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Jay was looking for a house for his parents. [1] It was extremely similar, but not exactly identical, to the house which sat on its own plateau directly below 10050, 10048 Cielo Drive, which was often called the Twin House. "We bought it from Rudy, who had been residing in it after the scandal took place. The mansion was originally valued at a pricey $12 million in 1996, but after sitting on the market for several years with no hope of a buyer in sight, the price was reduced to $7.7 million. The Tate House, which was originally designed by architect Robert Byrd and built in 1941 at the end of a winding cul-de-sac, no longer exists. Like much of Los Angeles, Benedict Canyon — and, more specifically, the house at 10050 Cielo Drive — gets a sizable chunk of screen time in Once Upon a Time. Nicknamed “Villa Bella”, the 18,000 square foot estate boasts 7-bedrooms, 12-bathrooms, and featured a wine cellar, a screening room, and a commercial kitchen. In 1996 the newly constructed home was completed, that he named Villa Bella, and obtained a new address for the property, 10066 Cielo Drive. The main house had been occupied by various famous Hollywood and music industry figures. by You can follow Sarah on Twitter at:, The remnants of the brutal murders evident on the bloodstained porch at the Cielo Drive home. [4] In 1992, Prell sold the property to Alvin Weintraub, another real estate investor. | Cookie Settings. Several scenes in Once Upon a Time take place in the driveway, where Dalton, Tate and her then-husband, Roman Polanski (played by Rafal Zawierucha), pass by each other. The owner of the property, following the murders, changed the address from 10050 Cielo Drive to 10066 Cielo Drive in hopes of not only attracting a new buyer but also as a means of discouraging the site being viewed as a macabre attraction. His Helter Skelter tour — which spans over 40 miles with stops at El Coyote, Laurel Canyon, various spots along the Sunset Strip and, of course, the Cielo Drive house — is one of his most popular. Under the direction of ex-con, failed musician, and cult leader Charles Manson, who hoped to start an apocalyptic race war that he termed “Helter Skelter”, the four perpetrators broke into the property and viciously murdered high school graduate Steven Parent, celebrity stylist Jay Sebring, Screenwriter Wojciech Frykowski, Folgers coffee heiress Abigail Folger, and actress Sharon Tate, who was eight-and-a-half months pregnant at the time. That Tarantino sought expert input about Cielo Drive makes sense. During these tours, people are able to hold their own paranormal investigations and discover for themselves if things really do go “bump” in the night at the Oman house.

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