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Instead, she became a liberal, that scourge of radicals right and left” (p. 437). Moser shows how this kind of utterance masked Sontag’s inconsolable loneliness, sense of inadequacy, and what he calls her “lacerating insecurities.” “I feel myself a prisoner of revulsion,” she wrote, “finding most everyone with whom I have contact ugly and shallow” (p. 407). The Benefactor (1963), published when she was thirty, narrates the monologue of a man obsessed with his dreams. My back hurts, my fingers hurt, I get headaches. Ebooks library. Benjamin Balint, 13 February, Benjamin Balint, « Sontag as Metaphor », Our summaries and analyses are written by experts, and your questions are answered by real teachers. “What I really wanted was every kind of life,” she told the Paris Review, “and the writer’s life seemed the most inclusive.” Not that she enjoyed writing per se. 407 0 obj <>stream On-line books store on Z-Library | B–OK. During the greater part of the nineteenth century, tuberculosis was either romanticized and sentimentalized, or made the object of terrified speculation. Une histoire du regard entre orient et occident, Paris 2012. 5� Benjamin Moser, Sontag: Her Life and Work, New York, Ecco, 2019, 832 pp., 39,99$. People with cancer, for instance, are often blamed for causing the disease themselves, either by making poor life choices or by being emotionally repressed. In his definitive, authorized 800-page biography of Susan Sontag, Benjamin Moser offers a fascinating portrait of a woman driven to extremities both personal and intellectual. Kafka). A diagnosis of breast cancer in the mid-70’s resulted in a mastectomy followed by thirty months of chemotherapy. Above all, Moser is repelled by Sontag’s lifelong refusal to come out publicly as a lesbian. She has little interest in the medical or pseudoscientific notions of the disease prior to this century. Is There a Difference Between Passive and Active Euthanasia? This in turn affects their treatment. In Illness and Metaphor, Susan Sontag explores the language of disease, and specifically, the connotations it carries. Writing in the New Yorker, Janet Malcolm called it “a very advanced kind of experiment in unreadability.” Cynthia Ozick said it “reads like an audacious, sly, somewhat stilted translation from the French of a nineteenth-century philosophical memoir… The Benefactor has no beneficiaries.” Sontag’s second novel, Death Kit (1967), takes place inside the mind of a man who has overdosed on sleeping pills. My subject is not physical illness itself but the uses of illness as a figure or metaphor. If you want to discuss this essay further, you can send a proposal to the editorial team (redaction at In 1978 – the master illness was cancer and the controlling metaphor was a military one. “She valued her work as a fiction writer far more than anything else she did,” her son David said. Beginning in 1993, Sontag would visit the besieged city of Sarajevo eleven times. A sequel, She was 71. In time, cancer will be demythicized as tuberculosis has been. Master illnesses have controlling metaphors. Books and Ideas Tags: illness as metaphor pdf, illness as metaphor, illness as metaphor summary, illness as metaphor susan sontag, illness as metaphor sparknotes More books. Sontag focuses much of her argument around the diseases of cancer, but also of tuberculosis. In that essay, Sontag describes “camp” as a mode of homosexual sensibility and evokes a style of extravagance that matched the emerging New Left (“the whole point of camp is to dethrone the serious”). Sontag laments that the economy of images suffers from overproduction, and therefore from a dulling of the senses.

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