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(as George Yiasoumi), Mortal Ticket Collector Louis Christian Slater.

Someone said that this movie was too cerebral for horror fans who live for drivel like "From Dusk 'Till Dawn", and too much of a horror movie for people who look (or at least pretend to look) for meaning in movies -- pseudo-intellectuals. Soulmates Sneak Peek: A Professor Gets a Pretty, Law-Breaking Surprise.

I'm not a horror fan, I'm not an Anne Rice fan...I'm not even fond of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Antonio Banderas. ), key artist: Stan Winston Studio (as Dave Grasso), Lestat transformation robotic design: Stan Winston Studios (as Rich Haugen), vampire effects mechanical design: Stan Winston Studio (as Richard Landon), art department: Stan Winston Studio (as Lindsay McGowan), vampire makeup design and coordination: Stan Winston Studio, special effects: New Orleans (as Dale Martin), key technician: Stan Winston Studio (as Anthony McCray), production coordinator: Stan Winston Studios, Lestat transformation robotic design: Stan Winston Studios (as Tim Mordella), Lestat transformation robotic design: Stan Winston Studios, vampire effects mechanical design: Stan Winston Studio, key artist: Stan Winston Studio (as Chris Swift), concept artist: Stan Winston Studio (as Miles Tevens) / sculptor: Stan Winston Studio, production assistant: Stan Winston Studio (as Kimberley Verros), production assistant: Stan Winston Studio, art department: Stan Winston Studio (uncredited), special effects artist: Stan Winston Studio (uncredited), mold maker: Stan Winston Studios (uncredited), visual effects assistant camera operator: Digital Domain, visual effects editor: Digital Domain (as Tom Bryant), motion capture engineer: Digital Domain (as Craig Caton-Largent), digital coordinator (as Kristen Niederholzer), digital artist: Digital Domain (as Laura DiBiagio), digital technical assistant: Digital Domain, computer graphics supervisor: Digital Domain, digital artist: Digital Domain (as Mark Lasoff), visual effects director of photography: Digital Domain (as Rob Legato) / visual effects supervisor (as Rob Legato), digital painter: Digital Domain (as Kevin Mack), visual effects assistant editor: Digital Domain, digital production manager: Digital Domain, visual effects production assistant: Digital Domain, digital painter: Digital Domain (as Craig Mullens), digital compositing supervisor: Digital Domain (as Price Pethal), digital artist: Digital Domain (as Randal Rosa), visual effects apprentice: Digital Domain, visual effects camera assistant: Magic Camera Co, visual effects camera operator: Digital Domain, visual effects coordinator: Digital Domain, visual effects line-up editor (as Renee Chamblin), visual effects pyrotechnic supervisor: Digital Domain, visual effects editor: Digital Domain (as Rob Wait), technical assistant: Digital Domain (uncredited), stage assistant: Digital Domain (uncredited), general manager: Digital Domain (uncredited), production controller: Digital Domain (uncredited), effects technician: miniature pyrotechnic (uncredited), assistant chief lighting technician: New Orleans, best boy grip: San Francisco (as Chuck Biagio), first assistant camera: "b" camera, New Orleans, second assistant camera: "b" camera, New Orleans, second assistant camera: New Orleans (as Steve Latham), camera operator: San Francisco (as David Nowell), best boy grip: New Orleans (as J. Wayne Parker), rigging gaffer: San Francisco (as Robert Powell), dolly grip: New Orleans (as Ashley Sudge), costumer: New Orleans (as Bonny Langfitt), costume supervisor: New Orleans (as Deirdre Williams), military costumes supervisor (uncredited), assistant location manager: New Orleans (as Elston James Howard), assistant location manager: San Francisco, location manager: New Orleans (as Bart Weinrich), transportation captain: New Orleans (as Ric Belyeu), transportation coordinator: San Francisco, set production assistant: New Orleans (as Rob Albertell), assistant production secretary: New Orleans (as Sallie Jones), animal trainer: New Orleans (as Paul Calabria), wire effects coordinator: New Orleans (as Bob Harman), office production assistant: New Orleans (as Peter Loop), production secretary: San Francisco (as Kris Fullan), set production assistant: New Orleans (as Terri Ostrow), production office supervisor: New Orleans, assistant accountant: New Orleans (as Patty Rivers), production secretary: New Orleans (as Jennifer Meisle), assistant: Mr. Morris, New Orleans (as Michelle Schluter), aerial coordinator / helicopter pilot: San Francisco (as Bobby 'Z' Zajonic), post-production accountant manager (uncredited), assistant production coordinator: New Orleans (uncredited), the producers would like to thank (as Major General Ansel M. Stroud Jnr.)
Superhuman Health: The power to exhibit exceptional weight, height and fitness. |

However, because vampires often feel uncomfortable without their sense of smell, many vampires will continue to breathe, not only out of habit, but also as a means to hunt since their enhanced senses can help them to smell blood whenever it is nearby. Contrary to popular belief, vampires are unharmed by garlic, holy items, as well as wooden stakes. The series primarily follows the antihero Lestat de Lioncourt, a French nobleman turned into a vampire in the 18th century, and by extension the many humans and vampires whose lives he has touched in his own long existence. It appears that when a vampire reaches a thousand years in age, they will manifest special abilities such as levitation, telekinesis and/or telepathy. Vampire Chronicles (ヴァンパイア十字界, Vanpaia Jūji Kai?) A powerful and ancient vampire introduced in, An ancient Roman woman, previously named Lydia, whom. Vampires are the reanimated bodies of humans which are inhabited by the spirit of the deceased and infused with the power of Amel. So you want me to tell you the story of my life? The feeding act is highly sensual and described as deeper than sex. (as Jackson Barracks) (as New Orleans). Cast Your Vote; Armand Top suggestion out of 7: Timothée Chalamet. Superhuman Strength: The power to throw, lift and carry outstanding amounts of weight with little to no difficulty.

13 November 1994, 01 October 2020 Rice also explores the origins of vampires far more ancient than the so-called "brat prince" Lestat. French musician, exiled to Louisiana and brought into the Blood by Lestat around 1860.

Superhuman Senses: The power to hear, see, smell, taste and feel beyond the range of human capacity. [2][3][4][5] As of November 2008, The Vampire Chronicles had sold 80 million copies worldwide. Vampires also have incredibly keen senses and are able to hear a heartbeat from several yards away, smell a single drop of blood from a mile-long distance as well as see in complete and total darkness. Made directly by Akasha. Mental Manipulation: The power to control and manipulate the actions, behaviors and thoughts of another person.

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