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From the front door of the same building, grind on the ledge directly in front of you. Go down the alleyway and you’ll see a ramp. Here are some tips and guide for Streets in THPS 1 + 2. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 is the remake of the 20 year old classic skating game. On the left of the Diner, there’s a building with stairs. The first one is located at the spawn point (didn’t take a screenshot). Learn how your comment data is processed. To wreck them, just grind on the cop car. As you spawn, use the ramp towards your right and continue clinging onto the building on the right as you go downwards. The V symbol is basically on the 1st floor of a building. 5-0 is probably the downward button + Triangle if not mistaken. You should be able to find a way up the fountain structure. Other recurring characters are played by Richard Venture, Jeannie Wilson, Raymond Singer, and R.J. Adams. One of the final challenges or park goals for the San Francisco Streets level is to 5-0 Around the Fountain. There are at least 2 ways to do this, but the easiest is the one shown below. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Just jump off the ramp and land after the centerpiece. For this one, you need to go to the rooftop. After you descend from the spawn point, head right and you’ll see a Marco’s Diner on your right. You’ll need to start from one end and grind towards the other end. The Hubba Gap is the one where the letter “S” is found. Smith says he still gets stopped by “men of a certain age” and thinks it’s time for a new version. It’s on the San Francisco building. To get enough height, you should get into ‘Special Mode’ and use Boneless (press UP twice before jumping). Activision are mixing up the terminology here though as they describe it (and by association Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy) as a remaster, when it’s clearly a full-on remake. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2: Roswell (Stat Points & V Collectible), Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2: The Hangar Guide And Tips, Genshin Impact: True Treasure Quest Walkthrough, Phasmophobia: Upcoming Updates To The Game (Roadmap). Either way, you have to go all the way to the top, jump off the highest ramp and land on the gazebo (breaking the glass). The aim of the Park is to win at least a Medal and you have to compete in three Heats. Back in 1985, ABC aired an action series called Street Hawk.

Jump from one quarter pipe and land on the other. Is the time right for a new, updated version of Street Hawk? 10 Excitebike Whether it's Excitebike or the sequel game Excitebike 64 , there is plenty of incentive to develop a remake. The first one is near the spawn point on your left. You just have to jump up, over the stairs (image below). You will eventually reach this lowest building with the balcony. How To Do All Gaps In Philadelphia – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2: Location Of All Alien Plushies, Genshin Impact: True Treasure Quest Walkthrough, Phasmophobia: Upcoming Updates To The Game (Roadmap). The fountain is located inside the park. Here, you have to complete the Gap checklist if you wish to have full completion. Grind the quarter pipe all the way. You will need some speed for this one. Here’s how to 5-0 Around the Fountain on Streets in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2. There’s a quarter pipe beside. Go back to Chinatown, where the side alley is. These are ten games to remake after Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2. Use the ramp to reach the middle platform. Look for the ramp near the gazebo (facing the secret bowl building). Norman Tuttle (Joe Regalbuto) is the cycle’s inventor and the only one who knows that Mach is actually the mysterious Street Hawk.
From the top, just grind on the ledge all the way down the spiral building. As for the letter “A”, you need to go to Chinatown and head all the way to the dead end. The cop car is in front of it. You will see this centerpiece here. What do you think? The fourth one is near the middle of the park as well.

To do the Nosegrab, you need to jump across the walkway (image below). Here are some tips and guide for Streets in THPS 1 + 2.


Follow the ramp and you’ll see a glass path on your left. Just grind on the ledge from the bottom of the building all the way up. Just go all the way and jump off the fountain structure, and land on the building in front of you. This includes finding the Secret Tape, the letters of SKATE, the Vicarious Visions (V) symbol and so on. Next, go to Chinatown and you’ll see two cop cars parked in front of the Bank.

To get up there, you need to use the half pipe to reach the upper platform. Similarly, you also get the map Streets which requires you to complete Goals to unlock the last map. Just grind on the left railing all the way down. Another stat point is located above the half pipe, near the middle of the park. Similarly, you also get the map Streets which requires you to complete Goals to unlock the last map. You should see it after you descend from the spawn point (slightly on your right). Similar to the V symbol, use the same half pipe to jump up and grind on the upper platform.

The building with the secret skating bowl has two sets of railings in front. The third one is near the building where you can get the letter “S”. Street Hawk: Rex Smith Wants Your Help on Street Hawk Resurrection. On the way up, you will see the Secret Tape, but continue to make your way up. The last one requires you to grind all the way up the green Cable Car building. Use the ramp at the front to break through the glass. Go back to Chinatown and make a U-turn. Privacy Policy. You can read up on all alien plushies locations , all SKATE letter locations , and all secret tape locations through the links. The average of your two top runs will be the final score. The second Medal map in the remake of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 is Skatestreet. Jump off the ramp and you must land after the planter. Go to the front entrance and jump over the set of stairs. All the Gaps in Streets Acid Drop-in – 1,000 Points. Head back to the plaza. There are 25 Gaps in total. Mar 2, 2015 - street hawk remake | Story Telling – StreetHawk Remake. Another way of getting up the balcony is by using the half pipe beside it to jump onto it. It’s beside the small green building (Cable Car) with an American flag and a winding path going upwards. Head to the building with the balcony (image below). Next is the letter “S” which is the easiest to find. You need to jump off the quarter pipe in front of the Diner and land on the quarter pipe in front of the next building. Just outside the plaza near the gazebo, there are two equal length planters (image below). At the same building, you will see two ramps at the bottom.

You need to know where this location is and how to 5-0 grind to complete it. The last car is parked in front of a shop with the “Beats” logo. It’s at the front door of a building and you can get there by using the stairs or by using the pathway on the left. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 is the remake of the 20 year old classic skating game.

You have to grind on one railing, jump over and grind on the next railing. Street hawk needs a resurrection because it was an amazing tv show which deserved more series … maybe even a film with special appearances by rex and joe themselves . Here, you need to use the planter’s ramp to jump up to the building’s front door. Go to the front door of the building first, and then grind the rail (right side) all the way down. Read also: How To Perform Every Gap In Streets. You have to use the half pipe to get it. You will also need to unlock the secret areas to get the Vicarious Visions (V) symbol and stat points.

The last one is right in the middle of the park. Follow the glass path all the way up the building.

Look for this building (image below) which is on the left side from the starting point. Jump from the top straight to the bottom, skipping the mid-level. Look for the green Cable Car building. It’s at the Chinatown area. At the plaza, you should see two long planters beside each other. He recently told the Daily Record, “I am currently developing a script for a new re-envisioned Street Hawk along with my oldest son Brandon, called Street Hawk Resurrection.”, The actor/singer continued, “Universal Studios has shown interest in the project and I would like to ask all the fans of Street Hawk to e-mail me so that I may show the executives at Universal just what kind of support I have for a new series.”.

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