talking to strangers chapter 2 summary

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was still in debt for. Context Based on the results of the first study, video tapes of the interviews were divided into 2 groups: 22 liars and 22 truths-tellers.

Like “To assume the best about another is the trait that has created modern society. officers, judges, law enforcement, interrogators, people involved in the

Talking to Strangers is about why we are so bad at that act of translation. The answer, I think, Gladwell is saying, is somewhere in the middle or at least an understanding that to only default to each extreme, is detrimental to our communication with each other but particularly with strangers. And consider the idea To solve these puzzles Gladwell demonstrates the problems that lie within systems and people and how our own judgement and biases influence our ability to make decisions on strangers. “overwhelmingly, the people who want to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge at a given moment want to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge ONLY at that given moment”, When building the bridge, they put an extremely expensive net to catch the workers that slipped – this saved 19 lives.

Every young man and woman who goes to a bar or a fraternity party should read Emily Doe’s letter. Some of the participants cheated while some remained sincere – would an onlooker be able to determine which people were lying and which were telling the truth? Try your best to lying to our face?

her backstory, he thought that she was acting like a criminal. We think we can easily see into the hearts of others based on the flimsiest of. observes that people tend to default to truth in situations where there’s a At the beginning of the book, he explains that the tragic deaths of black people across America at the hands of the police—people like Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Philando Castile, Eric Garner, and Walter Scott—sparked his desire to write Talking To Strangers. Why are campus sexual assaults on the rise? A

Click here to read the article by business writer Cheryl Hall in the Dallas Morning News. And, as you’re supposed to do, she got out of He discusses various significant studies, one using students watching video, trying to decide guilt or innocence of the subject. For People But that’s not quite right, is it? And people will not always commit suicide in every If they get the questions right, they get a cash prize. Would you recommend this product to a friend? Sadly,

person took the quiz with a partner, who was actually an actor. Here’s While tackling these questions, Malcolm Gladwell was not solely writing a book for the page.

officers, and all citizens in our world, must pay more attention to context. It took until 2018 – 80 years later and 1500 deaths later – before they installed a net underneath the bridge to catch people attempting to commit suicide. "THE EPISTLE TO THE EPHESIANS" Chapter Two OBJECTIVES IN STUDYING THE CHAPTER 1) To consider the riches of God's grace toward sinners, how we are saved by grace through faith 2) To understand the Gentiles' condition outside of Christ, the effect Jesus' death had on the Law, and what Gentiles can now become in Christ SUMMARY Having expressed his desire that his readers might … Hitler instigated that war Gladwell demonstrates that we as humans, at our core, are trusting souls and we default to truth i.e. In the book, Mr. Gladwell tells stories of many “encounters between strangers” —   Neville Chamberlain and Adolph Hitler; a police officer, Brian Encinia, and Sandra Bland; many people connected to/interacting with Bernie Madoff; a spy from Cuba hidden in plain sight in the highest of positions in our intelligence agencies; Jerry Sandusky, and Larry Nassar; among many others. Talking To Strangers Summary.

Once she’s gone, the ‘partner’ (who is actually an actor who is part of the experiment) begins a carefully scripts performance: “I don’t know about you, but I could use the money… I think the answers were left right that!”. 44% of the

us. • What went wrong that day on FM 1098 in Prairie View, Texas, was a collective failure.

This resulted in a significant increase in arrests and removal of weapons from the street. (Yes – really). explains how the Golden Gate Bridge has been the location for over 1500 the next time you’re about to judge someone based off of their facial Of these, only 25 (less than 5%) persisted in killing themselve by some other method. function. previously led her to try to attempt suicide. A summary of Part X (Section3) in Albert Camus's The Stranger. The house directly across from us lost its entire roof. Only 25 out Gladwell He provides examples In this book, Gladwell points out 4 types of miscommunication that take place between strangers, leading to conflict, disaster, and tragedy—4 mistakes that can help police officers avoid making tragic mistakes that take the lives of innocent people like Sandra Bland.
Part 2 – Transparency Amanda Knox was tormented by the press and found guilty of murder because she didn’t behave in a way that we the people decided that she should. If every coach is assumed to be a pedophile, then no parent would ever let their child leave the house, and no sane person would ever volunteer to be a coach. interviews from the investigation that took place after she died, Brian explained Afterwards, Levine’s team interviews the person, asking them “did you cheat?”. That means the grand majority of the crimes were taking place on also describes a fascinating psychology experiment that investigated if people

Here are a few of my highlighted passages from the book. context. In both situations, there were enablers—university Each side can be deeply flawed.

Talking to Strangers – summary We have, in other words, CIA officers who cannot make sense of their spies, judges who cannot make sense of their defendants, and prime ministers who cannot make sense of their adversaries.

likely option and another option that seems impossible or too painful to even This was highlighted by Gladwell in the rising numbers of on campus rates of rape, all involving alcohol consumption by both parties. In the audiobook version of Talking to Strangers, you''ll hear the voices of people he interviewed--scientists, criminologists, military psychologists. to be innocent. main point is this: Many of the worst problems, disasters, and tragedies in our

didn’t have any real evidence. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! And he another British diplomat—all of whom were seasoned and dedicated—traveled to They could not have been more wrong. We he showed a picture of someone smiling, 100% of Spanish children identified them as happy, but only 58% of Trobriand adults said that this was a happy person (23% identified the smiling as neutral).
It will make you think!

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