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Now compare that to pouring one floor one time, polishing it and being done. We have found no great advantage to support either method - the main reason for a pouring a monolithic slab would be to reduce the visits by the concrete trucks to one only. Slab on Grade fou…, Producing cement for concrete results in high levels of CO2 output and is the third ranking cause of man-made CO2 in the world after transport & energy generat…. It hardly moves horizontally. This can mean that in a lot of cases, the proper building techniques are not being followed, according to the principles of building science. You could also put a protective membrane on top, a plastic mesh for example (like plastic snow fencing), that will further protect it. layer of insulation about 4 ft. beyond the footing area. Once a basement foundation is completed, a subfloor must be built on top. Sleeve your well line in a weeping tile conduit so it as well can be pulled out and replaced. I'm in the process of doing something similar and our gravel guy insists that the clean rock will compact poorly. I went two feet out, horizontally with an angle so as to shed the water. Further to that, there are a few variables at play that need to be considered when designing the slab to ensure durability: The AFI (air freeze index), how much insulation encases the slab, the soil conditions, and whether or not the slab will be heated. Does it matter at what point it comes off the slab...right at the bottom, halfway down...?Thanks. The standards for unheated buildings were developed by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), as the “Standard for the Design and Construction of Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations, ASCE 32-10,” available for purchase at For a hortizontal skirt I would propose 2 inches, and at least 2 feet out, but if it's not heated, even 4 feet out isn't a bad idea. You are right that heat escaping from the exterior edge or footing of a slab will help prevent frost heave, and that the more you insulate, the less heat will escape, increasing the risk of damage. * A home built on a slab-on-grade has a lower risk of flood damage, which is favourably looked upon by insurance companies and can be reflected in your premiums. Basements don't h…, Basement mold and mildew can easily be avoided with better designed walls. A FPSF works in exactly the same way as a comforter, except it uses rigid foam insulation as a "quilt" and uses the heat emanating from the earth, along with heat captured from the interior temperature of a heated building, as sources of warmth. How do I find a certified installer for a slab on grade in southern Ontario Canada? in case anyone sticks a shovel into it. A frequent contributor to Fine Homebuilding and EcoHome magazines, Pagés is also the author of two books published by the Taunton Press: Building an Affordable House: A high-value, low-cost approach to building (2005) and Affordable Remodel: How to get custom results on any budget (2007). Wish I could help more! There are many legitimate reasons to begin construction with a basement foundation: Given that you are committing a certain area of the main floor to mechanical systems, this is as good a time as any to plan some storage, and maximize the efficiency of that room. This hinges on you liking polished concrete, if you plan to drop 10-15 thousand for flooring on top of the concrete then your cost would go up. As a builder constructing townhouses, commercial buildings, and the occasional slab-on-grade (SOG) house in frigid Nebraska, I always thought it silly to dig footings half as deep as a full basement when the point of SOG construction was to spend less on foundations. Installing 8 inches of Roxul mineral wool below a concrete slab floor. Has any one added a slab on grade to an exsisting home with a basement to produce an extension to the home. To insulate the slab edge you could put vertical insulation first, then a cement board, it can be held at the bottom by backfilling it, and at the top you could put some long tap cons through it. Grade beam) you can build the exterior frame on it, throw on the roofing and housew9krap and you now have a mostly weather independent environment to prep and pour the slab, not to mention that when it's time to frame the interior walls your lumber will stay nice and dry so it won't warp and twist. In the meantime, here are some potential problems and solutions that your parents or others may have had with a poorly constructed slab floor: Don’t embed water and power lines directly in the concrete, put them in a conduit so if there is ever any need you can pull the wire through and replace it. There was no horizontal insulation. Under the skirt, against the bottom piece of styrofoam, is socked big-O drainage tile that drains into a massive French drain. It still requires a qualified installer, but at least they come fully engineered with installation instructions, as well as support during installation and a pre-pour inspection for warranty. The downside of a slab is that all your plumbing is embedded in concrete so it’s not conducive to making kitchen or bathroom modifications in the future. Contact Fernando on facebook or by way of his website Your state or municipality may require plans that have been approved by an engineer, and some may not be familiar with slab-on-grade homes. Is I want to do an aditition could i use the slab on grade with skirt method to add to basement walls? Or was built that way. With the amount of action going on in a mechanical room, it will be a bit noisy. Tidying it up and putting on the cement board over it covered with an aluminum drip. A slab may still be the most affordable foundation, but if you use conventional techniques, the difference in cost between full basements and slabs will be marginal: you dig below the frost line, 36" or more, and then pour a foundation before forming the slab. What you are proposing with a crawlspace seems to be a fairly expensive solution to a so far unidentified problem. You can also put floor coverings on top such as wood, bamboo, laminate flooring. An unheated garage may require skirting while the house it is attached to may not. thanks for all this info. Therefore we leave the water running at night - not very eco!!! You can find a step by step detailed guide to building a frost protected slab on grade foundation here. We are in Oka Québec. I am trying to figure out the best way to replace it. It should also be sloped away from the house with at least a 5% grade. Or below frost line? I heat the house with electric floorboard and mostly a wood burning stove (which is in the room with the slab). Be sure to have the slab designed by an engineer to avoid frost heave, shifting or cracking, and to make sure that the soil conditions are appropriate for a slab. Pull the cover snugly under your chin and the comforter preserves your body heat until you feel toasty warm. But currently being uninsulated, there would be a lot of heat loss through the slab that would have prevented any frost heave. If you design a house with too much or too little space in the first place, it doesn't matter whether or not you have a basement, you'll still be disappointed. Regards. Is there a reference I can review. Outside of plastic tie wraps:) thanks for helping out. And he excavates down 1 ft for the edge. My frost line is seven feet. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) developed Standard 32-01 for the Design and Construction of Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations. Is there a minimum depth below ground level in order to make this worthwhile? As energy savings and the conservation of resources increasingly drive decision-making for homebuilders, frost-protected shallow footings offer a good method for constructing slab-on-grade foundations. Common building practices trap moisture in wall assemblies preventing them from dryi…, How to build a slab-on-grade foundation saving money on basement frost walls for home construction with a Frost Protected Shallow Foundation. The term floating slab refers to a two-stage slab construction, where footings are individually. If the floor is heated and uninsulated its unlikely it will freeze underneath, in fact it's likely quite warm. A long time ago I spent about 3 winters working in a timber frame shop with an uninsulated floor, and it was always uncomfortably cold from the knees down, so I'm not sure how much of a hassle it would be to build up your floor a bit, but that would be topping my to-do list. Synopsis: When senior editor Andy Engel decided to build a freestanding garage next to his house, he opted for a frost-protected shallow foundation rather than a conventional slab with footings below frost depth and a stemwall atop the footings. For more photos, drawings, and details, click the View PDF button below: Sign up for eletters today and get the latest how-to from Fine Homebuilding, plus special offers. Start your subscription today and save up to 52%. 99% chance you will wish you had the extra space of a basement, especially if you have kids and are building a true 'family home'. A vertical section of styrofoam sits on top of it and against the footing to a point six inches above the slab floor and will be capped with flashing to protect it from the sun once the wall is in place this spring. In this article, Engel describes every step of the process, from planning the excavation to pouring the concrete. And the way to mitigate that risk is to install a perimeter skirt insulation (where and when it is needed). Warm feet are happy feet! We have a page on techniques for basement construction that cover those issues and how to build them properly. XPS has a higher R value per inch (R5), but space wouldn’t be an issue since you are building on grade so I’d suggest you save some money and emissions and use EPS (R4 per inch). then seal a layer of poly and styrofoam. Because of the existing siding and wrap I can't really get up in there to overlap the plate. By building a slab-on-grade home, you are choosing to substitute foundation walls with above-ground walls. Whether you start construction with a slab-on-grade or a foundation, in the absence of bedrock both will be resting on dirt., I am looking to add an addition to an existing 800 sf.cottage in Muskoka, which is currently a slab on gravel- built in 1984 .

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