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And with Johnson as prime minister, our perspective for the likelihood of big struggles – of workers and young people, and also of groups facing special oppression – was made even more clear. Counting abstentions is how Jimmy Hoffa Jr. just shoved the latest UPS contract down our throats after a majority of those voting rejected it. There were also socialist alternatives to Marx, during and since his lifetime.

In Glasgow in October 2018 more than 8,000 women from the GMB, UNISON and Unite […], The executive of Unite the Union voted to cut by 10% the money it gives to the Labour Party. Nixon’s campaign reflected the state of the broad liberal left in New York, which counts on the Democrats to deliver progressive reforms.

In Coventry Socialist Alternative members in UNISON initiated gathering support from other unions, a meeting of representatives from these which then held a joint rally with striking school students with over 200 people attending. I would have made the time to meet with NYC ISO membership about an endorsement. Rent Strike to #CancelRent: National Organizing Meeting, International Rally: Covid - A Socialist Feminist Response. This approach has meant many current and former Labour Party members or supporters have got in touch with us to discuss getting involved, or to work alongside us and regularly attend our meetings. [email protected], WASHINGTON, DC  Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for governor of New York, responds to a discussion about the decision of the New York City International Socialist Organization to withdraw its previous endorsement of the Hawkins-Lee campaign. We were fiercely critical of Corbyn’s failure to meaningfully take on the right and to mobilise his supporters to secure the Labour Party for anti-austerity forces. Our struggle to build that group occurred during a difficult period – the 1980s and ‘90s.

PO Box 45343 Nixon’s top campaign team came out of de Blasio’s campaign and administration staff.

(732) 710-8345, HOUSTON, TX

Firstly, while individuals were drawn into opposing the majority of our former leadership for different reasons, the underlying political basis was the same. Politicians and mainstream media outlets are searching for any... Fighting Left Alternative Desperately Needed Some members of NYC DSA, such as Dan La Botz, argued for an endorsement of our campaign.

We had to move swiftly to online meetings and digital editions of our publications, but we have met these challenges. (513) 449-0826 [email protected] The Green vote was down from 2014, from 184,000 to about 100,000, even though the statewide voter turnout increased from 3.9 million to 5.8 million. When Cuomo beat Nixon by a two-to-one margin in the primary, Cuomo dismissed the progressive challenge to him as “not even a ripple.” His primary challengers, Cynthia Nixon, her Lieutenant Governor running mate Jumaane Williams and the Working Families Party then affirmed that judgment by endorsing him. The bill states that its purpose is to help achieve the outdated global goal of 450 parts per million for atmospheric carbon dioxide equivalents. MADISON, WI 2020 marks the start of a new great depression. Socialist Alternative Magazine; Socialist Alternative Publications; Doug Lorimer Archive; Direct Action Newspaper; Many of the young people who have joined us in the last year have been attracted by our bold approach to taking part in social movements.

Like that of the thirties, mass unemployment will be a […], In the last decade we have witnessed a number of historic women’s strikes across the world. We have been able to be a pole of attraction to those looking for a way to fight back.

ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and Charter/Spectrum have given $850,000 to Cuomo’s gubernatorial campaigns and received in return subsidies, tax breaks and regulatory favors.

The pandemic has starkly revealed the destructive nature of capitalism, and it’s inability to offer even the most basic right to life and health to the mass of working class people.

[email protected], CINCINNATI, OH

Socialist Alternative Magazine; Socialist Alternative Publications; Doug Lorimer Archive; Direct Action Newspaper; Our campaign offered socialist solutions to pressing problems: public health care, public power for planning the transition to 100 percent clean energy, public broadband, public banking, more public housing, fully-funded public schools, tuition-free public college, worker co-ops, and progressive tax reform to pay for this Green New Deal. Statement of Principles; Publications. The faction attracted support from an overall minority of the CWI's national sections.

Home; What we stand for.

Opinions expressed in these contributions don't necessarily reflect those of SW. Then there would be Jimmy Dore fans asking me why I was picking on him. To consolidate and grow, we would need to be flexible and bold. Some socialists argue that extensive reliance on markets is perfectly compatible with core socialist … The Whole System Is Guilty – Justice for Breonna Taylor. But she failed to raise the tenant movement’s longstanding demand to repeal state control of local rent regulations. Socialist Alternative... 2020 has been a nightmare of a year. A damaging and criminal split. [email protected] It was on the initiative of Socialist Alternative members that Health Campaigns Together and Keep Our NHS Public, with the backing of several trade unions, called a day of action for the NHS at the start of this month.

[email protected], AMHERST, MA For a decade now, leading climate scientists like James Hansen have been publishing research showing the goal needs to be 350 ppm goal to avert runaway global warming. The working class is being driven out of Manhattan, much of Brooklyn, and many other working-class urban neighborhoods across the state by exploding rents and landlord harassment under “progressive” Democrats Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio. Revolutionary socialists state our position clearly, but we know common work in strikes, struggles and more will settle the debates. I was doing what I could on that before the campaign.

The February 2020 election saw the loss of one of those seats.

International Socialist Alternative is an international association of Trotskyist political parties. These structures and regular meetings have been essential in building an organisation based on the maximum active involvement of the whole membership in democratic decision making.
It will require a lot of time and energy to patiently explain of the real facts on the ground in Syria, debunk bad sources, and build practical solidarity with Syrian democrats.

That has included a series of local branch meetings, discussions of our political committee and national committee and plans to produce further educational material. No Time to Lose: How Do We Stop the Far Right? Many who have been radicalised by their experience of racism to participate in the BLM movement are working their way towards revolutionary conclusions.
We have achieved so much in only a year and are preparing for much bigger leaps forward in the year ahead. It shows that, as part of the […], Socialist Alternative England, Wales and Scotland is part of International Socialist Alternative, Sarah Wrack and Becci Heagney, Socialist Alternative Political Committee. We have constantly evolved our programme in relation to the virus and the lockdowns as the situation has developed, taking up new issues such as the reopening of schools and the crisis in the care sector.

Our members in the trade unions have played key roles during Covid-19, for example in UNISON, to name just one example, winning agreements that have ensured sick pay for workers and key health and safety guarantees. The article details the split in the communist left between the Reaffirmist (RA) camp and the Rejectionist (RJ) camp and the violent purges the CPP-NPA-NDF committed on their own members. Andrew Cuomo had the backing of everyone from the Working Families Party to the tycoons of big real estate, banking, insurance, oil and gas, and the charter school lobby. For this reason we present a political journal, Socialist World, initially coming out three times a year. [email protected], PHILADELPHIA, PA Educators and families fundamentally want the same thing out of our public education system: students to be safe and to succeed in... Teachers are currently faced with an impossible task: educating students online, many of whom don’t have access to technology, with little warning,... Collins Dictionary has declared “climate strike” as the word of 2019. The political context for our fledgling organisation was one of instability, unpredictability and rapid changes. That’s for the Russian people to deal with. Nixon had supported Clinton over Sanders in the 2016 presidential primaries, with maximum allowable donations to Clinton’s campaign fund and $5,000 more to the Hillary Victory Fund, a joint campaign fund of the Clinton campaign, the DNC and 33 state Democratic parties that the Sanders campaign complained gave the Clinton campaign control of the DNC’s finances, strategy and staffing during the primaries. I support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement and cutting off U.S. aid to Israel as long as it violates Palestinians’ human rights.

Email us at [email protected] to get involved!

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