silkk the shocker worst rapper

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Every time Birdman rubs his hands, another rap career dies. This is list is absolutely amazing! 9.Eazy E

This nigga obviously never heard Detroit style rap before . I love EAZY but, cmon his lyrics were nursery school level.

u a stupid muthaphuckka biggie is better than tyga.answer me this if tyga so good how is his net worth $2 million? HE SUCK ASS, man u got life f***** up soulja boy should have never even been on the list i bet he could rap circles around any legitimate rapper u can think of, Lil yachty Master P, C-Murder, and Silkk the Shocker are all brothers... thought most people knew that from the No Limit days. Today nigga plz. Gucci Mane (totally garbage) Y’all sure love making excuses for this dude. Big Sean says ass ass ass ass.

I feel like most people don’t put any effort into making their worst rapper lists and just throw in any mainstream rapper they can think of. He had Flow.

I think he has the right to say what he wanna say. Meek Mill Can’t be disrespectin the greats like that and leave out that alien lookin cat Tyga. But if Master P is the symbol of excellence for the No Limit Soldiers, it’s no wonder most of ’em went AWOL.

G Rap would have just pimpslapped him for being a little bitch.

I personally don’t think Mike Jones should be on the top ten worst list. Why do alot of people hate rap music despite it being the most popular genre? Niki Minaj(trys to hard) Still it was these guys (particularly those at Cash Money) who majorly helped bring about the "bling era" of rap. Silk Master P and Mac- "He Did That", Cam'ron feat.


However garbage he is you can’t deny that young thug is funny. LOL!


Lol! Good list but theres worse you could have put instead of eazy and Diddy is actually alot better than most of these clowns!

So, I could never call another rapper ‘horrible’ cause we all have our own style…The worst rapper stuff, I don’t know what makes that. New York has had way more talent than the South has ever had. Big Sean is fucking trash. PS5 & Xbox First-Party Games: What Are Sony And Microsoft's Studios Up To? Doing my best, but when I go back and listen to it I’m like ‘Those are pretty good songs.’ I had my own lane, once again.

While speaking with Vlad TV, Silkk The Shocker was able to offer his thoughts on Travi$ Scott dissing him on his Rodeo record, “I Can Tell.”, On “I Can Tell,” Scott raps: “Five-o-four hot boys, minus the bad rap like Silkk the Shocker / But I’mma pull up the silk, to shock her with the silk.”. 4.Meek Mill-shouts like a woman n always on top of his voice instead of on top of his game I told him I could sum it up in one image: Journey with me back to 2004, when a mixtape rapper gained popularity by repeating his name a bunch of times and giving out his cell-phone number. : Head to Head with Edd, The 10 Absolutely Worst Rappers of All Time. Sharp, Detailed, Humorous read.

So bad but enjoyable at the same time. Silkk wasn't great but Birdman is the worst rapper I've ever heard from the 90s. U got multi platinum artist on here with EAZY-E LoL … I almost think he added the talent to muster up more comments.

He ain’t disrespect me…I like him as an artist.”.

Lil uzi vert

Good for you Silkk (if I went double platinum I also wouldn't give a shit what online lists say about me).

This article was great there was only 2 I didn’t agree with you on good job and you didn’t mention Desiiner damn he is trash, bro wat u said is d most insane thing AV ever heard in my lyf. 2.Future- all his songs, codeine astronauts (surely they know they are suck) uhhh, I have no idea who half of these people are, I like Classic Rock! I think if anything this shows that straight men can also cross the line with fashion and mannerisms. Ever since Cash Money took over for the nine-nine and 2000s, Baby has delivered the laziest, lethargic rhymes in rap history. Tyga (completely bad) Back then hoes didn’t want me, now I’m hot hoes all on me. The lyrics — the ones you could understand, that is — were abysmal, the cadence was horrendous and the content made no sense. It may take away a little him having help from Ice Cube but end of the day that song probably wouldn’t have been better any other way. Eldritch Sequel Darkest Dungeons 2 Coming To Epic Games Store in 2021, AOC's Among Us Livestream Is One Of The Biggest Twitch Streams Ever, Wizengamot's thread about TRU got me thinking about Silkk the Shocker, and I went back and listened to some of his old hits from the 90's and I still can't get over how bad his flow is. U guys are probably tranidad James dick riders and put eazy e on here to make tranidad James seem good, when i listen to lifestyle all i hear is “LIVE LIFE LIKE A BAGUETTE AND THIS IS ONLY THE BEGGINNINGGGGGGGG”, Who ever made this list is not current with todays music. Thanks Edd for introducing me to such horrible rappers. You Can find worst than Big Sean but he kinda is corny. U forgot slim Jesus

Perhaps this list should’ve been called “The 25 Worst Rappers of All Time” because you guys are coming up with some great candidates! It’s all fun and games. Are these REALLY the songs y’all are getting hyped off of?

Fucking Tyga bro. He’s also a shitty lyricist.

you obviously dont know anything about rap. Werd on Eazy and that teleprompter morse code ‘flow’ he had!

The South didn’t invent shit.

No Limit Soldier!!!!

You all obviously haven’t heard of Slug Christ.. I wouldn’t mind seeing Kanye on the list either. Ice cube and eazy shit all of NWA was tha shit still to this day. Just because Eazy E was Iconic dont mean he was A good MC. Yeah, you gotta be cunning’ told ice cube to leave the car runnin’, walked in, said this is a robbery, didn’t need the money it’s just a hobby, fill the bag homeboy don’t lag, I want money,beer, and a pack of zig zags!!!!


I’m not even talking about one-hit wonders like OT Genasis and Trinidad James who barely have two singles to rub together. After reading this list I decided to listen to some silkk the shocker and his big brother Master P. I’m now fans of there work .

But I chilled on the song, figuring that it was an eyesore that would soon fade away, like neon fanny packs.

Tyga (god awful) Are you crazy? Big Sean should be No.1 on the most unfamous sluts of the world.

There was hate for Louisiana rappers in general, although I think the only one who really deserved it was Birdman. I was just doing my thing.

Young Thug

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