orange Slice and Tongue chairs. As the driver approaches, the Renault MORPHOZ concept runs a light sequence to show the driver has been detected and recognised. The AI operates before anyone has even entered the vehicle, using its sensors to detect and recognise the driver on approach. The MORPHOZ concept is Renault’s vision of personal, shareable, electric mobility of the future. The design and mechanics of the Morphoz concept’s seats are far from retro though. The Renault Morphoz was scheduled for a public debut at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. Rearview mirrors are replaced by vision cameras.

With the MORPHOZ and its battery-sharing system, there is no need to produce batteries with a nominal 90kWh capacity for every vehicle. There are holes in the hood of an electric vehicle through which the crossover is cooled. All Rights Reserved, � Copyright TopSpeed. YOKOHAMA, Japan – Nissan has created a vision to make electric vehicles even more useful to customers by introducing... Vehicles on show over the weekend range from Renaults first major race winner to its F1 car of the future

The one-year project started in March 2019 and sketches were chosen by May 2019.

At the other end of the range, the 87 kWh battery equipped 239 hp single-motor Ariya does 610 km, or 580 km in the twin-motor 388 hp/600 Nm variant. Connectivity and Artificial Intelligence So, in other words, Renault is looking forward to and anticipating a future where your car won’t actually be yours. Part of the Morphoz’s artificial intelligence also includes level 3 autonomy.

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