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After the foundation of People's Republic, some faculties were transferred to other universities. After the foundation of People's Republic, some faculties were transferred to other universities. [citation needed]. 100 th. After more than a century of operation, Jiao Tong University has inherited the old tradition of "high starting points, solid foundation, strict requirements and extensive practice." ARWU is regarded as one of the three most influential and widely observed university rankings, alongside QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Study in the Czech Republic The Academic Ranking of World Universities by Shanghai Jiao Tong University (often just Shanghai Ranking, or ARWU) focuses on research output and quality, for example measured by the number of published and cited scientific papers and the number of staff or alumni winning the Nobel Prize or Fields Medal. Vincke analyse how the ARWU works, using their insights as specialists of Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM). Asia University Rankings 2020. Harvard University was the top-ranked university in the world in 2020 with a score of 100 according to the Shanghai Ranking Consultancy group. Shanghai Jiao Tong University is one of the top Public universities in Shanghai, China Mainland. You'll get full access to our website, print and digital editions. Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), also known as Shanghai Ranking, is one of the annual publications of world university rankings. SJTU has 67 undergraduate programs covering 9 major disciplines: economics, law, literature, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management and arts. New 2019 Top 1000 world university rankings conducted by CWCU of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Academic Ranking of World Universities). SJTU includes five beautiful campuses, Xuhui, Minhang, Luwan, Qibao, and Fahua, taking up an area of about 3,225,833 m2. Over the last 40 years, SJTU advanced boldly with reforms in governance, teaching and research, and infrastructure. [31] Indeed, a further criticism has been that the metrics used are not independent of university size, e.g. [9][22][23][24] A 2007 paper published in the journal Scientometrics found that the results from the Shanghai rankings could not be reproduced from raw data using the method described by Liu and Cheng. 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Today SJTU has 26 schools (departments), 68 undergraduate programs, 250 masters-degree programs, 203 Ph.D. programs, 28 post -doctorate programs, and 12 state key laboratories and national engineering research centers. "[16] In 2010, The Chronicle of Higher Education called ARWU "the best-known and most influential global ranking of universities". ", "About Academic Ranking of World Universities", "Shanghai rankings rattle European universities", "The history and development of higher education ranking systems - QS WOWNEWS", "About Academic Ranking of World Universities | About ARWU", "New world university ranking puts Harvard back on top", "Strength and weakness of varsity rankings", "University rankings: which world university rankings should we trust? There are 16802undergraduates, and 24614 masters and Ph.D. candidates. For instance, ARWU is repeatedly criticised in France, where it triggers an annual controversy, focusing on its ill-adapted character to the French academic system[28][29] and the unreasonable weight given to research often performed decades ago. Shanghai Jiao Tong University Rankings Shanghai Jiao Tong University is ranked #136 in Best Global Universities. More than 200 of the academics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering are alumni of Jiao Tong University. Through some 120 years' unremitting efforts, SJTU has become a comprehensive, research-oriented, and internationalized top university in China. SJTU includes five beautiful campuses, Xuhui, Minhang, Luwan, Qibao, and Fahua, taking up an area of about 3,225,833 m, Engineering / Technology and Computer Sciences. Sheng Xuanhuai, the person responsible for proposing the idea to the emperor, became the first president and is regarded as the founder of the university. ", "International university rankings: For good or ill? number of publications or award winners will mechanically add as universities are grouped, independently of research (or teaching) quality; thus a merger between two equally-ranked institutions will significantly increase the merged institutions score and give it a higher ranking, without any change in quality.[14]. [4][5] The publication currently includes global league tables for institutions and a whole and for a selection of individual subjects, alongside independent regional Greater China Ranking and Macedonian HEIs Ranking. As it may take much time for rising universities to produce Nobel laureates and Fields Medalists with numbers comparable to those of older institutions, the Institute created alternative rankings excluding such award factors so as to provide another way of comparisons of academic performance. Sheng Xuanhuai, the person responsible for proposing the idea to the emperor, became the first president and is regarded as the founder of the university. [6][7][8][9][10][11][12] It has received positive feedback for its objectivity and methodology,[10][11][12] but draws wide criticism as it fails to adjust for the size of the institution, and thus larger institutions tend to rank above smaller ones. The league table was originally compiled and issued by Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2003, making it the first global university ranking with multifarious indicators.[1][2]. Located in cosmopolitan Shanghai – China’s top innovation hub, SJTU is strategically placed to build industry tie-ups, such as their enterprise research centers partnering tech giants Microsoft and Intel. The number of research papers and international conference papers rank the first in China. Today, SJTU is a modern research-intensive, comprehensive university. It offers a wide range of subject areas covering economics, law, the arts, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, agriculture, medicine, and management. During the 1930s, the university gained a reputation of nurturing top engineers. Since 2009, ARWU has been published and copyrighted annually by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy, an independent organization focusing on higher education. Established since 1896, SJTU has remained true to its founding mission of nurturing the best talents and driving the nation’s development. 800 Dongchuan RD Minhang District, Shanghai, Shanghai, China. [21], The ranking has been criticised for "relying too much on award factors" thus undermining the importance of quality of instruction and humanities. Students from SJTU have won top prizes in various competitions, including ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, International Mathematical Contest in Modeling and Electronics Design Contests. World Reputation Rankings 2019. [9][13][14], A survey on higher education published by The Economist in 2005 commented ARWU as "the most widely used annual ranking of the world's research universities. [3] In 2011, a board of international advisory consisting of scholars and policy researchers was established to provide suggestions. Total Enrollment:39468           International Students:1564(4%)Undergraduate Enrollment:18148           International Students:1346(7%)Graduate Enrollment:21320           International Students:218(1%), Undergraduate Programs           Accounting           Aerospace Engineering           Aircraft Design           Algebra           Animal Science           Applied Chemistry           Applied Physics           Applied Statistics           Architecture           Astrophysics           Atomic and Molecular Physics           Automation           Bioinformatics           Biological Engineering           Biomedical Engineering           Biomedical Engineering           Biotechnology           Biotechnology and Engineering           Building Environment and Equipment Engineering           Chemical Engineering and Technology           Chinese           Chip Design and System           Circuits and Systems           Civil Engineering           Clinical Professional           Clinical Professional           Clinical Professional Five-Year           Combinatorics and Graph Theory           Comparative Politics           Complex Analysis and Its Applications           Computer Science           Computer Science and Technology           Computer Science and Technology           Computer System Architecture           Condensed Matter Physics           Control Science and Engineering           Control Technology and Instrument           Cultural Industries and Management           Design           Dynamical Systems and Biological Mathematics           Economics           Electrical and Computer Engineering           Electrical Engineering           Electrical Engineering and Automation           Electronic Science and Technology           Electronic Science and Technology           Engineering Mechanics           English           Environmental Engineering           Environmental Science           Film and Tv           Finance           Financial Mathematics           Food Science and Engineering           Geometric Analysis           German           History           Horticultural Science and Engineering           Image Processing and Inverse Problem           Industrial Engineering and Management           Information and Communication Engineering           Information and Control of  Aeronautics and Astronautics           Information Engineering           Instrument Science and Technology           International Economy and Trade           International Relations           International Shipping           Japanese Language           Journalism and Communication           Law           Life Sciences           Management Science           Marketing           Materials Science and Engineering           Mathematical Physics           Mathematics           Mathematics           Mechanical Engineering           Mechanical Engineering and Automation           Medical Laboratory Professional Four-Year           Microelectronics           Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics           Mis           Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering           Nonlinear Functional Analysis and Its Applications           Nuclear Science and Systems Engineering           Number Theory and Cryptography           Nursing Professional Four-Year           Nutrition Professional Four-Year           Operational Research and Cybernetics           Operations Management           Optical Engineering           Optical Information Science and Technology           Optics           Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems           Organization and Management           Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics           Pde and Applications           Pharmacy           Pharmacy Four-Year           Philosophy           Physics           Physics           Plant Science           Plasma Physics           Port Waterway and Coastal Engineering           Power and Energy Engineering           Preventive Medical Professional Five-Year           Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics           Public Administration           Public Utilities Management Professional (Health Management) Four-Year           Resources and Environment           Scientific and Engineering Computing           Software Engineering           Software Engineering           Stomatology Professional Seven Year (Accelerated Degree)           The History of  Science and Philosophy of  Science           Theoretical PhysicsGraduate Programs           Accounting           Administration           Aerospace Propulsion Theory and Engineering           Agricultural Economics and Management           Aircraft Design           Aircraft Design           Anesthesiology           Anesthesiology           Anesthesiology           Anesthesiology           Anesthesiology           Anesthesiology           Animal Genetic Breeding and Reproduction           Animal Nutrition and Feed Science           Applied Computer Technology           Applied Computer Technology           Applied Computer Technology           Applied Psychology           Architectural Design and Theory           Archival Science           Art of  Design           Astrophysics           Atomic and Molecular Physics           Basic Theory of  Traditional Chinese Medicine           Biochemical Engineering           Biochemistry and Molecular Biology           Biochemistry and Molecular Biology           Biochemistry and Molecular Biology           Biochemistry and Molecular Biology           Biochemistry and Molecular Biology           Biomedical Engineering           Biomedical Engineering           Biomedical Engineering           Biophysics           Botany           Botany           Business Management           Carrier Engineering           Cell Biology           Cell Biology           Cell Biology           Chemical Engineering and Technology           Chemistry           Chinese and Foreign Political System           Chinese Herbal Medicine           Chinese Language and Literature           Circuits and Systems           Circuits and Systems           Civil and Commercial Law           Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics           Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics           Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics           Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics           Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics           Clinical Stomatology           Clinical Stomatology           Clinical Stomatology           Clinical Stomatology           Clinical Stomatology           Communication           Communication and Information Systems           Communication and Information Systems           Computer Software and Theory           Computer Software and Theory           Computer System Architecture           Computer System Architecture           Condensed Matter Physics           Constitutional and Administrative Law           Control Theory and Control Engineering           Control Theory and Control Engineering           Criminal Law           Crop Genetics and Breeding           Cryptography           Cryptography           Dermatology and Venereology           Dermatology and Venereology           Dermatology and Venereology           Design and Manufacture of  Ships and Marine Structures           Detection Technology and Automation Devices           Developmental Biology           Developmental Biology           Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering           Ecology           Economic Law           Educational Technology           Electrical Machinery and Apparatus           Electrical Theory and New Technology           Emergency Medicine           Engineering Mechanics           Engineering Mechanics           Engineering Thermal Physics           English Language and Literature           Environment and Natural Resources Protection Law           Environmental Engineering           Environmental Science           Field and Microwave Technology           Finance           Fine Arts           Fluid Machinery and Engineering           Food Science           Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics           General and Fundamental Mechanics           Genetics           Genetics           Genetics           Genetics           Genetics           Genetics           Geotechnical Engineering           Geriatrics           Grassland           Happiness Study           Harbor, Coastal and Offshore Engineering           Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering           High Voltage and Insulation Technology           Higher Education           History of  Science and Technology           Horticulture           Human Anatomy and Embryology           Hydromechanics           Hydromechanics           Imaging and Nuclear Medicine           Imaging and Nuclear Medicine           Imaging and Nuclear Medicine           Imaging and Nuclear Medicine           Imaging and Nuclear Medicine           Imaging and Nuclear Medicine           Imaging and Nuclear Medicine           Immunology           Industrial Economics           Information Science           Internal Medicine           Internal Medicine           Internal Medicine           Internal Medicine           Internal Medicine           Internal Medicine           Internal Medicine           Internal Medicine           Internal Medicine           Internal Medicine           International Law           International Political           International Relations           International Trade           Japanese Language and Literature           Journalism           Legal Theory           Linguistics and Applied Linguistics           Management Science and Engineering           Management Science and Engineering           Management Science and Engineering           Manufacturing Engineering of  Aerospace           Marine Engineering           Marxist Philosophy           Marxist Theory           Master of  Business Administration           Master of  Laws           Materials Physics and Chemistry           Materials Processing Engineering           Materials Processing Engineering           Materials Science           Materials Science           Materials Science           Mathematics           Measurement Techniques and Instrumentation           Mechanical and Electronic Engineering           Mechanical Design and Theory           Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation           Medicinal Chemistry           Medicinal Chemistry           Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy           Microbiology           Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics           Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics           Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics           Navigation, Guidance and Control           Navigation, Guidance and Control           Neurobiology           Neurology           Neurology           Neurology           Neurology           Neurology           Neurology           Nuclear Science and Engineering           Nursing           Nutrition and Food Hygiene           Obstetrics and Gynecology           Obstetrics and Gynecology           Obstetrics and Gynecology           Obstetrics and Gynecology           Obstetrics and Gynecology           Obstetrics and Gynecology           Occupational and Environmental Health           Oncology           Oncology           Oncology           Oncology           Oncology           Ophthalmology           Ophthalmology           Ophthalmology           Ophthalmology           Optical Engineering           Optics           Ornamental Plants and Gardening           Orthopedics Science           Otorhinolaryngology           Otorhinolaryngology           Otorhinolaryngology           Otorhinolaryngology           Otorhinolaryngology           Pathogen Biology           Pathology and Pathophysiology           Pathology and Pathophysiology           Pathology and Pathophysiology           Pathology and Pathophysiology           Pathology and Pathophysiology           Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems           Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems           Pediatrics           Pediatrics           Pediatrics           Pediatrics           Pediatrics           Pediatrics           Pesticide Science           Pharmaceutical Analysis           Pharmacognosy           Pharmacology           Pharmacology           Pharmacology           Pharmacology           Pharmacology           Pharmacology           Pharmacology           Pharmacy           Philosophy of  Science and Technology           Physical Education and Training           Physiology           Plant Pathology           Political Theory           Polymer Chemistry and Physics           Power Electronics and Power Drives           Power Machinery and Engineering           Power System and Automation           Precision Instrument and Machinery           Precision Instrument and Machinery           Preventive Veterinary Medicine           Procedural Law           Psychiatry and Mental Hygiene           Radio and Television Arts           Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering           Rehabilitation Medicine & Physical Therapy           Rehabilitation Medicine & Physical Therapy           Signal and Information Processing           Social Medicine and Health Management           Social Medicine and Health Management           Solid Mechanics           Solid Mechanics           Special History           Stomatology           Structural Engineering           Surgery           Surgery           Surgery           Surgery           Surgery           Surgery           Surgery           Surgery           Surgery           Surgery           Systems Engineering           Systems Theory           Technology Economy and Management           Theoretical Physics           Thermal Power Engineering           Tissue Engineering           Tourism Management           Traditional Chinese Medicine           Traditional Chinese Medicine           Transportation Planning and Management           Underwater Acoustic           Urban Planning and Design           Vehicle Engineering           Western Economics.

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