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. . The terms used in the Conformance Level information are defined as follows: Sections 1 and 2 also document conformance with: Note: When reporting on conformance with the WCAG 2.0 Success Criteria, they are scoped for full pages, complete processes, and accessibility-supported ways of using technology as documented in the WCAG 2.0 Conformance Requirements.

Evaluation Methods Used: Testing Adobe RoboHelp 2017 involved extensive use of leading assistive technologies such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, and speech recognition software, as well exclusive use of the keyboard. Looks like PowerPoint is a bigger and better tool than I thought since you can do many things without having to resort to other software programs. According to Adobe, “RoboHelp is an easy-to-use authoring and publishing solution.” Adobe also says that RoboHelp will allow you to “deliver content to the iPad and other tablets, smartphones, and desktops using output formats such as multi-screen HTML5, WebHelp, CHM, Adobe AIR Help, PDF, eBook, and native mobile apps.”. Create content that can be presented in different ways (for example simpler layout) without losing information or structure. Software: Text alternatives are provided for many instances of non-text content, with the following exceptions: Authored Content (HTML): The product provides a method to add alternative text to images which are included in projects. 11.2.1 Software success criteria (excluding closed functionality), 11.2.2 Software success criteria (closed functionality). . When tables such as in the Topic List pane are sorted by a different heading or order. Native platform accessibility features were also used to assist with testing. The product exposes the row, column and headers of tables to assistive technologies, except as noted in 1.3.1 Info and Relationships. Exceptions include: Authored Content (HTML): Authors can provide appropriate semantics for content elements, with the following exceptions: Software: The product presents content in a meaningful sequence. Authored Content (HTML): Authored Content does not contain legal or financial data, and does not modify user-controllable data. The also provides multiple options for configuring the layout or controls and panes. . Software: The product relies on the features of the underlying operating system to set and indicate the language of the user interface.

The product exposes the values and text of controls and inputs to assistive technologies, except as noted in 1.3.1 Info and Relationships.

The product does not provide an alternative user interface that functions as assistive technology. Exceptions include: 2.4.4 Link Purpose (In Context) (Level A). I've taken a few of these courses with Kevin. Generate output (Single Source Layouts) that will allow you to deliver help content to the iPad and other tablets, smartphones, and desktops using output formats such as Responsive HTML5, Multiscreen HTML5, WebHelp, Microsoft HTML Help, Adobe AIR Help, PDF, and eBooks. (Closed Software) – Does not apply, (Closed Software) – Does not apply, (Closed Software) – Does not apply, (Closed Software) – Does not apply. . This report covers the degree of conformance for the following accessibility standards/guidelines: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, at, Section 508 as published in 2017, at, EN 301 549 Accessibility requirements suitable for public procurement of ICT products and services in Europe, at Users can navigate to different pages of information within the project, but the web page title does not change. These were supplemented with techniques such as manual inspection of Accessibility API output. (Closed Software) – Does not apply, (Closed Software) – Does not apply, (Closed Software) – Does not apply, (Closed Software) – Does not apply, 10.2.20 (non-web document) – Does not apply, (Closed Software) – Does not apply, 501 (Web)(Software) – Does not apply to non-web software, 602.3 (Support Docs) – Does not apply to non-web docs. 5.4 Preservation of accessibility information during conversion. .

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Display results with all search words % End of search results. This product will not function without mandatory activation and registration via the Internet. VitalSource manages the digital rights management for the PDF versions of our books. . (Closed Software) – Does not apply, (Closed Software) – Does not apply, (Closed Software) – Does not apply, (Closed Software) – Does not apply, 10.2.24 (non-web document) – Does not apply, (Closed Software) – Does not apply, (Closed Software) – Does not apply. Enhance your topics with graphics, dynamic effects (DHTML), multimedia (eLearning content created using Adobe Captivate). Authored Content (HTML): Authors may create web content which is compatible with assistive technology or accessibility features of the platform and is structured to be understandable by people with limited language, cognitive and learning abilities. However, as noted in Table 1: Conformance Criteria, Level A and Table 2: Conformance Criteria, Level AA above, authors must edit templates to include skip links, programmatic labels for some control icons and search fields, and other required accessibility features. . The product also provides multiple options for configuring the layout or controls and panes. Step-by-step instructions guide you through the process of creating new RoboHelp projects and topics from scratch. Learn to import content from Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker, PDFs, and HTML files. Software: The keyboard focus indicator is visible by default.

Selecting a region changes the language and/or content on When subsections of a Table of Contents are expanded and then collapsed, the now hidden subsections can still receive keyboard focus which is not indicated visibly. . Selecting a region changes the language and/or content on Information about product help and support documentation related to 602.3 (Support Docs) for Section 508 as published in 2017 is located at: The product does not rely on biological characteristics. However: The product does not provide support for separate caption tracks for audio and video, or for a separate audio description track for video. The product notifies assistive technologies of events related to user interactions except: When tree structures, such as the project components in the Project Manager pane and the contents of the Table of Contents, are expanded or collapsed by the user. Create and deliver exceptional Help, policy and procedure, and knowledgebase content with Adobe RoboHelp, now also on Mac.

The product allows assistive technologies to modify text content. The product exposes the name, role and state or value of objects to assistive technologies, except as noted in 1.3.1 Info and Relationships and 4.1.2 Name, Role, Value. Revised Section 508: Chapter 5 – 501.1 Scope, 504.2 Content Creation or Editing, and Chapter 6 – 602.3 Electronic Support Documentation. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Software: Headings and labels are descriptive. Windows, Browsing, and Context Sensitive Help (CSH).

Maximize compatibility with current and future user agents, including assistive technologies. 503.1 General. These features do not indicate their structure by default, but additional markup can be added to satisfy this criterion.

The content is created as a single page application with a title which refers to the whole project. The product does not disrupt accessibility features of the Windows 7 platform. Notes: Conformance information for Documentation and Support Services is available in the Adobe Accessibility Conformance Report for HelpX documentation. Applications shall conform to 503. 2.3.1 Three Flashes or Below Threshold (Level A). You will need to create a VitalSource account, purchase the book from VitalSource, and use their PDF viewer technology to access the PDF. Keyboard focus can move onto the whole visible window, or a pane within it, and that focus is not indicated visibly. Software: Most text meets minimum contrast requirements; Exceptions include: Software: The product uses text instead of images of text, except for branding elements that are considered essential. . "Adobe RoboHelp 2017: The Essentials” is a self-paced, step-by-step workbook that teaches you the essential RoboHelp skills needed to create and deliver user assistance (help systems, policies and procedures, and knowledgebases). 503.4 User Controls for Captions and Audio Description. You must accept the license agreement and warranty terms to use this product. The product does not provide controls to display captions during video playback when editing a project. The product exposes information to track focus, insertion point, and selection to assistive technologies. He is quite good at this and does a good job of tossing the shell around the campfire! Authored Content (HTML): Authors can ensure that content meets this criterion. Learn how to control the look of the final WebHelp output via Skins. The icons in the “Topic List” view, which are purely decorative but are not correctly labeled, and (Closed Software), (Closed Software) – Does not apply, 11.6.2 (Authoring Tool) 12.1.2 (Product Docs). Software: The product does not provide prerecorded audio-only or video-only content.

The product allows assistive technologies to perform actions on objects. This product is not assistive technology. Authored Content (HTML): Authors can create text that can be enlarged up to 200%, sufficient contrast can be applied, and the author can use color in ways that do not rely on color alone to communicate information. . 4.2.7 Usage with limited manipulation or strength. RoboHelp 2017 trials are "try and buy", allowing you to evaluate individual products or editions and then convert the installed trial to a full version. Authored Content (HTML): Using the product, authors can create HTML which is functional with limited reach and limited strength. Provide text alternatives for any non-text content so that it can be changed into other forms people need, such as large print, braille, speech, symbols or simpler language. If you want to install the product on a third computer, you must first deactivate the software on one computer. Software: The product does not contain elements which flash or other features likely to trigger photosensitive seizures.

Authored Content (HTML): Users can include an additional audio track for audio description information that will be included as part of the media. Software: Color is not used alone to communicate information, selection or errors, allowing users without perception of color to use the product. The product inserts alternative text for images into HTML output using the alt attribute, but does not insert captions into HTML in a text track format. ), Dozens of step-by-step, hands-on activities, Confidence Checks to challenge your new skills, Use Dynamic HTML to Create a Drop-Down Hotspot, Generate a Print Doc from Adobe RoboHelp to Microsoft Word. . Authored Content (HTML): The product allows authors the ability to present content in a meaningful sequence. . The product exposes label relationships to assistive technologies, except as noted in 1.3.1 Info and Relationships and 4.1.2 Name, Role, Value.

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