sleeping beauty (2011 explained)

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I still don’t understand the death of that one character.

The sterility ensures that you will be paying more attention to what the message is (or, what it could be, depending on your point of view), and less to the various amounts of naked bodies (Some more pleasant, some less pleasant… mostly less pleasant) you’ll see in the movie. Falling into the death-like state of a long, deep sleep, she lacks all agency and simple lies still waiting … This film is pretentious dribble!

In fact, I’ve been fascinated by how much this film has outraged people. Finally, Browning has been perfectly cast as Lucy. I think that’s a reasonable point and you’ve proven it with your response.

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I don’t mean that in a snotty-snobby way (since I love my friends and respect differences in taste).

There is a very GCSE drama class feel to the acting. As I say in my review: Part of Lucy’s detachment from sex is the notion that she instead finds intimacy in death, symbolically through the deep sleeps or otherwise. Clara inspects Lucy's body and names her "Sara" for the purpose of anonymity. So what is new??

She has to get used to this dormant state that is almost equivalent to death. which she could have turned on on her last encounter …and then maybe someone saw it, but they don’t convey what happened. Couldn’t imagine her complaining about the ear so how did she know? 7) premise unfulfilled: the exciting part of the idea was that a woman would willingly allow men to do things to her while she’s asleep (surely a psychologically challenging position to put oneself in) – except that the men aren’t allowed to do things to her so ultimately she’s suffering nothing, barely curious about it. I was drawn to the movie simply because of its beauty. The oral penetration symbolism also mirrors the fact that she must drink the deep-sleep drug plus there is the scene where she is instructed to colour her lips the same colour as her labia.

When she is awoken in the morning, she discovers the money spent on the camera, (instead of rent) was a waste for all it catches is the two lifeless bodies, and her questions of what happens in those rooms is still up in the air. [13], After a few of these sessions, Lucy has enough money to move into a larger, more expensive apartment, where she lives alone. It is a film that has many people talking and analyzing it. Left me feeling violated and unfulfilled. the loser who goes on through life feeling like they can live to fight another day, or the winner who took the extra mile to show the world his foolish prowess? Now I like films which make you think and I certainly don’t like to be slapped in the face by the plot and what it means on a day-to-day real life basis.

Some of the characters could have been developed a lot more. David, if you’ve read my review and some of the discussion that has taken place here, you’ll see that this film does the opposite of offering images for people to perv on.

She seems to be a character that has had a lot of bad stuff happen (alcoholic mother, drugged up friend who wants to die), that she has no control over. When she was told no, due to client secrecy, she instead put a video camera up to record what goes on.

This in my viewing was her punishment for her lack of discretion, which she is warned will have severe consequences. Thanks for the article, offers great insight and obviously a different perspective than a lot of people have! However, like Lucy it contains something dark, complex, mysterious and, indeed, beautiful deep down below the surface. Other than that, the things to appreciate is,
She was already switched off. She seemed frequently so angry and contemptuous, just there underneath the surface, sometimes bubbling up in little short, staccato statements– chinga tu madre, my vagina is not a temple, etc.

Also, I don’t think Sleeping Beauty is about female degradation. She would be injected with a tranquilizer-after falling asleep and then waking up, and it was as if she never had. The guy at the funeral I took to clearly be her ex. It was the first Australian film In Competition at Cannes since Moulin Rouge! She has a total of four jobs and can’t pay her rent?

Many thanks for one of the best reviews I’ve found of this movie. (apologies to quote your own review). However, one major issue I have with the film is that there is no basis for relating. What was the significance of Lucy seeing that woman on the train? If nothing else, it has certainly evoked plenty of thought which is an achievement in itself. My reading of the end is that his suicide is hugely traumatic for Lucy since she never consented to having somebody die next to her. But hardly any audience can see her in that attitude. [3] In February 2010 it was announced that Emily Browning would play the lead role.
She could be fired from work, or chucked out of her flat.

Telltale signs of thin script: The whole process of being phoned/collected/taken to the house/shower/’tea’ etc was very precise and orchestrated. I could go on and on about it, but it doesn’t really matter what I think. I didn’t catch a plot fully and some moments are still out of my understanding…But I liked it=), I found the atmosphere of the film compelling… just that. There are many nuances to miss, and things that may not mean anything except in hindsight.

Writer, broadcaster, film critic, public speaker and film programmer. At the same time, she shows incredible endurance. Just grasped at a few key concepts and hoped the audience would simply overlook all that was missing.

All though I didn’t watch the full movie, I watched most of it until I couldn’t take the poor quality and poor acting a moment longer. Your email address will not be published. But it could also be about control. Please some one explain. The woman who was falling asleep and drooling in her seat? I think this scene is what made her curious about what went on while she slept, and urged her to buy the camera.

It belonged to her and she could choose to burn it if she wished. Reading this really helped to answer questions I had on the film. Why did Lucy become so overwhelmed with the sleeping lady on the train?

viva Charlie Meadows!)). The acting in general was just so dry and sterile, maybe it was meant to be, but bad acting really does ruin a film.

Furthermore, when she first arrives at the country house there is another girl coming out of the back door stumbling and being guided into a car, clearly in bad shape – what was that all about? Hi everyone, and thank you Thomas for this very sensible review. I enjoyed this review, specifically about you picking up the sensory deprivation theme and that penetration was solely perpetrated in the science experiment, presumably for money. Certainly nothing positive, and I can’t see that she would have taken steps to improve her situation. In the shot from hidden camera at the end does she actually move or is she too also dead next to the guy in the bed?

This film as artistic and at times meaningful-depending-on-interpretation as it is, i feel, needed more of a conclusion. It was as though the story tellers refused to accept responsibility for anything other than expressing a few raw concepts shrouded in ambiguity, deliberately so because they simply lacked the skill to construct the supporting framework with attention to detail so that all the pieces fit together. Was it her way of diminishing the act she performed? HAHAHAHA @Thomas C, leaving an audience unfulfilled is part of the plan?, so not being able to convey a complete scene and worse not be able to make the audience feel an emotion fully is part of the plan? Perfection is boring, and what does that really mean except usually there was nothing hugely wrong with it.

Sometimes I think people are so desperate to find something meaningful and artistic, they construct something to fill a void which they don’t want to accept exists. The under lying story is that even mice can have all the power, women are the decision-makers and the men with money use their money, while she can burn hers. A comment on sexual politics? As for the hundred dollar bill, money again represented something that controlled her. Why do Lucy cried when she’s with the guy who eat cereal with voka?

Frankenstein’ (what was that all for anyway? [14], At her next assignment with Clara, Lucy asks if she can see what happens during the sessions while she is asleep.

Yet she sets fire to a $100 bill? I found this to be a wonderful film in disassociation and sadness amongst many other, more complex themes.

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