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Nicole Liest, ‘The Lion, The Artist and Bardstown Road’, LEO Weekly, June 12, 2002. 2012                 With Child, The Huff Gallery at Spalding University, Louisville, Kentucky. Skylar Smith is an artist and curator with an extensive background in start-up non-profits, art education, art programming, and community partnerships. From the soothing, acoustic opener of "Your Voice" to the benediction of "My One & Only," Home is a finely tuned marriage of songs that speak to the kind of love that always pursues, always trusts, always shows up. 125 likes. 2016         Hand-Made Papermaking Workshop at Twin Rocker Handmade Paper, Lafayette, Indiana. Metro Hall is currently closed to the public, but the artwork can be viewed on a virtual exhibition including artwork, questions from the artists, artist interviews, and an opportunity to participate in a dialog on social media. Wrote Mission and Vision statements for Kentucky School of Art. Faculty Mentor to student-led group ‘Community and Collaboration’. Skylar Smith's Digital Portfolio: Home 9th Grade > 10th Grade Alzar School 11th Grade 12th Grade ... Design is basically the planned arrangement of shapes in a work of art. © 2020 The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc., A nonprofit 501 (c)(3) Charitable Organization. Provided introductions to community organizations seeking opportunities to collaborate with art students. 2017-Current  Advisory Board Member, Art+Fm, Ground Floor Media Inc. Louisville, Kentucky. Scheduled individual meetings and larger gatherings with local community members to generate support and interest for Kentucky School of Art. Get more than a Sunday sermon. Produced by Jeremy Edwardson and Jason Borneman, Home is a labor of love, fusing together two very different approaches and personalities into one unified sound. BallotBox will use an intersectional lens to examine past and present voting rights, while considering connections between the 2020 U.S. Presidential election, the 2020 Centennial of the 19th Amendment, the 55th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, and past/present voter disenfranchisement. The hardest part of the teacher creature project was having to redo certain steps if it didn't get saved correctly. James Fields, ‘Studio Visit with Skylar Smith: Her Story’, UnderMain, March, 2019.

2003    Wallpaper, Co-curated with zeke&neen. Created marketing materials including press release, postcard, poster, and digital announcement; contacted press outlets to promote Kentucky School of Art’s public programming.

2005                 The Vagad Project, Rural to Urban/Urban to Rural Workshop. Shapes have two dimensions, length and width, and can be geometric or free form. A young woman and a young man meet, fall in love, get married and settle into a brand new life only to discover that 'home,' like love itself, is more than can be measured by a feeling. "...In your arms, my heart is resting, Overall, this was a very fun project and it makes me want to do more videos and documentaries in the future for fun. Established and managed Visiting Artist Program budget, determined potential artists, and the visiting artist’s schedule of on-campus events. 2003                 Wallpaper, Stray Show, Chicago, Illinois. Can God change your life? My process of painting also investigated the tension between the chaos of ‘wet’ media (ink) and the order of ‘dry’ media (pencil). Oversight and instruction of weekly community life drawing and yoga classes at a contemporary art museum.

“My kitchen, which doubles as my office. 2019-Current     BallotBox, in-progress 2020 art exhibition in Louisville Metro Hall and other locations. The juxtaposition of different elements of design (for example: rough and smooth textures, dark and light values) in order to highlight their differences and/or create visual interest, or a focal point. The tension between ‘order’ and ‘chaos’ in the paintings represented a micro version of the cycles of creation and destruction that exist on macro levels in the human body, the environment, and the larger universe. Developed and implemented art programming for prospective students and the public for Kentucky School of Art.

Stray Show Chicago, Illinois. We also played around with the hue and saturation sliders to adjust our teachers face, and blend it into the same color as our animal.

I practice yoga and meditation, and in 2015, I made a series of paintings that explored the space between ‘process’ and ‘product’ by using deliberate, repetitive, marks in ink and pencil to create textile-like paintings, creating a connection between my breath and the present moment. Skyler Smith // Portfolio conceal and reveal sculpture sites found within. 2008                 Inside/ Out, Nulu Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky. What is Ballot Box? Oversight of the installation and de-installation of all gallery exhibitions. I think I really improved my skills with iMovie. Another useful tool during this project was the clone stamp tool. Eight months later, it was marriage. What three people (living or dead) would be on the guest list to your ideal dinner party? 1998                 BFA, Painting and Art History, Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland. Mary Clore, ‘Personal is Still Political’, Ruckus Magazine, April 2018. This series used painting, video, projection, and photography to show a shift from artist to artist/mother by documenting the process of my daughter and I working collaboratively on 2 large paintings in my studio. 1926 Gallery, Chicago, Illinois.

2008                 Certified Yoga Instructor, Eternal Health Yoga, Louisville, Kentucky. 2007-2010      Adjunct Professor, Jefferson Community and Technical College, Louisville, Kentucky. Stephen George, ‘Artist Profile’, LEO Weekly, September 2, 2009. 2010-2011        Creativity Rising, Phoenix Hill Public Art Project, Louisville, Kentucky. “Lucretia Mott, Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama and feminist Gloria Steinem.”.

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