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However, it emerges as the most populated country in Africa and 39th in the world. Its population is up to 500,000, and the traditional title of the king reigning over this town is Deji of Akure.

Some of the cities are Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Kano, etc. Aba is the Small China in Nigeria. It is located on the shores of the Benin Lagoon and the Lagos Lagoon. Which is in Central North. Lagos . Religious diversity is also a major characteristic of Nigeria. Oyo 2427 km/sq. Nigeria is a multinational and polylinguistic country. Is effectively contributing to the country’s agricultural industry.

Unsubscribe at any time. Kuje 1644 km/sq. It houses close to a million people who are mostly Hausas. Especially those in the west. This state capital also adds to the country’s economy. There are a lot of skyscrapers here, however, the buildings of the colonial era are also preserved. The city covers a land mass of 1769 km2, and the population here is up to one million. The west African country is home to over 330 cities, 36 states and 774 LGAs. Lagos: Census 1991 -5 195 247; Assessment 2010 - 9 968 455 people. There are many big cities in Nigeria. It is the capital city of Ogun State and covers a total land mass of 879 km2 the city is situated close to the Ogun River, and its name means Under the Rock. However, each have a unique culture and tradition to experience. ), 18 Best Online Course Platforms for Course Instructors. And also eat their special foods. The modern Lagos is the most important transport center. You mean by land area?

It is also one of the busiest cities in Nigeria. At the same time, the environmental situation in Lagos is worrisome. But northern and eastern states; battle with the issue of tribalism daily. It is the current federal capital territory and the seat of the Nigerian government. The demographic situation in Nigeria is complicated by a number of serious and urgent problems. The city is rich will all kinds of farm produce. Every day about 9,000 babies are born in the country. The city boast of it’s rich culture and tradition. How many Instagram Followers to Make Money? The city covers a landmass of 1204 km2, and it houses the largest rubber industry in Nigeria. Especially the Aba made shoes, clothes, etc.

See the Pros & Cos of Blogging! Benin 1204 km/sq. Majority of these states happen among the Northern Nigeria. The average life expectancy in the country is low. Teachable vs Thinkific vs Kajabi Review: Which is the Best in 2020? This table ranks Nigeria's 36 states in order of their surface areas.. Rank State km² 1 Niger … Oyo the ancient kingdom which is now developing. The total population, according to the 2006 census, is 383,162. The city occupies virtually the entire territory of the same state. But because it is home to numerous cities, towns and villages. What are the Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners. Benin was expected to hold the largest population. The ancient city which was once the biggest royal empire; across the African continent. It is one of the principal cities in Osun State. The country has a huge landscape. Largest cities in Nigeria are good places to visit. Huge quarters have absolutely no infrastructure, people live in slums. The city houses over 3.5 million citizens.

Final Note. READ ALSO: Most beautiful places in Nigeria. Lagos as a metropolis continues to be a place where business in Nigeria thrives as electricity, social amenities like road, water e.t.c are within its environs, Lagos being the second largest city in Africa by land mass continues to make Nigeria a country worth visiting. The city is undoubtedly among the largest cities in Nigeria by land mass. Best Email Marketing Software, Services & Platforms (2020 Free and Paid! As at today, Lagos remains the top financial hub of Nigeria and Africa. Africa’s largest city in terms of land mass is the capital of Egypt, Cairo. The diverse culture in the country leads to many type of cuisine and attires. We’ve heard a lot about Aba. This write-up will focus on the top 10 largest cities in Nigeria by land mass. Even in neighboring villages, people can speak different local dialects. By land mass or surface area, these are the largest in the country. Leave your email to receive our newsletter, Get the hottest stories from the largest news site in Nigeria, Drop your mail and be the first to get fresh news, Tech Experience Centre receives accolades from global tech giants, set for October 1 launch, Lai Mohammed: Increase in electricity, fuel prices will benefit ordinary Nigerians later, iGaming: Nigeria's diverse gaming landscape in 2020. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. The city covers a landmass of 1204 km2, and it houses the largest rubber industry in Nigeria. Although, very high birth rates are common in Nigeria also. Wix or Squarespace Review: Which is Better? It homes an approximate number of 1,148,660 people; who comes from different parts of the country. On the African continent, this country is the absolute leader in terms of the number of inhabitants. Abuja 1769 km/sq. Please check your email for further instructions. The report has it that up to 21 million people reside in Lagos. When in Nigeria there are beautiful cities in the country to visit. Many of these cities are not just limited to Nigeria in popularity; they are known globally. But it turn out that it is Lagos the center of excellence. Should I start a Blog in 2020? And other neighbouring African countries; like Niger, Benin Republic, Togo, Ghana and Sudan.

This city is one of the industrial centers of Nigeria. Nigeria is a huge country to say the fact, and the country is blessed with many great cities. This city is located in northern Nigeria, on the banks of the Sokoto and Gusau rivers. It is the largest industrial and commercial center of West Africa. Total land mass is 2427 km2. The largest city in Nigeria by land mass. It is only 47 years. Nigeria is one of the most densely populated countries on the planet. Ibadan 3,080 km/sq. The city's international airport is among the largest and most modernized in Africa, the port of the city occupies an important place in the region.

Listed in this article are the top 10 biggest states in Nigeria. The city which has faced series of terrorist attacks in present times; still holds over 1.1million citizens. It is located in the old Midwestern region of Nigeria, and it is the capital city of Edo State. The city is undoubtedly among the largest cities in Nigeria by land mass. Administratively it consists of a huge number of areas that, scattered at great distances from each other, are connected by highways. Which one is the biggest? Furthermore, as one of the biggest empire. ALSO READ ABOUT, CITIES IN SOUTH AFRICA. It is located in the old Midwestern region of Nigeria, and it is the capital city of Edo State. Also, this city is among the fastest growing in Africa. Who are mostly Hausas with a combination of people; from other parts of the country. Kainji Dam, Shiroro Dam, Gurara Falls and Kainji National Park (Nigeria’s Largest National Park) are all located in the state. Africa’s Largest City By Land Mass . However, it is the coldest city in Nigeria.

Largest Cities in Nigeria by Land Mass Cities Land Mass. It covers an area of 3364 km2. The city is located in the southwest, and the population is about three million. Since the inception of colonialism in the country. This city in eastern Nigeria homes highly skilled craftsmen in various fields. What is the largest city in nigeria. The city has always been to be the country’s major centre of commerce. However, the developing mega city is accountable; for over 60% of the country’s industrial and economic growth. It is also located in the south-western part of Nigeria.

The population is about 100,000. VISA FREE COUNTRIES WITH BENIN REPUBLIC PASSPORT, ALSO READ ABOUT, BEST PLACES TO STAY IN BALI, PLACES TO EAT IN DUBAI UAE - Towns and Villages, ABUJA MUNICIPAL TOWN - Towns and Villages. | ABOUT US | CONTACT US | DISCLAIMER | PRIVACY POLICY. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Lagos covers a total land mass of 999.6 km2, making it one of the largest cities in Nigeria by land mass. Zaria which is a northern city. Showcasing the nations beauty, the city has 816,824 people; who keeps the place buzzing with different activities everyday. Copyright © 2014-2020 All Rights Reserved| TOWNSTOVILLAGES Tour Services. Also, you are welcome to visit; the beautiful cities in Nigeria. This city is also fairly large. This was founded in 1907 as a military outpost. Benin City.

However, leaving fear in the heart of the people.

This city is located in northern Nigeria, on the banks of the Sokoto and Gusau rivers. Although the city has a land area of 999.6 km 2, reports have it that the population of Lagos is between 17 and 21 million persons.. Lagos is a financial hub …

However, it now houses over 1,125,058 citizens. Nigeria, which is popularly known as the giant of Africa; doesn’t just stand as one of the fastest growing economy of the continent. However, the country is doing everything; to remain in unity. It’s not just large by a population of approximately 3.5 million. However Ibadan is also one of the largest in Nigeria.

But still we have the city-giants. Houses about 750,000 people who are mostly Yorubas. That we can never imagine. Thanks for subscribing! Kuje is located in the south-western part of Abuja, and it covers a landmass of 1644 km2. Learn how your comment data is processed. This city is one of the industrial centers of Nigeria. Esan central is the fifth largest local government in Nigeria as it has a land mass area of 253km, and an estimated population of 103,510 inhabitants, gong by the record of the last population census conducted in Nigeria. According to world population review, 52% of its over 190million occupants live in rural areas. This city was founded as early as 969 AD, and it has a lot of histories related to it.

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