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While the lyrics themselves aren’t overtly about soldiers, the official music video for it is. Waylon delivers it masterfully and, coming near the time of the first Gulf War, it met with a receptive audience among country music fans. The song portrays a soldier who comes home from war to discover he has a new perspective on his country and how he fits into it. Its message is that no matter how tough you are, you can still be emotionally vulnerable with your kids. Before you hit the highway on your next road trip, make sure you've got a playlist full of road-tested tunes. But there are some newer songs that pay tribute to soldiers and veterans. Voices of Service is a four-piece vocal ensemble who is most known for finishing in fifth place on season 14 of America’s Got Talent. Many critics and fans have speculated that this song is about the Vietnam War. Version)” by The Soldiers, Military Songs That Pay Tribute to Soldiers and Veterans. Every member of the group is either a veteran or an active duty service member. Billy Joel has a gift for making even darker subject matter sound beautiful and uplifting. And as an old man on a park bench details the flag’s imperfections to a stranger, he re-discovers his own pride in America and sums it up like this: “And she’s getting thread bare, and she’s wearing thin, but she’s in good shape, for the shape she’s in.

So it comes as no surprise that there are many country songs that celebrate veterans and deployed soldiers. “Where the Stars and the Stripes and the Eagle Fly” (2001) written by Aaron Tippin, Casey Beathard and Kenny Beard and recorded by Aaron Tippin, This tune was written about two-and-a-half years before the 9/11 attacks. This 2004 country tune tells the story of a deployed soldier who receives letters from home. ©2014 Scripps Networks, LLC. But being a good dad – well, that is a challenge. For those counting, we even included two extra songs!

Rock and roll music can be surprisingly uplifting and empowering.

And, after nearly 25 years, the song Lee wrote to show his appreciation for his country and his willingness to defend it still routinely brings crowds to their feet at the opening strains of the first chorus.

Here are some of our favorites. Country songs about Dad share a common thread. All Rights Reserved, Judson Ridgway, 2014 Scripps Networks, LLC. It’s been hugely uplifting to family members who’ve heard the song and realize that the sacrifices they’re making and the service they’re providing by doing without their military loved ones are appreciated.

“The Fightin’ Side of Me” (1970) written and performed by Merle Haggard.

These country songs about soldiers are just a few shining examples. This earnest song may be able to help you express your own feelings of worry to a soldier or veteran you care about. This song shows a side of Toby’s patriotism that a lot of people might have been surprised to see after having experienced the in-your-face righteous indignation he showcased in “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” in 2002. But after that terrible day, Aaron knew it was time to finally record it and get the single out. 2. “This song is an opportunity to speak to people,” said Aaron at the time.

. Keith can often be a polarizing figure thanks to his politics and unwillingness to pull punches. Both sides encountered heavy losses: 49 American troopers died, and many more were wounded. Watch the videos. In the interview, Paul revealed he drives his son’s truck to feel closer to him. Its discordance and jazz influences were something of a political statement without words when it originally came out. However, what really makes the country bar unique is the strength of its bond to the music that pours from the stages and speakers; a music that is quite often about the actual Honky Tonks themselves. The track was a last minute addition to Rodney’s 2009 album, which went on to be titled It’s America.

Never one to tiptoe around a subject he’s passionate about, Charlie proclaims his love of America to anyone within shouting distance. God Bless America.” With the song’s re-release following the 9/11 attacks, a whole new generation of listeners heard and embraced Charlie’s sentiments. Most of the songs on our country and rock lists are older songs. "I Just Came Back From A War" (2006) written by Wynn Varble and Darryl Worley and performed by Darryl Worley. The song is a tribute to fallen soldiers and takes the form of a letter, meant to be read only if the soldier didn’t return home. "Rise” by Superfruit featuring Brian Justin Crum, Mario Jose, and Mary Lambert, 15. “Every now and then I hear a song that just blows me away,” Lee Brice said of the song. “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)” (2002) written and recorded by Alan Jackson.

Johnny carefully crafted the lyrics in such a way that a ragged flag on a courthouse square is battered, torn and scarred from the battles she’s been in, but still flying high. He got into a little trouble. “I went to Ft. Hood,” recalls John Michael. We can disagree about specifics without trashing the country.

We set up a recording date right then. They often cite the falling rain as a metaphor for bombs raining down from the sky. And after a USO tour of Afghanistan over the 2002 Christmas holidays, he knew he had to do something to fight for our service men and women the way he saw them fighting for us. It was written about lead singer Ben Nichols’ grandfather's experiences in World War II. David Lee, who co-wrote the song, was inspired by seeing a soldier bid goodbye to his girlfriend at an airport. “For You,” was written for the film Act of Valor which was inspired by real life events and stars a group of active-duty Navy SEALS. “Once you get past the superficial part of the people of this country,” he proclaims, “we all have one thing in common. This song shows that no matter what country you fight for, some experiences are universal. Country music is an emotional genre that lends itself well to storytelling. The cowboy life might not have been quite as glamorous as the silver screen portrayed it, yet most of the men and women who lived their lives as cowboys or cowgirls wouldn't have traded it for any big city job available to them at the time. The first performances of the song were on the Grand Ole Opry stage. They are songs of love, and of loss. It’s obvious by the audience response that a lot of people embraced the song’s message—that a large and vital portion of America’s essential cultural fabric is being systematically eroded with the removal of any references to God. All Rights Reserved, “Home” written by Dierks Bentley, Dan Wilson and Brett Beavers and performed by Dierks Bentley. Discover the best online memorial sites for remembering a loved one... Facebook. This song looks at the often-ignored side of a soldier’s service to his or her country—the loved ones left behind to keep the home fires burning. There were then, and still are today, plenty of folks who think Merle got it right when he said a lot of people fought and died to give us the American way of life. “Everyone was trying to get the song. This country-punk band will appeal to soldiers and veterans of all genres with this gritty and evocative song. And then, vote for your favorite country song about a soldier. One way to pay tribute to soldiers and veterans is to share unique covers of the national anthem with them. This is a hugely powerful song in the voice of a fallen soldier being returned to his parents and to his final resting place, Arlington National Cemetery, a place he had visited as a child with his father to see his grandfather’s grave. So we put together a meeting as quick as we could. It's totally free to use. Perhaps one of the most emotional and poignant country songs about war is Trace Adkins’ “Arlington.” It tells the story of a young soldier, killed in the war, who finds himself buried in Arlington National Cemetery, a 624-acre cemetery established during the Civil War.

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