the great raid on camp cabanatuan

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The plan for the night-time assault on the compound gave the Filipino guerillas the vital mission of stopping any enemy reaction forces coming from nearby Cabanatuan City and Cabu. At 20:15, the camp was secured from the Japanese and Prince fired his flare to signal the end of the assault. "H" Names A Ranger bazooka section was attached to the guerillas to deal with Japanese tanks. Pajota’s men opened fire on the Japanese battalion in the bivouac next to Cabu Creek. On the evening of January 27, the Rangers studied air reconnaissance photos and listened to guerrilla intelligence on the prison camp. "[180] The other Ranger killed during the raid was Sweezy, who was struck in the back by two rounds from friendly fire. By dawn on January 30, the road in front of the camp was clear of traveling Japanese troops. [93] He directed the Scouts to return to the camp and gain additional intelligence, especially on the strength of the guards and the exact location of the captive soldiers. Although members of F Company quickly located the soldier and killed him, several Rangers, Scouts, and POWs were wounded in the attack. [97] Nellist and Vaquilar remained in the shack until the start of the raid.[98]. Meanwhile, a P-61 Black Widow from the 547th Night Fighter Squadron had taken off at 18:00, piloted by Capt. Prisoners also constructed weapons and smuggled ammunition into the camp for the possibility of securing a handgun. A former POW’s drawing of one prisoner giving a drink to another at the Cabanatuan camp. [153] After a headcount, it was discovered that POW Edwin Rose, a deaf British soldier, was missing. If the Rangers were discovered, the only planned response was for everyone to immediately stand up and rush the camp. That was why we were attracted to the material. To supplement their diet, prisoners were able to smuggle food and supplies hidden in their underwear into the camp during Japanese-approved trips to Cabanatuan.

[110][138] The bomb detonated at the designated time, and although it did not destroy the bridge, it formed a large hole over which tanks and other vehicles could not pass. [161] At Talavera, the freed soldiers and civilians boarded trucks and ambulances for the last leg of their journey home. [118] Within the first fifteen seconds, all of the camp's guard towers and pillboxes were targeted and destroyed. Battalion surgeon Capt. [179] His last words were "Good luck on the way out. In a nighttime raid, under the cover of darkness and a distraction by a P-61 Black Widow, the group surprised the Japanese forces in and around the camp. [68] The main force would consist of 90 Rangers from C Company and 30 from F Company who would march 30 miles behind Japanese lines, surround the camp, kill the guards, and rescue and escort the prisoners back to American lines. On January 30, 1945, during World War II, United States Army Rangers, Alamo Scouts, and Filipino guerrillas liberated more than 500 from the POW camp. Four combat photographers from a unit of the 832nd Signal Service Battalion volunteered to accompany the Scouts and Rangers to record the rescue after Mucci suggested the idea of documenting the raid. [139] Rose woke early the next morning, and realized the other prisoners were gone and that he was left behind. [37][38] Prisoners' living quarters were then divided into groups of ten, which motivated the POWs to keep a close eye on others to prevent them from making escape attempts. The raid on Cabanatuan would work this way: from the assembly point, guerrillas would proceed to their positions to block off the camp. [128] Some of the POWs weighed so little due to illness and malnourishment that several Rangers carried two men on their backs. If the Rangers were discovered, the only planned response was for everyone to immediately stand up and rush the camp. [178] Although Mucci had ordered that an airstrip be built in a field next to Plateros so that a plane could evacuate Fisher to get medical attention, it was never dispatched, and he died the next day. [37] Shortly thereafter, the guards put up signs declaring that if other escape attempts were made, ten prisoners would be executed for every escapee.

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