rudolf otto philosophy of religion

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Et omnis qui vivit et credit in me non moriertur in aeternum. Kant is an Enlightenment Deist, and he is no more likely to believe in the divinity of Christ, or his role as Savior, than was the Epicurean Thomas Jefferson.

Kant's rejection of Judaism as a religion, however, may be contradicted by a comment he makes elsewhere. Feynman was present when she died. But Kant has rejected and ignored this entire dimension of religion, despite its fundamental and original status.

I have therefore found it necessary to deny knowledge, in order to make room for faith. Indeed, a nice touch here is that the Evangelist, as well as Jesus, knows his Old Testament. One particular point that exposes Kant's lack of integrity in his general approach to Judaism is the question of the afterlife. Even Rudolf Otto, who finally provides epistemological categories for real religions, at first continues in the rationalist fashion of Kant and Fries in his Die Kant-Friesische Religions-Philosophie. If God handed the Law to Moses on Mt. of ritual or are for pollution taboos -- Kant dismisses as "idolatry."

das Vorurteil, in ihr ohne Kritik der reinen Vernunft fortzukommen, ist die wahre Quelle alles der Moralität widerstreitenden Unglaubens, der jederzeit gar sehr dogmatisch ist. conditional, imperative), while Judaism could very well be construed as morally conscientious in Kant's own moral system (with a categorical imperative). However, all those things did soon become part of Jewish traditional and popular discussion and belief, as we know from the New Testament itself, where Jesus clashes with the Sadducees, who did not believe in an afterlife, while the Pharisees apparently did. We do not have access to the world outside of the experiences we enjoy through our own consciousness, and Kant believed that consciousness itself, or the possibility of conscious experience, imposes certain conditions on the manner in which phenomenal objects appear to us.

Dieses wird durch folgende Bemerkung noch mehr bestärkt. His addition of the numinous aspect of religion, while opening the door for principles of faith and, in the neutral sense, dogma, nevertheless does not mean that he abandons the rational structure that had been built by Kant and Fries, with its equivalent of natural theology and the emphasis on morality.

He was not in a position to know that Buddhism contains an explicit denial of such a God, or perhaps that Islamic theology even denies freedom.

Kant has enshrined a Protestant prejudice -- a hostility to ritual, practice, and priests -- as an objective essence of religion.

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