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In the final episodes of the series, Klinger gets engaged to Soon Lee Han (Rosalind Chao), a Korean refugee; when proposing to her, he suggests she wear the wedding dress he had himself worn in one of his attempted Section Eight escapades and explains to her what white means in his culture.

Donald is introduced in name only at the start of the fifth season. Her career has taken a new direction as the head of the "God Is Love in All Forms Christian Church, Incorporated", a cult or sect with the unusual distinction that its entire congregation consists of gay men. He later telephones and tells Hawkeye that he has been cleared of all charges, promoted to lieutenant colonel and assigned to a veteran's hospital in his hometown. To raise funds, Trapper grows a beard, poses as Jesus Christ (complete with a cross mounted on a jeep or hanging from a helicopter), and autographs thousands of photos which the Swampmen sell for a dollar apiece. [citation needed].

[33] Another occasionally recurring gag is Radar's ineptitude with the bugle; he invariably mangles any calls he tries to play, and his bugle has suffered abuse such as being shot out of his hand and thrown into a roaring bonfire. She was a nurse at the 4077th MASH during the Korean War. In Yessir, That's Our Baby, when an Amerasian infant is left in camp by her mother, Mulcahy warns the staff that delivering her to the orphanage is not a good idea, as misceginated children are horribly mistreated in every level of Korean society.

In the movie, General Hammond's first name is Charles, and he is very enthusiastic about football, challenging the 4077th to a game against his 325th Evac unit. For instance, in the sixth-season episode "Patent 4077", when Margaret is in a bad mood after losing her wedding ring, a nurse describes her as "Hot Lips Houlihan: Blonde land mine". Colonel Flagg appears in six M*A*S*H episodes: "A Smattering of Intelligence", "Officer of the Day", "White Gold", "Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler? He also appeared in two episodes of AfterMASH, and starred in the television pilot W*A*L*T*E*R. The character was portrayed by Gary Burghoff in both the film and on television, the only regular character played by a single actor.

In "Run for the Money", he stands up for a wounded soldier whose comrades and commanding officer mock his stuttering, encouraging the young man to live up to his intellectual potential. "This isn't one of my sermons; I expect you to listen. In all iterations, the Spearchucker character is a superior surgeon who was also a stand-out collegiate athlete. During combat in World War I, in the Argonne Forest, he was "lost for three days, taken prisoner, head shaved and beaten to a pulp". Coincidentally, actor Timothy Brown played most of his nine-year NFL career with Philadelphia, and was selected to the team's Honor Roll in 1990. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mulcahy's moral code and sacred office very nearly get him in hot water on one occasion. Days later, with Mulcahy's hearing well on the way to being fully restored, he decides to join Potter and Klinger and becomes the resident chaplain at "General General". Henry attended University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, where he was the football team athletic trainer. So Mulcahy get his nickname from the wine he gave out.

[12] In the season 3 episode "O.R. He serves as an orderly/sentry and later company clerk assigned to the 4077th. level 1 On other occasions, B. J. encourages members of the 4077th to play jokes on each other, starting escalating joke wars for his own amusement, with neither side knowing that he is the instigator. When Radar places a hidden microphone inside Hot Lips's tent as she and Frank Burns have sex, members of the camp listen in, and Mulcahy at first mistakes their conversation (and noises) for an episode of The Bickersons, leaving abruptly when he realizes otherwise. She entered nursing school in 1938 and graduated in 1942 when she joined the Army. Mulcahy understands that many of the people in his "flock" are non-religious or have other faiths.

About the only thing he and his father had in common was an interest in boxing, and his father took him to fights. This is despite being told by Cardinal Reardon, a prelate visiting Korea to evaluate the effectiveness of the chaplains serving there, that "you're a tough act to follow". J."

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He thereafter appears in a handful of episodes as a very minor character, played by Bob Gooden.

It is sadly inappropriate to give dessert to a child who has had no meal." "She used brown sugar and the crust was just so crispy and nice. On one occasion, when asked how he knows what bet to place, he looks to the sky with a smile. But he was also a traditional conservative. His medical incompetence causes Colonel Blake to instead assign Trapper John as Chief Surgeon. For instance, Father Mulcahy initially had a difficult time helping in the operating room without being physically revolted at the blood and gore (he admitted later "I couldn't eat liver for a year," after watching surgery), but eventually proved an able assistant beyond his spiritual duties.

He went through his military training at Fort Sam Houston. Potter receives more respect than Blake did from Major Houlihan, but Major Burns harbors a grudge against him after being passed over for command. Sparky is the mostly unseen telephone/radio operator at headquarters.

Following Houlihan's marriage in the fifth-season finale "Margaret's Marriage" (also Larry Linville's last appearance on camera as Frank Burns), in the two-part sixth-season premiere episode "Fade Out, Fade In", which also introduces his temporary (later permanent) replacement, Major Charles Emerson Winchester III, the 4077th learns that, shortly after the wedding, Burns suffered a mental breakdown while on a week's leave in Seoul. Father John Patrick “Dago Red” Mulcahy Shaking Sammy Ugly John Black Colonel Henry Blake: PLACES: 4077th M.A.S.H.

Father Mulcahy's name was changed from John Patrick Francis Mulcahy to Francis John Patrick Mulcahy (as he revealed in episode 7 of Season 8 when asked by a nurse he was counseling). "Pilot (TV series episode)" Sometimes, for special calls, Sparky requires a bribe to arrange the connection. Lieutenant Colonel Donald Penobscott was played by two actors, Beeson Carroll and former football player and Tarzan actor Mike Henry. During the attack, the concussion from one of the mortars caused him to lose most of his hearing. Eye Color: The term became synonymous with affordable, basic table wine, especially field blends in … In the third-season episode "Springtime", Klinger marries his girlfriend, Laverne Esposito, via radio. He is played by Herb Voland. Knowing this, he chooses to preach by example or by helping someone else see the error of their ways. Hotlips O'Houlihan : [to Father Mulcahy, referring to Hawkeye] I wonder how a degenerated person like that could have reached a position of responsibility in the Army Medical Corps! As he prepares to depart the 4077th to rejoin his unit, he thanks the doctors then turns and salutes Ginger, who returns the salute and wishes him well. In the Richard Hooker novel that inspired the film and television series, Father Mulcahy was from San Diego. Press J to jump to the feed. Radar is promoted to Second Lieutenant as the result of a poker game debt ("Lt. Radar O'Reilly"), but soon returns to Corporal after discovering that life as a commissioned officer is more complicated than he had originally thought. I don't care if you are passing, watch your mouth." In the TV series, he is very high-strung, with a penchant for uttering what are often bizarre or redundant cliches and malapropisms; one example is from "The Interview" (season 4, episode 24), in which Burns describes marriage as "the headstone of American society". She is good-natured and has a bubbly personality. Another example of his self-centeredness is in Blood Brothers, as he is frantically trying to get the camp in ship shape for a visiting Cardinal, but inwardly he was looking for a pat on the back, and to his aggravation most of the of the camp is uncooperative, causing him to verbally lash out at them.

During his brief run on the show, it was implied that he and nurse Ginger Bayliss (played by Odessa Cleveland) were romantically involved. Alternatively, he proposes leaving her at a secluded monastery where she could be treated better, educated and perhaps transferred out of Korea when she's an adult. Here you go. He runs the camp public address system and radio station, which are often used in minor gags; in one episode he transmits messages to a Navy carrier by Morse code.

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